Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sennett Events this Weekend

1.) SATURDAY NIGHT - 7pm at the Rosendale Theatre. Come See "Desert Bayou" acclaimed documentary about plight of group of Katrina evacuees from New Orleans taken to Salt Lake City, Utah. First run of amazing film. Rosendale Theatre to generously donate 100% of proceeds to Sennett for DA campaign!! Please join us and show your support for Jon! Tickets are $10.

2.) SUNDAY AFTERNOON - 2 - 4 pm House Party at Marbletown Home of Marti and Lenny Green. Food by John Novi of DuPey Canal House! Please join Jon and a bevy of incredible local artists including Mary Louise Wilson, TONY AWARD WINNER!! (Last year, Grey Gardens!), Joe Tripolo, Susan Richards, Kim Wozencraft and many others!! Suggested donation is $40 or $75 for two!


Anonymous said...

Lenny and Marti have a fabulous place - see you there!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Our next president and a Tony award winner... that's quite a weekend Mr. Sennett! Or should I say DA Sennett?

Anonymous said...

Has Bradley written his speech yet? A Sennett fundraiser would be a good place for him to drop out. We'd all be clapping,his supporters might stone him to death if he bows out among them.