Sunday, March 19, 2006

Alderman Ringwood pushes for clean Up

Alderman Jennifer Ringwood is pushing for tougher action be taken to rid the problem of trash being thrown on the former Ulster & Delaware Railroad way. The are is presently infested by drug users and prostitutes and is full of trash, alderman Ringwood had organized a neighborhood clean up for the area a few months back but apparently the trash and the drugs have returned. Alderman Ringwood stated Keller and the KPD have done what they can to patrol the area but simply do not have the manpower or the resources. She went further to say the property must be maintained, and that Ulster County, as the owner, is ultimately responsible.
"This would be no different than what is required of any landlord in our community," Ringwood wrote. "I fear the liability the county may face for the lack of care, which has resulted in dangerous activities taking place on the property. With the warm weather on its way, the problem will only exacerbate." I agree I hope this will be addressed, I was at the last clean up and it was a mess it needs to be maintained! I am glad Jen is addressing this concern on behalf the people of her ward and trying to improve Kingston's quality of life.

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