Monday, November 02, 2009


There are a lot of important races this year and while it's considered an off year election, please remeber all politics is local and the decisions that effect your life on a daily basis are made on a local level and today's election is just as important as the historic election that took place last year when we elected President Barack Obama. Below is a list of people both Democrat and Republican that I support and feel have their heart in the right place for the people of Ulster County. Please consider supporting these candidates and get out and vote!

- Jeremy

p.s. to all town of Ulster Residents : Vote Early, Vote often, Vote Cahill, Vote Quigley! Please say this phrase 5 times and get this stuck in your head before you go to the polls. Both are great people and both must be elected and reelected respectively today!

Majority leader Brian Cahill **
Jim Quigley for Town Supervisor Row B, C, D **

Gilda Riccardi for County Clerk, ROW A or Row E **
Don Williams for County Court, row B,C,D**

Candidate Overview Who We're Supporting
**= an important race

City of Kingston

Ward 1

Andi Turco-Levin

Ward 2

Tom Hoffay **

Ward 3
Charlie Landi

Ward 4
Shirley Whitlock

Ward 5
Jen Fuentes **

Ward 6

Ward 7
Bill Reynolds

Ward 8
Todd Langon

Ward 9
Hayes Clement **

County Legislature

District 1 Terry Bernardo, TJ Briggs, Joe Stoeckler, Mary Sheeley

District 2 Don Gregorious and Brian Shapiro

District 3 Rich Parete, Rob Parete, Roy Hochberg

District 4 Nicole Tucker and Marcy Goulart (we also like Frey, Sweeney, and Jones)

District 5 MAJORITY LEADER Brian Cahill **, Fred Wadnola

District 6 Mike Madsen, Jeanette Provanzano

District 7 Alan Lomita, Dennis Pitcock, write in Phil Terperning

District 8 Ken Ronk, Tracy Bartels and Jack Hayes

District 9 Richard Gerintine, Frank Fellicello, Wayne Harris and Pam Baxton

District 10 Hector Rodriguez

District 11 Mary Beth Maio, Jon Decker **

District 12 David Donaldson, Peter Loughran


Anonymous said...

I'm keeping Nicky because Quiffly is only interested in ladder climbing and putting new roofs on catholic schools, and could care less about the average folk in the town of Ulster.

Brian Cahole is ok, he deserves to win because Baloney is a crook and dick-wod-nola is an old senile man who should hang up his hat and move to golden hill and prepare for his eternal dirt nap. Maybe Nicky will enjoy performing that service about passing on the torch. ;)

The dems were idiots for only running Cahole and not anyone else which means one of those two dullards will win. If the GOP takes control of the body, they can only blame their stupid DEM chairman who should swiftly be replaced.

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Anonymous said...

Supervisor-elect Quigley.

I'm calling the race 2 hours before the damm polls open. Courage!

Dan Rather-Not

Anonymous said...

and Nicky is only interested in raising your taxes! Good luck with that

Anonymous said...

Who is "we"?

Anonymous said...

Can we vote out Sottile on a platform of "No Confidence"?

Anonymous said...

why waste money trying to beat Quigley... it shows already that Nicky has no chance!!

Anonymous said...

There are a little over 1000 crazy people who would vote for raising taxes and Nicky!!