Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is Julian Still Chairman?

Working in Brooklyn and spending a lot of time here, it's difficult to keep up with all the local Ulster County stuff although I try my best and have local "Blaber News Corespondents" that keep me in the loop, so I am surprised I have not heard of Julian Shriebman's resignation as chair of the Ulster County Democratic committee.

I mean, come on, he can't expect to stay on, in less than 0ne year he lost the county legislature and two county wide offices that we could have easily one.

Julian instead allowed the far liberal radical left of the party, i.e. Terry Rosenblum to field candidates, and of course those candidates were not qualified and did not receive the proper support and failed to raise any money.

To think that you can run a lawyer that defended a cop killer t be county judge is laughable and to think they could pull this off with a chair that lives in NYC and has no ability to raise money is more laughable.

Julian Schriebman has been the worst chairman the party has ever witnessed and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Kevin Cahill, Elliott Auerbach and Paul Van Blarcum are all up next year and we can't afford to lose any of those seats.

Kevin, Elliott, Maurice and Mike need to sit down with Julian and tell him it's time to go. I think Brian Cahill would be a great choice to step up to the plate and fix our party...the sooner the better.


Anonymous said...

JB, you are being much too harsh on the Chairman. He was dealt a bad hand in this election. The convention was fair and square. Julian backed a candidate who could have won this election for us, with ease. Instead, the DELEGATES voted for someone else. Dont blame Julian, hte party needs to be revamped at the committee level, and the fringies need to be challenged next year. So STOP blaming one person. And by the way, how much did your hero Hein spend from his fundraiser to support Our Democratic legislative candidates? Check out his financials before you answer, and then hang your head in shame that you have given him a pass on this. I for one, will not support him at the next convention.
"true dem"

Anonymous said...

+1 on the anti-Hein train. He is no Democrat.

Jeremy Blaber said...

and neither are you, sir. Mike Hein is doing a good job in my opinion as County Executive and the true test will be to see how he leads come January 1st under a GOP lead legislature. I like the majority of Ulster COunty residents are rooting for his success.

Anonymous said...

nope Jeremy - I have to agree with the first two posters. Mike Hein was asked to host a fundraiser for Gilda and Deborah (separately, of course) and he said no. With plenty of time to raise money for his re-election bid, he instead held a fundraiser for himself. With $33,000 in his coffers, he gave each of the top two candidates $500 (i.e., a whopping 1.5%); even then he didn't have the balls to write a check directly to Gilda. Instead, Mike gave the money to the Saugerties committee earmarked for her.

As another "true Dem", I won't support VanBlarcum either. He can get his own petitions signed, lit drops done, and GOTV phone calls made. I know lots of people on the committee who aren't going to help him at all. And if he chooses to pass the torch to that idiot Falutico, all the more reason to stay home.

There is enough blame to go around - Julian certainly shares a large part of it. How many people on the committee worked? How many did lit drops or made phone calls? This is Julian's fault - he's supposed to galvanize the troops and get people motivated.

But, no thanks to our top elected officials, the Dems stayed home and didn't vote for Brian Cahill and Gary Bischoff - blame that on Nick Woerner. If Hinchey, Hein, Cahill and your beloved Auerbach had been more vocal and visible, they might've gotten the vote out.

The voters, with their short memories of the double-digit tax increases shoved down our throats by the republicans, are going to be reminded very quickly why the Dems should've retained the majority.

Brian is too good of a legislator to be the committee chairman - he should run again in 2011 (and kick Maloney's or Wadnola's ass).

Anonymous said...

I guess you haven't gotten to know the real Mike Hein have you Jeremy? Just wait, you will. Those of us who have, rue the day we supported him. Won't do it again.

Anonymous said...

Sure, 9:04, how about Jason West for County Exec? Is he liberal enough for you?

Hein is doing a great job.. you are out to lunch.

Anonymous said...

6:16 is right. Vic Work for County Exec.

He's a "True Dem"


Anonymous said...

I have to believe that there are many, many Democrats who are extremely pissed at Hein. He abandoned the Democrats and stood with the old boys club. Throw a candidate like Kevin Cahill, Sue Zimet, Rich or Rob Parete at Hein and watch what happens. The Democrats will come home for a real Democrat very quickly.

This nonsense of Hein putting Hein first at every turn will catch up to him.

Anonymous said...

Your right, Schreibman is a large part of the problem, but weren't you the one beating the drum the loudest for Parete to resign. You got what you asked for with Schreibman. He has another year and is not going any place so you are stuck with him. He is naive and completely lacking in any leadership or political skills. He has little if any capability of firing people up, which was exactly what was needed here. He lets the left wing fringe portion of the party (ie Harkavy, Rosenblum etc.) influenece him when in fact they know nothing about winning elections or fielding candidates who can win. Riccardi is a classic example...she did not even win her hometown yet Harkavy pushed her into the race and then hung her out to dry with no support during the election. Schreibman watched all that you say from NYC. But you got what you wished for.

Anonymous said...

Hein sucks. He would throw his mother under the bus if it meant he gets some good press. He is no Democrat. He did not do his job as a leader of the party. Which Democrats did he come out and campaign for? Let me help you with that, NONE! Not even his partners Provenzano and Lomita. He just gave them as much money as he gave Ricardi and Schneer.
This guy is fucking phony.

Fool me once shame on me....Fool me twice? Not me, I will not be fooled twice. Never again will I support these Democrats of convenience.

Anonymous said...

Hein used the Democratic party for his own ambitions. Which would have been fine if he then gave a shit about the Dems.

Check his financial disclosures. He did not contribute to the Legislative races. He is a pig and he kept all of this money to himself.

Steinhaus in Dutchess County contributed $100,000 to the Legislative races to help them win the Legislature. Hein contributed virtually nothing, and we can thank him for the Dems losing the Legislature.

This guy is a fraud. He is no Democrat and I will not be taken in by him next time. We need to find a real Democrat to run for County Executive.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hein didn't give the money because he had the foresight to know these candidates were losers and not to waste money on them. Sounds like fiscal prudence if you ask me. I'll bet if Jon Katz were the nominee, he'd have given a nice check. The Dems should have done the right thing and cross endorsed Nina again.

Don't blame Hein.

Anonymous said...

Hein has his little Broom Hilda there, Adele Moneygrabber doing his dirty work. He should be man enough to do the dirty work himself, but he has no balls.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Heinmeister..
Well, to paraphrase former Sen. Trent Lott R-MS..."If we'd elected Bernardo back in '08, we wouldn't be in this mess today"

Strom Thurmond's Ghost

Anonymous said...

Hein's budget is a disaster.

The Legislators are scrambling to make some rational decisions.

He kept all of his bloated staff and cut all non-profits.

Nice Mike!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I hope Michael Preston Hein is listening. It sounds like a lot of people are not too happy with him.

He screwed the Dems when they needed him most. He better be prepared for what comes next. He is in for a world of shit. Buckle up Mikey!

Anonymous said...

Hein cut the not for profits, Cornell Cooperative, Domestic Violence prevention, SPCA, Libraries, UPAC, you name it, Hein cut it. He dumped it on the Legislature to try and pick up the pieces. Meanwhile he and his bloated campaign staff, I mean, office staff sit back and count the big bucks.
Fuck off Hein, you are scum.