Saturday, June 17, 2006

Alderman Ringwood Gets Tough on graffiti

Alderman Jennifer Ringwood who has made it a priority to clean up the city with her numerous neighborhood cleanups and work with neighborhood watches has struck again this time tackling graffiti, which recently has become a problem in this city. "Jen's work for Kingston is commendable and I really am pleased with her efforts" said Blaber.

Alderman Ringwood's proposal was favored by the laws and Rules Committee 4-1 (Alderman Cahill) the law will require property owners to remove graffiti within a 10-day period or face a reinspection fee of $150 leveled by inspectors with the Building Safety Division.

"Some of these tags have been there for years, not days, not weeks, and something needs to be done about it," Ringwood said.

Chief of Police Gerry Keller also praised the plan saying graffiti sometimes occurs in spurts, with one vandal trying to outdo or match another one. Keller said that by getting the graffiti removed quickly in a 10-day period may prevent its spread.

This will be an effective law and will help our city look it's best. I think it will also prevent graffiti said Blaber. Once these thugs who are vandalizing peoples homes see that there "tags" are being so quickly removed they won't do it anymore.

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