Friday, June 23, 2006

Kingston Public Access Begins 24 hr. telethon Monday with Main Event "Win A Date With Bob Senor"

"Win a Date With Bob Senor" will be the main event this Monday as Kingston Public Access T.V. Kicks off a 24 hour telethon to benefit the station, update equiptment etc. 100% of money raised goes to K.P.A. directly all producers and commissioners are all volunteers.

Before I go any further I would like to thank all the members of this community for there continued support of Kingston Public Access and I want to thank all the businesses that have donated to public access to make this telethon possible without the viewers and the local businesses this telethon and Public access would not be running, you guys are what make public access what it has become today and for that I thank you. I also would like to publicly thank Alderman Robert Senor for putting himself on the line and being a great sport for a great cause, he truly is a man of great character and integrity.

The telethon will kick off at 12pm on Monday and last until 12pm Tuesday, there will be local entertainment from poets, musicians and comedians. There will also be local politicians and leaders of the community including Mayor Jim Sottile,Town of Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner, Alderman Bob Senor, Alderman Bill Reynolds, Alderman Lenny Walker, Chief Civil Officer Don Ryan and many others.

Some give aways will be "win a date with Bob Senor" Lenny Walker mows your lawn, Golf trip, A dinner prepared at your home and a cooking lesson, a picture painted by Chris Gonyea, Benchello's gift certificate, Dinner for two at Mariner's Harbor, dinner for two at Rosita's, $100 Gift card to The Steel House, dinner for two at the down town cafe, go-cart passes, $ 250 Microwave from Earl B. Friden, Coffee from Uptown Cigar shop, $25 dollar gift card from Portabella's, 3 month pass to fitness Unlimited, Late Night with Jeremy Blaber season one, and lots more.

The Telethon will be hosted by Jeremy Blaber and Local Comedian Rich Shultis.

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