Saturday, October 13, 2007

Judge Gilpatric Rated Qualified

A newly created panel charged with determining whether judicial candidates in the region are qualified has given its stamp of approval to the Democratic Candidate for Kingston city judge. The Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission reviewing candidates in the state's Third Judicial District said it rated Judge James Gilpatric as QUALIFIED. This is a big boost to Gilpatric, who has been a judge longer than his GOP opponnet has been an attorney.

Press Release click here ---> Judge Gilpatric rated Qualified

I was also browsing Judge Gilpatric's website and he has a very impressive resume :


Ulster County Magistrates Association (2002 President)

Ulster County Bar Association

New York State Bar Association

New York State Association of City Court Judges

Professional Affiliations & Civic Activities:

2003 to present - Member of Executive Committee of Ulster County Housing Consortium

2001 to present - Member of Ulster County Mental Health Community Services Board

1998 to present - Substance Abuse Sub-Committee of Ulster County Mental Health Community Services Board; Member of Committee; Chairperson since 1/2000

1995-1997 & 2002-2004, 2006 - Ulster County Student Mock Trial Competition - Trial Judge

1994 - Kingston-Ulster Economic Development Zone Application Committee Member1

993 to present - Rural Ulster Preservation Company; Member of Board of Directors - Past Secretary

1992-1993 - Ulster County Bar Association; Member of Board of Directors

1991-1992 - Ulster County Chapter of American Red Cross - Member of Board of Directors

1990-1993 - Ulster County Bar Association Pro Bono Program - Special Recognition Years

1984-1985 - Coach, M. Clifford Miller Mock Trial Team1

981-1985 - Rural Ulster Preservation Company; Member of Board of Directors (President - one year)

1979-1986 Kingston Kiwanis Club Member

Political Activities:

1993 - Campaign Chairman for Hon. Mayor T.R. Gallo, City of Kingston

1992 - Campaign Chairman for Hon. Karen K. Peters, Supreme Court

1992-1993 - Kingston Democratic Committee Member

1992 - Ulster County Campaign Co-Coordinator for Hon. Leonard A. Weiss, Supreme Court

1991 - Ulster County Campaign Co-Coordinator for Hon. James B. Canfield, Supreme Court

1991 - Ulster County Campaign Co-Coordinator for Hon. Edward O. Spain, Supreme Court

1991 - Ulster County Campaign Co-Coordinator for Thomas Keegan, Supreme Court

1990 - Ulster County Campaign Co-Coordinator for Anthony V. Cardona, Supreme Court

1981 - Campaign Chairman for Hon. Vincent G. Bradley, Supreme Court

1977 - Co-Coordinator of Mayoral Primary Poll for Kings County Democratic Committee (Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club, Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York)

1977-1978 - Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club Member, Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York

Training, Special Projects and Lectures:

6/2003 to 2/2006- Planning the establishment of a formal Domestic Violence Court for the City of Kingston in coordination with the Center for Court Innovation and various local partners such as the Ulster County District Attorney, Ulster County Crime Victims Agency, Family of Woodstock and NYS Office of Court Administration.

1995, 1998 & 2000 - Public Speaking engagements as City Court Judge for Kingston Concerned Citizens, Kingston Kiwanis Club and Knights of Columbus.

1994 - Instructor, Judicial Ethics Update for NYS Magistrates mandatory continuing legal education program.

1994 to present - Kingston City Court Projects: development of separate domestic violence calendar; establishment of regular parking ticket calendar part; assisted in facilitating joint City of Kingston/Ulster County participation in weekend alternative sentencing program.

1982 - Instructor, UC Legal Secretaries Association (real estate contracts).

1975-1976 - Legal intern for NYS Assembly Codes Committee, Staff & Chairman, Hon. Stanley Fink.

1974 - Intern in the Capital Office of Assemblyman John LaFalce.


Anonymous said...

Is this a surprise to anyone? Gilpatric's the best. Thanks, Blab!

Anonymous said...

Search This. blaber news.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Maureen Keegan, the commission member named in the press release, the same person who is the partner of Eli Basch who is listed on Gilpatric's financial filings with the state as having donated FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS to his campaign? I wonder if there is any connnection with this and his being able to file his paperwork months later than everyone else who had to do so in the spring?

Anonymous said...

Was there ever any doubt? Go Jim, you are top notch.

What is it with all this endorsment manure anyway? Isn't there any area of life where personal choice and informed judgment would be sufficient for an individual to make a choice?

Anonymous said...

Qualified for what? I am still waiting on a judgement on a case heard six months ago in his court.

Anonymous said...

Blaber--this rating has lost it's impact given that Gilpatric needed to beg for an extension to receive it. Him not getting his paperwork in on time shows that he either didn't take this panel seriously or that he was felt there was a chance that he would be deemed unqualified.

Why accept this guys' excuses? He didn't do his job when he was suppose to in regards to this panel and he hasn't been doing his job in a timely or professional manner on the bench.

Anonymous said...

The big boost was for MIKE BRUHN, CHRIS CAHILL and all the judges who received this endorsement back in the summer. Frankly, this last minute rating for Gilpatric underscores his reputation for unpreparedness, lateness and "winging-it."

Anonymous said...

Blaber--your reporting is one-sided and therefore not reliable. Bruhn was given the rating of qualified in the beginning of September. If you have faith in the decisions of this commission, why didn't you inform the readers of your blog about that rating back then? Why don't you include in this article that Gilpatric missed the intitial deadline for being rated and had to persuade the commission to extend its deadline so his credentials could be considered?

Anonymous said...

In the interest of accurate reporting please do your math. Gilpatric has averaged 10 hours per week as a "special" judge. Over the course of his career this comes out to less than 2 1/2 years as a judge in a full-time capacity. Not quite what he, or you, would like the public to be aware of.

Anonymous said...

Gilpatric has tried but just can not fill the shoes of Ted Feeney.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this right. The qualified rating is critical until Gilpatric gets it, then it doesn't mean anything. 13 years on the bench is only 2 1/2 years by your math, and the commission is now crooked. Good to see your applying solid non-paranoid unbiased analysis. My Husband is also happy to find out that it only our 12 1/2th anniversary not our 25th, cause, you know, we've only spent about 1/2 of each day together

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the last political activity listed was running the 1993 Gallo/Sottile campaign. As soon as Gilpatric helped them secure a victory he was handed the special city court judge job. Please note that he has never run for the position of city judge and has never been elected BY THE PEOPLE to any position. It sickens me that this guy thinks that after 13 shaky years he's entitled to a job he never won.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who cares about truth and community welfare over politics will agree that something smells fishy when a guy can get away with sending his application in well after the deadline and still be considered. I don't think the commission is to blame (that should rest squarley on the shoulders of the procrastinator) but I'd certainly like to know more about the relationship between Gilpatric and the attorney who donated $5000 to his campaign and has a voice on the panel.

Anonymous said...

politics aside,you have to be an idiot to vote for gilpatric.baggage,baggage,baggage.need i say more.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Politics aside, than, I guess I'm an idiot. Judge Gilpatric is a fair and compasionate judge and we're lucky to have him on the bench.

Anonymous said...

Politics aside (hard to believe with this blog) the people should know if Bruhn Jr. wins we still have Gilpatic on the bench in the same appointed capacity he has had from the beginning and throughout his entire judicial career. BRUHN, JR. WINS, KINGSTON WINS!!!

Anonymous said...

Politics aside, then we have given the more difficult full time job to the candidate with no experience instead of the one with 13 years of part time experience and 8 months of full time experience. Thats not good for Kingston. Thats ass backwards.

Anonymous said...

According to my sources at the state level--given the traffic in this court, both positions will be full time very shortly. Gilpatric knows this but it's better for his campaign to keep it on the QT until after election. Wasn't that same strategy used with keeping the Colony Liqueur bomb under wraps for another month? What the public doesn't know can help the candidate.

Anonymous said...

Experience is a priority but so is work ethic, responsibility, trustworthiness and accountability. I'm voting for Bruhn...a little less experience but a hell of a lot MORE of everything else that matters!

Anonymous said...

Today there was a radio ad that assured us that Bruhn was the only da candidate endorsed by the same committee.

Anonymous said...

Bruhn isn't running for DA. It does get confusing though.

Bruhn is running for city court, the only position he has ever sought and the one he's fully committed to should he be elected.

On the other hand, you might be confused by remembering a few months ago when Gilpatric was trying to run for Supreme Court Judge. Of course to add to the confusion you could be mixing that attempt up with the two times previously that Gilpatric tried to get out of city court and move up to Supreme Court.

To clarify, Bruhn is not running for DA but is running for City Judge and, for the time being, so is Gilpatric.

Anonymous said...

5:18 (1) That ad has been running for the past week; and (2) Bruhn Jr. is a candidate for KINGSTON CITY COURT JUDGE, not da.

Is it really fair to try and fault Bruhn Jr. for not waiting until absolute the last minute (or beyond) in organizing and running his campaign? Wouldn't most people consider that type of work ethic to be an asset to someone who wants to be a judge?


Anonymous said...

The comment about the raido ad is typical of the arrogance Gilpatric shows when he is on the bench. He shows up when its convenient for him and acts like he can do whatever he wants to do, whenever he wants to do it. He then has the nerve to complain and cry spilt milk because someone else actually prepares and does their work the proper way (in advance) rather than just winging it. Who do you want deciding your case?

Anonymous said...

I want the experienced Judge. Not the beginner. Gilpatric is the man.

Anonymous said...

I want the judge who will feel a sense of obligation to victims and not to criminals - one who will give justice for victims and punishment to criminals...

JG is definitely NOT the man.

Anonymous said...

Bruhn's lesser experience pales next to JG's lack of interest in working at this job

Anonymous said...

11:07 - Justice is for everyone - when/if an accused is convicted, then the sentence is justice. And, both the conviction and sentence should be just - if it isn't, then we all risk being accused and convicted unfairly. Justice is not reserved for the victim only. Justice shouldn't discriminate against color of skin or how much lawyer you can buy with your money.

Anonymous said...


Never said there should.

You're aren't implying that the majority of criminals are non-whites... are you?

That's what it sounds like.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that the majority of criminals are non-whites; I'm saying that the majority of people who get screwed by the "justice" system are non-whites and/or poor.