Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kingston Public Access Telethon Raises $7591

Dear Friends,
Earlier this afternoon we concluded our Kingston Public Access Telethon, I am pleased to announce because of your support and the support of the community we were able to raise seven thousand five hundred and sixty one dollars. This is a big win for public access and for the viewers of public access. I would like to thank all the producers, volunteers, local officials, businesses and people who pledged because of there hard work and tireless efforts this telethon was a success.

There are still challenges that lye ahead, we will be moving into a new studio and a lot of work goes into such a venture; I look forward to your continued help and support. Last night was a great example of how important public access is to the community and it showed what an effective tool public access can truly be.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Alderman Bob Senor who was able to raise eight hundred dollars in one hour by putting himself out on the line, he has been a great sport and I am sure him and Eric will have fun on there date.

- Jeremy Blaber
K.P.A. Vice-Chairman

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Bill Dryser said...

Mr.Blaber have you thought about a run for public office? I think you would be a fine addition to the City of Kingston.