Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blaber News is now projecting Fred Wadnola will be the chairman of the Ulster County Legislature.

Full analysis on this later. Also Paul Hansit will be Majority Leader, with Ronk as whip...once again the GOP gets it backwards.


Anonymous said...

Will Gerentine get the Dems to support him? I think they would do it if he asked.

Anonymous said...

Were all going in united, right?


You know, Davey-D has been a good Chairman...if Geritol and his goodfellas gang defect and support him, we are better off.

What makes us so sure the Dems will vote for Geritol...the orange caplets too...because he really lives in Orange County.

Anonymous said...

Fred's a Catholic. I hope to see that dumb-ass poaster (not me), who writes all those anti-catholic rants.
A true moron, but still a funny kook poaster indeed.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Dems go with Mary Sheeley as Minority Whip.....she is a rising star...excellent choice.

Choosing Fred is much like the GOP choosing Boob Dole as their Presidential Nominee in 1996. I'm BOB DOLE... It's my turn....BOB DOLE...BOOOB DOLE..BA BA BOOEY..
As for Fred's Place..
He's a caretaker. He's a lame duck from the get-go. I don't think the Dems are going to play any games by cutting any sorts of deals with The Geritol-Man from Marlboro, or is that the Marlboro-Man on Geritol??....Hmmmm 2011, 23 Single-Member Districts..Hmmmm.. I just don't see how the GOP will ever hold a majority again. Enjoy your swan-song've earned it. Good-night Gracie!! I'm sure your caucus will be going in all united for you in January ;) The DEM Caucus will be united in 2 years when we make Mary Sheeley the Chairman. And you can the bank..

(c.) MMIX Poastmaster General.
Visit Fred's new Chairman's Web Site @..


Anonymous said...

Does anyone really care what religion his county legislator is?

Anonymous said...

What did you read the daily freeman to come up with this?

Anonymous said...

How about how the freeman totally screwed up the authority/power of the chairman? The chairman has no say on what goes to the floor. Any legislator who presents a resolution in a timely fashion can get it to the floor. Imagine if some knucklehead like Donaldson or Wadnola could control what went to the floor?

Anonymous said...

In reference to 11:29, as a rebuttal to 8:29,

Religion does matter to the troll who poasts those anti-catholic rants seen here on Blaberville. That was the scope of that poast and nothing else..

Religion mattered in the 1960 Presidential race, and it applied in the 2000 race, when some talking media schlimazels were trying to blame Joe Lieberman's religion for losing the election. Absurd, indeed!

Anonymous said...

What does the Freeman get right? They suck. The only reason I buy it is to check the obituaries to make sure I'm not listed. ;)