Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blaber News endorses Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General

Blaber News is proud to endorse Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General of the state of New York he was the passion and leadership to represent the state of New York. He has proven results working on his father Mario Cuomo's successful 1982 gubernatorial campaign. Cuomo also became a key senior official in the Clinton administration, Cuomo is a graduate of Fordham and Albany Law school. When Jeremy Blaber was contacted on giving an endorsement for the Attorney General race he responded with out hesitation "hands down Andrew Cuomo, it will take big shoes to follow in the footsteps of Elliot Spitzer and I can not think of anyone more qualified then Andrew Cuomo he has proven results and proven leadership and is just what New York needs." To quote our great president Andrew Cuomo is a passionate believer in doing what's right and he is a determined leader who gets it done. His test is never soft sentiments,but hard results. -President Bill Clinton Dec. 23,1996

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