Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sennett Signs Out Today!

The first day to put out signs is today, feel free to put your signs out and show your support for your candidate. Those of you who still need lawn signs please e-mail me at :

This is a very important election and there is so much at stake here. We can stick with politics as usual, or elect a reformer Spitzer type candidate...let's not blow this unique opportunity.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more Sennett signs on Manor Avenue. Can you do this public service for us, Jeremy? Many people there might be tempted to vote for their dysfunctional neighbor out of some inane hometown loyalty. We can't let that travesty happen, can we?

Concerned Citizen (Ok, it's Demonopoly again)

(Too good to be true) Tons of ROFLS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy do you now allow your little minions to download the addressess of candidates. I would hope that you would leave that for the candidate to give out, if asked for it. It is very irresponsible to do that and I will be informing Vincent Bradley of this right away so he knows who to look for if there is any vandelism to his home in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Hello? 5:44? Is anybody home? Bradley's address and phone number are listed in the phone book. It's not a big secret....well, maybe it is for you because you're not smart enough to check.

Anonymous said...

5:44, you are a complete moron. no address was given in the poast @ 2:04 AM. Get a life, please!

To assume that Sennett supporters are vandals is slanderous. TO suggest vandalism illustrates what's on YOUR mind. We;ll know who the perp is now!


Jeremy Blaber said...

5:44 PM:

The guy never mentioned Mr.Bradley's address just the street that he lives on.
However, when you run for public office eveything is public knowledge. Next week there will be public notices going out in the local papers about the election and it will have the address of every single candidate.
To think I would publish something to cause any damage to Mr.Bradley or his property is nuts.

Anonymous said...

Wow,Bradley's getting hostile! I generally don't need to find a specific address to direct my wrath of wind and rain,but Kingston is so densely populated that a street address helps. "Acts of god" are not punishable by the laws of man.