Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jean Jacobs elected GOP boss?

Last year when the common council had all nine seats I thought it can't get any better then this for the dems, I was wrong! The Kingston Republican party has elected Jean Jacobs to be the leader of there party, this is a huge victory for the democratic party in the city of Kingston. Those of you may remember Jacobs as the former school board president who was thrown out of office, after she ran a crusade to get former superintendent of schools Peter Litchka fired. Or you may remember her as the republican candidate of ward 5 who Alderman DiBella trounced in the last election. I think the gop really dropped the ball on this one and will pay for it in the next election. Jacobs goals are to take back the mayor's office and to take the council majority in 07. The chances of either of those goals being accomplished are slim too none, although it will not be Jacobs fault entirely the Kingston Republican party's main reason for being the minority party is there lack of leadership. I also wonder what Richard Cahill Sr. (father of Rich Cahill jr. the former gop chair and current minority leader of the council) thinks about Jacobs being the party chair? Being as he was quoted just 24 hours prior to Jacobs being elected chairwoman as saying how a woman would make a bad leader because of there unpredictability.

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