Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What should be done about the old library?

What should be done with the old Library
Used as a resource center
used for afternoon activities ex.. school newspaper, khs tv, civics program
turned into a new caferteria
turned into the board of education
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Don T Forgetpoland said...

I believe the old library would be an excellent location for the Paul Formisano Enlightenment Center. Once completed it can be used by Paul to show the visitors how the President is waging his "war on terror". He can use various graphs and charts to show the people where the FREE OIL(that will fund the war and help in the cost to rebuild Iraq)is located and how long before it shows up at the pumps. Perhaps a movie projector to show the stockpiles of WMD'S that Iraq had,has,might of had or were there but now they aren't or whatever! Even a quick demonstration on the tax structure of America and a briefing on how "the middle class really doesn't pay that much in taxes"! For those who work during the day maybe he can arrange some evening performances where he will show the importance of stopping the "spread of communism" by the invasion of Iraq. (Rumor has it DAFFY DUCK will be guest speaker at this session so get there early).Unless of course you are handicapped or need special assistance,in that case STAY HOME because it is "not the government's job to take care of you,afterall where does it end". Yup I believe the PAUL FORMISANO ENLIGHTENMENT CENTER is the obvious choice. Pre-meeting prayer is allowed as long it is from the ONE TRUE RELIGION(ya know virgin birth,levitation,people who can fly,moses chopping his kid up into pieces because the lord "told him")and not one of those "other religions" based on myths and fairy tales!