Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blaber News Person of the Week Alderman Bob Senor

Blaber News Person of the Week : Alderman Bob Senor " Alderman Senor's work for the city and his ward is very visible and I applaud him for his tireless efforts to the city and his constituents" said Blaber

Alderman Senor has done great things for this city and his ward since regaining office in January. In just six short months back in office Senor has accomplished a lot. The Roundout Market once plagued with loiterers and drug activity is now free and clear from such activity and people are no longer afraid to shop there. Another important accomplishment in ward 8 is the repair of the traffic light on Delaware Ave., now the kids at Kennedy school are able to cross the street and use the crosswalk with out fear of being struck by a speeding car.

The Alderman has also been an independent voice on the council most recently taking a stand on not rushing into a memorializing resolution in were the city of Kingston would support keeping the high school in Kingston. Even though this is a touchy subject for people and in it's very early stages the Minority Leader of the city had put tremendous pressure upon Senor and the rest of the council to vote in favor of this resolution and state there position. While Senor did state that he was not in favor of a new school he voted to table the resolution to a later date to gather more information so he could make an informed decision, I applaud the Alderman for doing so and showing that he represents the people, not the party.

Alderman Senor has also participated in joint neighborhood meetings led by Alderman Bill Reynolds and has done so in a bipartisan manner, having participated in the neighborhood meetings with him I can say they have been a success.


Anonymous said...

How dare you make a stinking republican your person of the week. You are herby kicked out of the committee...we don't need any closet republicans like YOU in the city, Jeremy. Yours truly, Troy Ashdown.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I made a call to Troy and he did not write this post. It is a crime to post comments under someone elses name.