Thursday, October 25, 2007

An Appology to Mrs. DeGroodt

Yesterday, I received a comment from Maryann DeGroodt about a comment that was published on my blog and she was rightfully upset over it's content. For the record I just want to make it clear, I do NOT write comments in the third party comment section nor do I take any responsibility for other peoples opinions. Luckily,I ran into Mrs. DeGroodt today and was able to straighten things out with her and the comment in question has been deleted. However, I'm sure there are many people that I may not have that same opportunity to meet and explain how this process works.

Mrs. DeGroodt, and other private citizens (J.B.) will not be attacked on this blog, she is not running for public office and not a public figure. She is however, a nice woman who happens to be supporting Holley Carnright for d.a., while I disagree with her on that, that is her right and privilege to support who she wishes. My sincere apology to her and other private citizens who have been attacked on this blog by anonymous bloggers. The simple fact is I get 30 to 40 comments on different stories a day and I simply can't go through each one individually. However, I do the best I can.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy -
I have new found respect for you for writing this. Mrs. DeGroodt is an upstanding, honest and hardworking woman who did not deserve the comment published on your blog. Anyone who knows her can attest to her ability to go above and beyond as a business woman, mother, wife and friend.

Anonymous said...

J.B. attacks randomly. His rants have made him a target of every american. He needs to be under psychiatric care. Start by deleting him.

Anonymous said...

Edit first, you won't have this problem.

Rick McColgan said...

Jeremy - This is basically your job. You know you have the time and the ability to decide what is displayed and not on these threads. I have written a few comments that you have decided not to post, so please do not hide behind the point that you get 30 - 40 posts per thread, per day.
Maryann is an asset to the community, both politically and in general. She is a business owner who is trying to make a difference.
She does deserve an apology from you, but don't make it sound like this was something that slipped through the cracks. Be a man.

Anonymous said...

J.B. attacks randomly? I can't recall one comment posted where he disparaged a person, by name (with exception of defending himself from the likes of you). He doesn't even get into personal attacks on candidates.

You may not agree with his opinions, but that is all they are, opinions. If his opinions frighten you enough to resort to bully tactics, you are giving him far more power to his writings than they're worth.

Perhaps YOU need to take a step back, and review the basis of your beliefs. Apparently they are weak, and require some soul searching as to why you are so offended by J.B.'s comments.

Anonymous said...


When you play in the sewer your going to get S@$T on yourself. This Blog may be good for your EGO short term. The long term effect will not be good.

Anonymous said...

It's always refreshing when a person can honestly admit a mistake and move beyond it---good for you!

Anonymous said...

You are continually falling back on the same excuse. If you want the responsibility to oversee a blog, then embrace it. For someone who espouses a desire to become Mayor, you continue demonstrate a lack of ability to even administer this blog site.

Either take charge or shut down the comments.

Anonymous said...


I must agree with most of the posters here. First of all, Mrs. DeGroodt IS an upstanding business owner, great community member and gives freely of her time to help others, including a rememberance each year on Sept 11th for the police and fire departments in this city. She is one of the most patriotic citizens I have ever known!

I am thankful that you have decided not to allow attacks on private citizens, but be honest. I have posted many a non attacking comment on here about the Sennetts,but you edited them or didn't print them because you didn't agree with them.

If you run the blog, be fair about your editing all the way around!

Anonymous said...

Calling the governor "Ellios" is not disparaging? You're full of it. 10:04- you must be a bigot like him or have no recent memory at all. I'd list the rest but he's not worth it. Bullying tactics to point out someone's blatantly prejudicial comments? Please,you're just whining because you're losing in the arena of ideas. Cry in your beer somewhere else.