Tuesday, October 16, 2007

13th Annual Pasta Molinaro

It's that time again!

The 13th Annual Friends of Marc Molinaro Spaghetti Dinner is just around the corner. This event has gotten so big, they're having it twice! The first is on October 21 at the VFW in Ghent and our annual event in Tivoli will be held:

Friday, Nov. 2, 2007
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Tivoli Masonic Lodge, North Road


Anonymous said...

I love pasta! But one place I won't be going for pasta is the Hoffman House. Everyone I know is disgusted by the enormous Bradley sign out front and are boycotting - indefinitely.

If a business is supporting a candidate that you oppose, then it is reasonable to conclude that you are supporting that candidate through your patronage of that business.

People should feel uncomfortable about going into a place that's so in-your-face about supporting Bradley because you know their profits are being channeled to him in some way.

The owners of the business should have thought about the impact on their employees before getting involved in politics.

Anonymous said...

The owner of the business is Vincent Bradley's uncle.

Anonymous said...

I like the hoffman house too. Businesses have the right to display their opinions on various things, like politics and sports.

I agree with you though, I will not be supporting their establishment anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Blabs, will you be attending both events?

Anonymous said...

Uh... It's his nephew.....Blood is thicker than politics.

Anonymous said...

The Freeman is blowing smoke about Sennett again. If you want to see for yourself Jon's hard position on drugs click here.


Aren't you tired of Hugh Reynold's attacks based on the bugs put out by the Bradley camp?

It's irresponsible journalism, at best.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. I think Bradley is a moron, and will be voting for Sennett, but to take it out on innocent people who are trying to make a living working at the Hoffman House makes you look like a tyrant.

Grow Up.

Eat at the Hoffman House because the food is good, and you know it is.

I guess a compromise would entail boycotting them as long as the sign is up.


Anonymous said...

There are many businesses in Kingston that have political signs on their property. That is their right. It is your right not to patronize them. This being said, why not mention them all? Some of the posters are fixated on Vince Bradley. Pleeeze...get a life. What are you all going to do after November? Go into hibernation? Watch "Sponge Bob"? The candidates for D.A. are connducting themselves in a professional manner....do the same. Yes, one will become our next D.A. but life will go on.

Anonymous said...

Well, i certainly won't be taking any advice from someone who calls me an idiot or a tyrant!

My position is rational. It follows the same principal that people boycott businesses all the time - because they funnel money to fund special interests.

So what if it's his uncle? Blood may be thicker than money, but I'd rather not have dollars from my steak dinner knowingly help fund Vince Bradley's campaign.

When it comes to politics, nobody's innocent.

Anonymous said...

4:58 --

There are more businesses who are smart enough stay the hell out of this DA's race.

Anonymous said...

Check out the schizo Gas station on Albany Ave. Signs for both Gilpatric and Bruhn. Now that's playing it safe, or perhaps they would put out a bin Laden sign, as long as you slipped them a fin.

Jeremy Blaber said...

11:35 AM

I will try to attend one of the two.


Anonymous said...

Next you people will be calling for the Hoffman House to be burned.

Tyrants, yes, you are.

Vote for Bradley!!!!

Anonymous said...

I ordered the "Bradley Jr. Salad" at the Hoffman House. Like the candidate it was named for, the salad lacked flavor, was wilted, and didn't possess the qualifications you'd expect for a good salad.

Not voting for Bradley, Darnright! No, not voting for him either!

Ricken-Backer from the 70s

Anonymous said...

Molinaro is a lightweight


Anonymous said...

AND Anti Gay Rights

Jeremy Blaber said...

Assemblyman Molinaro is no light-weight, he most likely will be state Senator in a few years and who knows where he will go from there. As far as gay rights, I don't know what his voting record is on the subjesct, but I doubr very highly he is against anyones rights. He's a good man and public servant.

Anonymous said...

Molinaro is anti-gay, Jeremy. He's a Republican in Democratic clothing, if you will.

We need someone more liberal over there.


Anonymous said...

Molinaro is definitely not ant-gay rights. He did vote against the gay marriage bill, but for age appropriate sex education and the student non-dsicrimination act. He was mayor of tivoli (a liberal community - elected 6 times) and has many gay and lesbian friends. He listens to all sides of an issue and makes his decisions respectful of others' opinions.

I know, because I had a converation with him about gay marriage and he was thoughtful, considerate and asked great questions. I am a gay marriage supporter and molinaro supporter. We should have more public officials like him: honest, thoughtful and respectful.