Friday, June 30, 2006

Sottile Drops Insurance Costs

Mayor Jim Sottile, who is known to save the city money anyway he can, has recently agreed to an insurance package that will save the city $132,000. this is a big win for the tax-payers said Blaber.

Not everyone is happy with the savings, Alderman Rich Cahill (r-w6) said Typically, consumers seek better rates when their own policies come up for renewal.
I don't get it? Mr. Cahill should Mayor Sottile have waited until the policy ran up? Or try to start saving the Tax Payers money as soon as possible? It seems Alderman Cahill is more concerned about making our mayor look bad then he is about saving tax payers money.

"He should get on the positive train," Sottile said .


Bill Dryser said...
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Bill Dryser said...

Jim Sottile is not a friend of mine, but as mayor he is the best his hard work for the City of Kingston is something remarkable