Monday, October 01, 2007

Cahill Again, Owes Mayor Sottile and Alderman Senor an Apology

Regarding the corruption charges Rich Cahill posted on his blog ( The Cahill Posting), Cahill accuses Sottile of being corrupt and Alderman Senor of getting special favors for his girlfriend in exchange for his loyalty to the chief executive. After further looking into this matter, neither are true and Alderman Cahill owes Mayor Sottile and Alderman Senor an apology.

First of all, the tow charges in question were paid from the police budget and not from the sewer fund. The code for the police budget is 3120 and the sewer fund code is 8120 so I guess it's easy to see how uninformed and sloppy people like Rich Cahill or his buddy Chris could get this confused.

Second of all, the reason the tow bill in question was paid by the City of Kingston is because the KPD hired Tim's Automotive. Sometimes when the KPD tickets an illegally parked vehicle it's necessary for the public safety to have the vehicle towed. That's why the KPD maintains a rotating list of tow companies to do this work.

Once the KPD has a car towed away the city is obligated to pay the tow truck company. Then in addition to the parking violation fine the owner of the vehicle(in this case, Alderman Senor's girlfriend) must pay the tow charges. In this case both the fine and the tow bill were paid.

I really have a hard time believing that after two years as a member of the Common Council that Rich Cahill doesn't know about this very common procedure. Furthermore, how reckless is he to publicly make a charge like this without even bothering to check the facts of the matter first?


Anonymous said...

So far the Cahill/Walker campaign has been a total disgrace.

I seem to remember Mr. Cahill promising the voters in the city an issue orientated campaign devoid of personal attacks. However, all we seem to get from Rich and Lenny are scortched earth tactics and unfounded charges laced with bitterness.

Here's something to consider; if Rich Cahill can't even keep a simple pledge to run a clean campaign (something he's in total control over) then how can the voters in the City of Kingston trust him to keep his other promises?

I don't think we can.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Rich the same thing happened to Dan Rather. He jumped to his conclusion before seeing the all the facts.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy - where was Senor's girlfriend's car parked that it posed a public safety hazard which required it to be towed? Only in a tow-away zone would it get towed. Is she not literate that she couldn't read the sign? She sounds perfect for Bob Senor. I heard that her car broke down - a more likely story.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of where the money came from, still sounds like favors being done for insiders.

Hey 12:22, soooo, because the dems have NOT made such a pledge, it is OK?

Anonymous said...

Again the spimmister comes to the defense of our Mayor, boy I hope their paying you overtime Jeremy!
So it's perfectly normal that the mayor signs a check to pay for Senors girlfriends towing expenses? an oversight?and was it also told that Sottile called the towing company from Florida and told them to release the car before they got the money that would not happen for me or you now would it favors nothing but favors and coururtion and this time Sottile got got I hope Albany starts an investigation and the IRS get involved their are so many dirty little dirty secrets like this one lurking around the mayors office it makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

I hear this is going to be the front page story in the Kingston Times another Sottile blunder lookin good for lisa and rich!

Anonymous said...

The mayor realesed it according to who, Rich Cahill? Listen, the guy does not know his facts and is trying to attack the mayor whenever he can. A profesional poll was done people and they tested the waters for the Jimster and he came up 67% county wide! Little Dick does not have a fucking prayer.

Anonymous said...

Its funny about this process of towing you describe. When my husband and I first moved to Kingston we had our cars towed the first snow emergency. We didn't have a garage and had no idea about the 3 inch snow rule. The automotive shop would not release our cars until we had paid him in cash the full amount. As we live in midtown and our modest neighborhood was targeted for towing it was a big problem for many people. If you could not afford to pay until the next day you were additionally charged "rent" for every day the car remained at the shop. (closed on Sunday, but still charged rent)

Having the city, even initially, pick up the tab is certainly not what my neighborhood experienced.

Anonymous said...

You buffoon. Sottile has already admitted to the Freeman that the bill should not have been paid by the city taxpayers.

Your constant b.s. explanations for this man are ridiculous. Sottile is a crook.

Anonymous said...

Blabs if you are refuting the facts of Cahills case you really should not use the words like "i guess". Stick to the facts mister. If Cahill can produce a copy of the check and it comes from the Sewer Department then I guess your contact is not giving you the right facts no matter how close the financial accounting numbers are.

Here is an additional question....Why was the car even towed...and then paid for by the Police Department - as you suggest? Is the car's owner a ticket scofflaw?

Blabs if you are going to refute the corruption claim present ALL the facts and let the court of public opinion weigh in.

Anonymous said...

There was no poll. Your full of mularkey.

Anonymous said...


If there was a poll conducted for the Jimster and the numbers are as high as you say they are...any good campaign would release them.

I heard that two of the three men running for DA ran polls too..and both independently claim to have had great numbers...Yet, neither released the numbers.....You have to wonder what great really is.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, I am sure that Cahill is more than pleased that you are posting links to his site.

Nice Job!

Are you sure that you are not secretly working for Cahill?

Anonymous said...

When was the fine paid by the accused? So far all I see is a difference in which budget the money came out of. At least now I know who to call if my car is towed.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

I have decided to add some additonal comments due to the fraudulent explanations/excuses offered by you on this site.

First, Jeremy says the bill was paid by the police budget. The check I have says "City of Kingston Sewer Fund". It's hard to argue against documents.

Second, Jeremy claims that the city was supposed to pay the bill. This is blatantly untrue. The city NEVER pays for a private person's towing charge. The city is not responsible for that bill at all. Moreover, Sottile has already admitted to the Freeman that bill should not have been paid.

Lastly, I did check the facts. I have documents, checks and invoices to back up everything I have said.

The facts are that a private person got their car released without paying the towing charge up front. This same person had her bill paid by the city taxpayers, which is improper. This person is also the girlfriend of Alderman Senor. All of this fully substantiated.

Jeremy can try and attack me rather than deal with the truth that Sottile and Senor were caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Jeremy says I should apologize. Nonsense!! The only ones who should apologize are Sottile and Senor.

Anonymous said...

To 12:22, you are dead wrong. This is not a dirty attack. Cahill is addressing an issue, i.e. corruption in city government.

Anonymous said...

Remember Mr. Cahill and his accusations of the whispering campaign against him. Seems like he's starting his own.

Anonymous said...

So the mayor lets people stamp checks with his name on them and then he doesn,t know what checks are coming out of what accounts accountibility to the people is what is lacking in this administration sounds like a perfect time to change mayors considering this one got it by default or should I say a death lead to his appointment. The people are not as stuipd as Sottile thinks we see through this and know where the truth lies.

Jeremy Blaber said...


You're wrong, why don't you make a point to go to Penny's office tomorrow and ask her. Than tell me what she said when I see you at the common council meeting. If I'm wrong, I'll apoligize.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Jeremy, I am not wrong. The check says Sewer Fund. I have a copy of both sides of the check. Second, the city does not pay the towing company. The towing company gets paid by the owner of the car.

This bill was paid with city money. Bottom line -- that's wrong and not defensible.

Anonymous said...

Rich Cahill is a whiny moron who will lose by 30 points. He can go back to working at "We The People" processing uncontested divorces after the election.

This is a DEMOCRATIC city, boy, and you will take your beating at the ballot box in about a month. If you do better than Karen Vetere did, we'll be shocked!

Get your concession speech ready!!!!


Anonymous said...


I give you credit for allowing Rich Cahill to post here; at least your blog allows free and open discussion unlike the orwellian tactics used over at Rich's site.

BTW...Rich won't go to the Comptroller's office to get the details because he's a coward; he's afraid of what he'd learn there and that it wouldn't fit his nasty low-rent adgenda.

Anonymous said...

To 10:47pm....

This is not a whisper campaign. This discussion is right out in the public eye. Even the Mayor, who was called upon by the Freeman, has commented on it.

Anonymous said...

I guess the sewers in Kingston are in such great shape now that we can afford to refund towing fees.

Anonymous said...

It's a democrat stronghold, BOY. Democratic, is a system of government. ie. Democratic Republic.

Yea, people didn't vote for Vetere because the machine made her look 'mean spirited'. Look what 'compassionate' has gotten us. A welfare city. An illegal alien sanctuary city. A halfway city, for ex-cons.

It would seem, by your statement, that this 'compassion' has benefitted YOU. Makes me wonder which category from above do you fit into.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cahill, Jeremy claims; "In this case both the fine and the tow bill were paid."

Is this true? If so were they paid before or after this all became public?

These are critical questions for me.
Can you find the answers.

Anonymous said...

for 12:22- It is very clear that this subject is an ISSUE and not a personal attack. The issue is that underhanded activities occur within this administration and are hidden by these same people. FACT is that this bill was paid from a fund that is not open to public scrutiny. PERSONAL ATTACK is the mayor saying Cahill is an inept attorney and the filthy remarks made at this site. FEAR is the mayor refusing to debate Cahill in a public forum. TRUTH is that Kingstonians are tired of the present administration.

Anonymous said...

To Demonopoly
The democratic city you speak of is and leadership is the problem. Take a serious look at the elected officials in charge now. Do you really think they are doing a stand up job? Are they creating a city that you are proud of and glad to live in? If so, you must be on all of the social programs that we advertise for. No professional tax paying middle class citizen living in this city is proud, and they are leaving by the busloads. Look at all of the for sale signs. Do you think they are everywhere because the democrats are running a professional and ssuccessful city. I think not!
As for the car, where was it parked illegally or causing interference with traffic? Why wont anyone tell us that? If neither of these were the reason for the tow, then this really stinks! But what else would we come to expect? More favors and backdoor deals, but Rich brings it to everyones attention and the democratic crybaby brigade starts to whine! Grow up and realize that these baffoons in charge could run hot dog stand ,,let alone a city!

Anonymous said...

So the mayor buys walmart cards for kids who clean a street for Shirley Whitlock? I wonder was that paid out of the sewer fund too? and can I get my car's towing expenses paid by the taxpayers if yes i'll vote for Sottile too.and can he through in a cuple walmart cards for my kids thanks!

Anonymous said...

If the check says Sewer fund on it then the game's over Jeremy the excuse that the city is useing falsely printed checks with the wrong dept printed on them doesn't hold water this deceiption stinks as much as the sewer system it'self.
This dishonest Mayor needs to pack his s--- up and move on!!

Anonymous said...

to 9:30 paid before

Anonymous said...

to 2:16 car parked in area marked for parking of antique autos for a car show; area marked "others will be towed"

Anonymous said...

spin it all you want: Sottile's adminiostration is corrupt!

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

In response to questions asked of me by the 9:30 post, the towing charge was paid by the city. The check specifcally says "Sewer Fund" on it. The mayor contends that the check is simply printed wrong and that the money actually came from the Police account. That may well be true, but it was still paid using city money.

As for the "fine" or ticket, I do not YET know. It is being investigated, but I do not intend to make any definitive statements about it until I know the facts.

If you want to ask me additional questions, e-mail me

Thank you to Jeremy for allowing me to post this response.

Anonymous said...


It really wouldn't be that difficult an "investigation" all you'd have to do is to get down to the Comptoller's Office and look at the records.

So stop trying to sound like Columbo or Sherlock Holmes and get the information for yourself; but maybe the simple truth doesn't fit your political adgenda.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 4:43 for clearing that up - so, apparently Senor's girlfriend either is illiterate or believed that she was above the law. I've been driving for 30 years and have gotten tickets for expired meters, but I would never park in a tow away zone. Sounds to me like she expects favors.

JS said...

Hey Blaber :

It seems Cahill just does not learn; ask him when he called my boss becasue I called a KPA show during my break. As a public employee I'm very disturbed by the fact that such a Pro-Union guy has trouble with what an employee does on his/her private time.

Anonymous said...

950am, your comments bear some sad truths about the state of our city, but it is all irrelevant because this city is a Democratic political monopoly and your boy whiny Cahill hasn't a chance in hell of winning. So why even bother?

Jimmy is doing the best he can. It's not easy. Rich Cahill is not the anti-Christ that some here make him out to be, but he really needs some cheese to go with all of his whine. His propensity to micro-manage would only set the city backwards, but there is no need for what ifs, because the enrollment numbers spell disaster for Cahill. The Fix has been in since 1993, sorry.

>No professional tax paying middle >class citizen living in this city >is proud, and they are leaving by >the busloads.

I am proud to be a Middle Class Kingstonian. I'm surprised that you, a self described middle class person, would ride a bus. ;) I don't. But I'm glad they are there for those who need them.

While I don't, nor have ever received any form of social welfare, it's good to know these safety nets are there, should I ever need them.

Don't poor people pax taxes too? (Regressive taxes are born upon the poor)
Don't they deserve a helping hand?
Are you that cold hearted of a Republican? Are all Republicans as mean spirited? How many house seats will the GOP lose in 2008? 75? 20 Senate Seats? It's dark days ahead for the GOP, here in good ol' K-Town and across Rush Limbaugh's Rotten Fruited Plain!!!!


Anonymous said...

what can you expect from little dick?

Anonymous said...

Hey JS - Why would you have a TV where you work? I thought Sottile took all the TVs out of the departments because employees shouldn't be watching TV - even on their private time! Were you helping the DPW sewer department fight that fight when they were watching TV during their lunch break? So, how long was your break that you had time to leave your department, go somewhere to watch TV, and call KPA?

Anonymous said...

JS, tell that one again, when you caught the 50lbs bass in the river, but then it jumped out of the boat. I loved that fish story even better than Cahill calling your boss.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

I made no such call to anyone's boss. The person making the allegation was a caller on my television show. Back then, when there was caller ID, I noted that the call was coming from a government office. I asked about it and the caller insisted he was on a break.

I never called his boss. That would be very petty. I have much bigger fish to fry than that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Little Dick, that's exactly what you'll be doing come the end of the year when you LOSE the Mayor's race and are out of a job as alderman. (Frying Fish)

Red Lobster is hiring.

Too bad they tore down Cap'n Hanks. You could have walked to work. There's a little Cap'n in all of us.

Good riddance. Bobby Gillian will clean up your mess.


Anonymous said...

Agreed Rich needs to work on his political face and game, but we certainly need to give someone else a chance. Jimmy is a nice fellow who has done the job the to the best to his capabilities, but that is not enough. We need someone to satnd up to our group of "big fish" around town and stop them from building the low income housing and flooding our city with lower class citizens.
I also do not require the public transportation to survive and I do feel we need to provide it for our citizens. But did we really need the new gigantic buses? Almost every time i see them, there is only a few people on them. A smaller more economical solution would have gotten the job done, or continue to use the ones we had. Our infastructure is collapsing, we should've spent the money on that.
We do need some sort of welfare for those in need, but can you honeslty tell me that you dont see the corruption and abuse of this system? Its no longer a saftey net, it is the best way to sit home and get paid! If our city officials could bring in a business maybe we could provide some jobs for these folks and get them off of the programs. But it is easy money from the state and provides jobs for the freinds and families or the people in charge.
Think about it, if it wasnt for municipalities and retail, where could someone moving into this area get a job and be able to afford the swelling tax bills?
I am not that cold hearted and would help any struggling family or persons that required it, but Im tired of paying for people to do nothing and our officials do nothing to repair the problem. did you notice that all of the people bitching about the Colony Liquor problem were the people that we pay for to live in free or subsidised housing? Call me what you will, but if we are footing the bill for you and your family to live somewhere (because you choose not to better yourself, not those in needs due to hardships). You have forefitted your right to complain about a business trying to better our city.
Thats not cold hearted, thats a reality and we dont stop the bleeding heart liberals and the quest for the weak to rule the earth. We will all fail!
I dont particularly like that idea. Good chat and I do appreciate the debate, maybe you and I should run for office!

Anonymous said...

You notice Demonopoly also spells DOPEY LOON.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

To "Demonopoly"

I disagree with Chris's decision to post your comment. I would have rejected it because it is offensive.

However, I want to clear something up right now. I go by Rich or Rick. I have never used the nickname Dick. My Dad does, but I do not.

I would therefore appreciate it if you and the other Sottile supporters stop referring to me by that moniker. Frankly, it's very juvenile.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Cahill:

>I disagree with Chris's decision to >post your comment. I would have >rejected it because it is offensive.

Typical repressive puritanical republican attitude. The mere idea of you being our Mayor is offensive to many, but they are letting you run anyway, aren't they?

>However, I want to clear something >up right now. I go by Rich or >Rick. I have never used the >nickname Dick. My Dad does, but I >do not.

Many of your political opponents on this blog have referred to you with that nickname. I didn't make it up, you give Demonopoly too much credit. If you can attack Sottile the way you have just battered a potential voter,(me), then maybe you can overcome the long odds you face in the face of the Ubiquitous Democratic Machine. 62%-38%?

>I would therefore appreciate it if >you and the other Sottile >supporters stop referring to me by >that moniker. Frankly, it's very >juvenile.

Consider it done, Mr. Cahill. From this point on, Demonopoly will refer to you as you wish to be called. In the spirit of a clean political campaign, an issue oriented campaign, as you have asked for, I shall oblige you.

Speaking of which, you looked quite juvenile in the Freeman today. You purport a Chief of Staff position, yet offer no particulars (not a good move, Jimmy smoked you on that one). You let the photographer, who obviously is part liberal-democratic machine, snap a picture that makes you look like you are a child sucking your thumb (gotta watch out). People, in general, don't like whiny micro managers. Jimmy has it right about this.
If you can be more Gallo-esque, (that would help your image).

Sottile has been a good Mayor, but he is not beloved the way Mayor Gallo or Mayor Koening were. The mere fact that you post on this blog and have the guts to do a live TV show every week illustrate that you have the will and desire to be something more...passion... And passion is something that I believe Mayor Sottile lacks. (use it to your advantage) Passion can do great things. Reagen had it. Bill Clinton has it. You have it.

Anyway, we here in Demonopoly-land are pulling for you. You can either take my "advice" as bombastic sarcasm, or at least think about it. Your political future is at stake along with a 62%-38% whipping at the polls on November 6 if you can't step it up!!!

Good'll need it..

Demonopoly, a cog in the Machine!

Anonymous said...

Tell you what dopeyloon, you may be a cog in the machine, but Spitzer is the wrench, with this whole illegal license thing. Sottile is going to HAVE to come out on one side or the other on this issue. Will he stand by his team, and agree with something 42% of democrats do not? Or take Gilibrand's side, then take the heat for not being compassionate. The machine is broken. Bradley, Mariners, Towgate, TVgate, Temper problems, etc. Oil, antifreeze, brake fluid are spewing all over Kingston. Poluting the ground, where nothing can grow.

The ONLY reason NOT to vote for Cahill, that is he is a republican. There are plenty of reasons TO vote for him, CHANGE being a big one. So, the hardcore of demonopoly will vote for Sottile because the republican lever actually BURNS their fingers (or the reverened told them they will go to hell). But everyone else has the ability to think about issues. I believe a large majority of those thinkers will vote for Cahill regardless of party affiliation. Sottile can think he will win, simply because he is a dem. He is sorely mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Sottile is NOT a good Mayor. He is a micro-manager and has embarrassed this city over and over again.

Cahill is the only one with a plan to cut taxes and fight crime.

As for the Chief of Staff position, Cahill said he had only come up with the idea a week or 10 days earlier. He was still working on the idea and would not speculate or guess on the details.

Sounds to me, like a person who is very carefully planning every step of the way. For too long, we have had a Mayor who yells, screams, and behaves inappropriately. We need much more careful and deliberate leadership.

Finally, how do you know what was really said at the Editorial Board? Were you there? Or are you just listening to Sottile? Don't insult our intelligence by telling us it is based on the Freeman's article. That is not the whole conversation at all.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

I do not agree with all of what you have said, but there are parts of it that I will consider.

As far as emotion and passion, I disagree that Jim does not have this. He does have passion. The problem is he cannot control it. His passions and emotions boil over and he gets into difficult and embarrassing situations.

I do agree that the burden is upon me to demonstrate to the public what I can do. I fully realize that and will do the best I can over the remaining month.

Anonymous said...


I hope your posting here on your own time. I'm sure Ryan, Roach and Ryan aren't paying you to read and post in blogs!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rich,

How's that "investigation" of your's coming along?

We're all wondering what will happen first; OJ Simpson finding the real killers or you publicly admitting the truth about this red herring of a story you fabricated.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

I did not fabricate anything. The checks exist. The private bill was paid with city money. Those are facts.

Sottile says it was a mistake. My opnion is that they simply got caught.

However, I did not fabricate anything.

Anonymous said...

Get the Freeman to publish a copy of the check then!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cahill,

>As far as emotion and passion, I >disagree that Jim does not have >this. He does have passion. The >problem is he cannot control it. His >passions and emotions boil over and >he gets into difficult and >embarrassing situations.

A lot of it is stress. Being Mayor is never easy. One could argue that job killed the last one. Jimmy is the accidental Mayor and methinks perhaps that at some level he curses his decision to run again and perhaps some of the recent gaffes are born of that mindset, who knows?

Regardless, he has accomplished enough to warrant re-election in my opinion. The State of our City is strong, but it could be better. Still, this has turned out to be an interesting campaign.

6 months ago, I'd give you 0 chance to win the election, but a strange set of circumstances makes a Cahill Administration at least possible.
The Mariner's flap, crime issues, Noah debacle, parking-gate, meter-gate, TV-gate, his-son-gate, etc.. all have damaged the Mayor's credibility with the undecided swing voter types (independents). Then, you couple this with a weakening of party loyalty with this Bradley fiasco, where you have rampant party disloyalty by many Democrats, backing a Conservative? Bratley over their party's choice, John Sennett. A decrease in line voting plays in your favor on election day.

Of course, you, Mr. Cahill, are quite of an enigma when it comes to your recent stands on some issues and how a "Republican" should conduct himself.

1. Union endorsements/ Budget

Come on, how can you promise to keep taxes in check when you obviously made promises to the unions who endorsed you. I fear a Cahill administration will cut cut cut the budget. At the least, gridlock with the assured Democratic controlled council will no doubt lead to more austere times for our City agencies, the employees and their families. You can't have it both ways.

2. Economic Development

Your opposition the the Quick Check pandered to the NIMBYs in your ward, but the lack of revenue in the coffers hurt the entire city. We need economic development in our city, and while a gas station is not the first thing we should be going after, if one is offered to us, we should seize the moment and progress forward. Nick Woerner is kicking your proverbial butts in Ulster with development. Ulster's Quik-Check is under construction, yet all I see on Albany Avenue is a vacant building. Your opposition to the Colony Liquor expansion was perplexing. How can an alleged pro-business Republican be against ANYONE who wants to bring jobs to not just the city, but his own district (ward)????

So the voters have a lot to consider. Hopefully they will do just that and not sheepishly vote for the "Line". I think enough of them will, but it's not a given.

DEMonopoly...keeping them honest...

Anonymous said...


You give an interesting and quite reasonable assessment.


While I don't know HOW Mr. Cahill will keep the two in balance (conservative and union bases), I do know that he is both conservative in the Reagan tradition AND that he appreciates the plight of the working man.

With regard to Quick Check, I don't think he's approaching this from an economic point of view. It's a moral question and - yes - a service to the people in his ward as their elected representative.

This kind of establishment in a residential area brings convenience to law-abiding citizens in a late-night pinch. It also makes possible - in a way that can be avoided - clearly demonstrated problems.

Vagrancy and noise in the best case-scenario, quality of life and drug/violent crime in the worst-case scenario. Close the doors to the low-lives, so that no one will have a reason to be in that area late at night unless they live there. Let the criminals stay in their own neighborhood. Let the people in the ward hop in the car and drive to an all-night convenience store in a commercially-zoned area. Remember that they, the voters, asked Mr. Cahill to oppose the Quick Check.

I hope that Mr. Cahill responds to the questions you raise. They are good ones, I think.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Cahill is not the traditional Republican as we know it.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

My opposition to Quick Chek and Colony Liquor was based upon the wishes of my constituents. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I believe that a elected official should listen to his or her constituents.

What does not seem to make the papers is that I offered compromises in both cases. Quick Chek had to drop the 24/7 aspect and Colony Liquor had to build a sound barrier wall.

Neither would even negotiate because Jim Sottile was so gung ho behind them, they knew the Council would never act.

Anonymous said...

NO! How about that! An Alderman who actually votes the way his constituents want him to vote. I suppose when you're NOT part of "the machine", it gives you the freedom to vote on principle.

Anonymous said...

That's what you're getting with Richard Cahill - a man who is motivated by principle.

Remember that he already HAS a career. He doesn't NEED to keep getting re-elected in order to put food on the table. Beware of those who NEED to be mayor - or any other elected office.

E. Stalmer