Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sen Clinton: No Raises for Congress Until Minimum Wage Goes Up

Senator Hillary Clinton who has been very instrumental in working for the people of NY, particularly the middle class has introduced a bill that will prevent members of congress from getting a raise until minimum wage goes up. Minimum wage right now is too low said Blaber they need to start thinking about living wages, how can someone raise a family on $5.15 an hour? I applaud Sen.Clinton on her efforts.

Hillary introduced a bill that would prevent Congress from giving itself a raise until it raises the minimum wage. For the last nine years, the minimum wage has stayed at just $5.15 an hour, while Congress has raised its pay by $31,600. Democrats have vowed to block any raise for Congress pushed by the Republican leadership.

"I am very proud that Democrats are standing up for the idea of linking a Congressional pay raise to increasing the minimum wage, and I urge Republicans to join us, and I urge people around our country to make their voices heard on this," said Sen. Clinton.

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Anonymous said...

And wouldn't hirer wages mean that the country would at risk for inflation????