Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kingston School District Budget Fails

The Kingston school district budget FAILED yesterday, despite the fact the school board worked diligently to cut more then 1.6 million dollars from the original budget, and proposed a less then 1 percent increase of what is mandated by the state. " I am disappointed if there is anything I think we should spend money on it's education said Blaber it is an investment, we need to give our future (our children) the best educational environment possible. I do not think this budget will do that, but the people have spoken and it is what it is and I accept it."

Kingston School district Superintendent Gerry Gretzinger said he tried to keep as much as possible for the kids even under the austerity budget.

I thank Superintendent Gretzinger for his hard work on this, here is what the people took away from the kids:

* $100,000 for building work and repairs (only emergency repairs will be allowed) and $2,000 for summertime school improvements.
* $30,000 for high school and middle school extracurricular activities, a 50 percent cut.
* $50,000 for interscholastic sports, a 50 percent cut that will force the elimination of such new sports as bowling and girls' golf.
* One teaching position (grades 7-12) and benefits, at $68,799.
* $25,000 for seasonal employees and substitutes.
* $15,000 for an energy manager.
* $199,900 for equipment purchases.
* $15,000 for staff development, a 33 percent cut.
* $30,000 for teaching supplies and audio visual supplies, cuts of 31 and 55 percent, respectively.
* $10,000 from the Committee on Special Education, a 35 percent cut.
* $10,000 for night school, an 8 percent cut.
* $40,000 in debt service.
* A $685,000 transfer to the district's capital account

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Bill Berardi said...

Is the transfer to capital account where the swamp land options, swamp land architects fees, surveyors, etc...being hidden? How much has been spent in the last three years? More than enough to cover even the new sports which are being spun as cuts?