Sunday, March 12, 2006

A record of Accomplishment

If you watch public access with the exception of a few shows that I like to call Public acesss's voices of reason (eye on Kingston, late night w/Jeremy Blaber, and the mayors show) you would probably come to the assumption that we have a horrible do nothing mayor and a dem majority council that is a rubber stamp. Of course that is not the case we just have programming on the air that is based on an agenda against Sottile and the dems and not facts. Lets talk facts we have a council that is diverse with there own minds and own voice not a rubber stamp not a lackey for any one, does a democratic majority at times have similar views with there democratic mayor, absolutely! That however does not make them a rubber stamp. We also have a mayor that gives his heart and soul to this city and has dedicated his life to public service, in my personal opinion one of the best mayors ever to hold office in this city. He would do anything for anybody and I would do anything for him. Some of his many accomplishments are his promotion of economic development, improving our cities bond rating which under his administration has continued to go up. He also has turned this city around financially and has put a city close to bankruptcy to a city that is now has a cash surplus. Mayor Sottile and the council have a majority in this city because they are right for the people of this great city and I wanted to take these last few minutes to thank them for all there hard work and to let them know it does not go unnoticed.

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