Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mayor Sottile Closing the Gap

Just call him the Teflon Mayor--- Jim Sottile, who has been able to shake off the constant criticism brought forth by his opponent Rich Cahill, has pretty much wrapped this election up. Sottile drilled the last few nails into Rich Cahill's coffin this past week with a series of endorsements from the Kingston police department and Kingston Fire department and now the ground breaking of Armor Dynamics, which will bring in 500 good paying jobs into Kingston. It's been a good week for our mayor and I think next week will be a long night for Richard Cahill.

While I'm on Kingston please VOTE Tuesday Nov. 6th, ROW A

Jonathan Sennett -- District Attorney

James Gilpatric --- City Court judge

James Sottile -- Mayor

James Noble --- Alderman- at- Large

Ward 1-- write in Dan Gartenstien (just kidding Dan, we could be so lucky)

Ward 2 Jennifer Ringwood

Ward 3 Charles Landi

Ward 4 Shirley Whitlock

Ward 5 Anne Marie DiBella

Ward 6 Robert Gillon

Ward 7 Bill Reynolds

Ward 8 Robert Senor

Ward 9 Mike Madsen


Anonymous said...

Today's editorial in the Daily Freeman voiced concerns I've had for a long time. I know you're rooting for Gilpatric but his refusal to address what led to his censure two years ago is going to be his undoing. I wish he had used that fateful incident as an opportunity to become a role model and educate the youth of our community on the evils of addiction and alcoholism. His refusal to take accountability for his actions and make them into something positive is disheartening.

Anonymous said...

Armour dynamics said it HOPES to create that many jobs in the future. HOPES..not garuantee, HOPES.
Lets all HOPE that this does happen, but stop telling people that this big fish story!
Have you notice the recent flood of activity at city hall?
Is it because Jimmy is doing anything he can to get his name in front of some good publicity for once?
People do not forget the lack of respect for the job, and the failures of this administration. Your boy is doing everything he can, because he is scared, and so are his followers.
Rich may just pull this off, and you all know it.
Much like a boxer who was been beaten for 11 1/2 rounds, then fights hard for the last 30 seconds.
The judges dont forget the whippin he took, and have to vote on the true winner of the fight.
The people are the judges, and your boy has been whipped!
you had better HOPE he has the fix in, or your out!

Anonymous said...

What a shocker!! You've endorsed the entire Democrat ticket.

There will not be 500 jobs. Read the srticle. There will be 15-20 jobs.
You -- like Jimmy -- are exaggerating and lying.

I honestly believe that Cahill is going to win on Tuesday. Look at the signs. Cahill is up 2 to 1.

Had you attended the debate earlier this week, you would have seen Cahill absolutely destroy Lisa Cutten. He was damn impressive.

Anonymous said...

do you even realize that all of the people that you endorse, have all been in power for the last couple of years or more, and have achieved nothing?
Did they lower our taxes?
Have they cleaned up our city?
Have they developed anything, without borrowing us into debt forever?
Have they brought in any new business?
Have they stopped the flood of low income families burying our city?
Have the repaired the collapsing infastructure?
Have they ever worked together to make our city appealing and affordable?
I think not Jeremy!
Maybe if you tried to own a business in this city, or owned a house and had to pay the ridiculous taxes, and see the filth that we live around anymore, you may actually come to the right conclusion!
I am not saying that that thier opponents are all the right answers, but they are the only ones that are going to try to do anything different.
If Guliani could clean up times square, how come we can't clean up mid town Kingston?
Your leaders lack any vision or balls, and cannot figure it out. Keep following them, because no one takes you serious either!

Anonymous said...

You have got to be out of your mind to think that Charlie Landi has a shot at the 3rd ward. He is hated by his own party, the mayor and the majority of the 3rd ward voters. He is nothing more than a neighborhood bully, who has forced a child to have to take down his treehouse, and only is in politics for himself and a few of his croonies. He used to be the puppet master of Walker but when Walker turned on him he decided to get back into the game even though he was voted out of office by his own party years ago. JB< do some research on Landi and you will see how many of his "friends" can't stand him. if by some miracle Landi does take the third ward, It will certainly be the begining of the end of the 3rd AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

the one that needs to be thanked for Armor Dynamics is Senator Larkin who got the funding. The company was out of here until the Senator came through. Sottile DID NOTHING, as usual, but crows about how he was responsible for everything. On another point, at the Chamber of Commerce debate Sottile said that Walgreens would start construction by the next week. How many weeks ago was that?
It's time for a change, as Sottile's opponent says. I agree.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy endorsed Sennett,who is a new-comer and has vision for Kingston. Your tax dollars will be safe under his watch. I'll reserve my comments on the rest.

Anonymous said...

Are you admitting there was a gap to close?

The ONLY gap being closed, was the slim changes Cahill HAD winning this thing.

Anonymous said...

I heard also that Landi was only running again because it will entitle him to a city pension, as he just needs one more year to serve. Sounds like he is in this just for his OWN purpose. Consider this Voters when you go to the polls.

Anonymous said...

Dont u have any balls to comment on gilpatric. Dont u see the writing on the wall.He is his own worst enemy.Just say sorry and he would have been fine.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Gilpatric os going to win. Anyone who attacks Judge Gilpatric for having a disease is sickin the head.

Anonymous said...

The promise of 500 jobs by Armour is a shocker at this point. I was told today that the building that will be built with STATE money will only be 10,000 square feet. I don't know what sennett drug you are smoking but you can not fit even 100 people into a 10,000 square foot building.

Anonymous said...

Lets get the facts straight. The two endorsements were from:

The PBA - police union NOT the Department

The KPFFA - professional firefighters union NOT the Department. Out of 60 members of that union less than 20 actually live within the City of Kingston limits too.

While on that subject how do you answer the fact that Sottile/Nobile campaign gave the KPFFA $1,000 recently in three payments? It seems to me that he paid for that endorsement.

Anonymous said...

If you think the Freeman endorsement is attacking Gilpatric for having a disease please go back and read it once again. It is clear the problem with him is his continued refusal to come clean with what happened on that day.

"Voters have a right to some clarity and some candor and they are getting neither from him.
Gilpatric's public stance on his transgressions are, at best, belated and notably reluctant.
At its worst, it grievously misapprehends the relationship between public offical and constituency and demonstrates a distinct preference for self-preservation over candor."

The state panel might reopen its case against him? What else is there that has not already been brought to light?

Please honestly answer this question for me, if he were a Republican and not a Democrat is there any doubt you would be calling for his head on a platter. I don't think so. As a public offical and a judge he owes the voters more than what he has given in this campaign.

Anonymous said...

Gilpatric is a class act. He is also humble. Gilpatric doesn't need to kiss up to anyone. He just needs to be who he is.

Anonymous said...

Being an alcoholic is not the problem. The problem is he lied about the incident. If he had come clean immediately, people would have forgiven him.

Dan Gartenstein said...

Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy . . .
While I am flattered by your confidence, I am enjoying my relative peace and quiet. After five years on the school board (it seemed like twelve) more than six months of a break has been prescribed.

Anonymous said...

All I know at this point is I get audio nausea when I hear the word PROACTIVE, both over and inproperly used. Any candidate doing so should have his tongue stapled to his upper lip until the polls are closed Tuesday evening.

Please reread Covey's book and start using some of the other neat words and concepts that would so benefit our community, like WIN WIN relationship, and First things first. Then there is the really terrific one he plagerized from the St Francis prayer, SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND, THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD....smitty

Anonymous said...

Way to get behind a woman beater. Not to mention, he destroys city property to protect the news that he is spying on the Cahill blog. The guy is actually involved in a coverup.

Character matters. Sottile must go.

Anonymous said...

You may be right that Sottile will win this election, as it is difficult for a Republican to win a city-wide election, and many people only see the "D." I remind those people that when they pull that lever for Sottile, they should not complain when: 1. Their car hits a pothole and gets damaged because the road hasn't been paved. 2. Their neighbors of many years are moving, as they cannot afford the every year, as sure anything, tax increase has finally forced them out out of the city 3. Their new neighbors are straight off the boat, illegal, and live twenty to a house 4. The brand new housing development looks great. Too bad most of the people are low income and gang warfare now takes place in the backyard every night (see Birchwood Village for reference)5. You thought you were safe on high priced Linderman Avenue, didn't you? Guess what, they're selling drugs there too!

When you pull that "D" in this elected office, this is what you're voting for. Don't blame anyone but yourself for being a blind party loyalist when all these things, and more, happen. You voted for it!

This one may too true to print, right JB?

Anonymous said...

to Anon of 3:06pm

Whose crazier?

Loose "Cannon" Lenny?
Loose "Cannon" Landi?

I think that Noble and Sottile have chosen to dance with the devil on this one and they will be sorry that they asked for Landi.

Anonymous said...

I hope Landi wins - Sottile, Noble, Ringwood and DiBella deserve him! What I can't understand is why Charlie thinks they're his friends - Gallo and Sottile worked to get his Republican opponent elected. How do you forgive that?

Anonymous said...

Ward 2: Phil Cokeme

So, we can assume that while the felon can run for the alderman seat, he is unable to vote for himself?

Ringwood could pitch a shut out?

Clark Richters might have a better chance of winning than ol' Phil! At least he does things to help the city. City GOP is dumb for backing Phil da Felon, as they stand to pick up a seat in the CC, but it won't be enough, and Mayor McCheese is going to win because Sour-puss Cahill has about as much popularity in town as George W. Bush!

Longtime Ward 2 Democrat

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Not the Armour press conference again. We parade to this every 2 years at election time.Finkel and Sottile the dog and pony show on economic development. The only jhob created was Finkel and Maloney name others

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?He can add them 500 jobs to the ones at the Noah,walgreens B'way,conoly liquor,and on an on!!! Mayor Sottile is a joke and i'm glad he will be gone in January

Anonymous said...

obviously the AH who wrote that attack in the freeman against gilpatric has not seen bruhn stumbling out of such 'high-brow' watering holes like the brook room or triangle...