Thursday, November 19, 2009

King Fred

The new Ulster County Legislature will now be lead be veteran politico Fred Wadnola, who took out Majority Leader Brian Cahill in this November's election. While Blaber News supported Richard Gerintine to succeed current chairman Dave Donaldson, we have no problem with Fred Wadnola, who is a good guy. Wadnola, who has never lost an election, did three years in the county legislature and is a former two term supervisor of the town of Ulster and is certainly qualified for the position.

We supported Rich over Fred for two reasons: one, we thought that it's inappropriate to elect a chairman that has admitted he is only interested in serving one term in the legislative body. Effectively, Fred Wadnola starts his tenure as Chair on Jan. 1 as a lame duck. Secondly, we feel Fred Wadnola is too close to Albert Spada and anyway to minimize Spada in county government is is a good thing.

Again, I like Wadnola, he is a paid advertiser on this blog and my former elementary school principal and I want him to do a good job and think that he will. Blaber News asks that Fred recognise that the majority of GOP legislators that elected him to serve as chair are from the post-Spada Republican party and do not want to go back to the good ol' boy ways that existed under the Spada days.

We also feel that Fred should create a colition government and give Democrats an equal and fair say in county government, the people of Ulster County are sick of partisan politics and want someone that is willing to work on both sides of the is your chance Fred, good luck.

The new Majority Leader Paul Hansit on the other hand, is a big mistake, the guy has no personality and has a clear agenda and axe to grind with County Executive Mike Hein. Note to Hansit: the majority of Ulster County like Mike Hein and wants him to succeed, your vendetta will do nothing to help the Republican party. The majority party will regret not picking Ken Ronk and it could cost them the majority in 2011.

Ronk would have been a leader that transformed the persona of the GOP being a bunch of old men and he would have been a voice that would have agreed with the Executive when he was right and disagreed with him when he was wrong.

Democrats made a solid choice in picking my county legislator Jeanette Prozanzano to lead the minority party, I love Jeanette and think she will do a great job leading our party.


Anonymous said...

Fred could pull a Phil T. on us at any time. This guy is a walking intensive care unit.

Marcus Welby M.D.

Anonymous said...

Blaber, are you smoking Indonesian chronic, boy?? Why would you use the retro NY liscense plate that everyone hates and doesn't want as a visual cue for Eliot's re-election???

Negative Associations do not work.

Donny Deutch

Anonymous said...

10:27 is wrong. Fred is in good health. Aside from eating too much of his wife's navy bean soup, which makes him awfully gassy, Fred is as fit as a 40 year old.

Trapper John M.D.

Anonymous said...

Freddy The Shmegege!!!!!

He's actually more of a Shmok!


Sy Syms

Anonymous said...

Blabes, I am sure Fred will sleep better knowing you think he is ok.
Me personally I would be scared to death if I had your seal of approval, after all you supported evey hack and nut job that ever came around.
You better watch what you say about Big AL, I heard he was pissed off at you and ready to take you off the xmas list.
At least while he and the cronies were around we had IBM, and other businesses.
Under the last regime we have become a welfare state and pro dirtbag!
We pay for more people to push carts around, then we do support buisness?
How come?

Anonymous said...

From what I hear this is Provezano's last term, so why is it a bad idea for Wadnola to be a lame duck and fine for Provezano.

Anonymous said...

Another gift from Nickie Woerner. If it were not for him, Cahill would still be there and Wadnola would be back slinging gin and swapping stories of 1950's Kingston with Al Teetsel and Orvil Normann.

Thanks Nickie!

Nickie B. Woerner,the gift that keeps on giving.

one who knows said...

You are wrong about Paul Hansut ( spell it right, please )

He is a smart tough leader & has the respect of many of us taxpayers because he fights for US !

Fred is a wonderful choice & will be a calming healing voice & a fine leader -
that nasty prick who referred to Phil Terpening's passing so rudely should be ashamed of himself.

Ken Ronk is a wonderful choice for Whip & is rising through the ranks on HIS own time,, not anyone else's agenda.

He wanted the Whip position & supported Paul for Leader.

You are too far out of the mainstream GOP to have any reasonable opinion, JB,, you are too Ulster focused & not enough Ulster County.

As for Mr Spada,, leave him alone, you idiots, his contributions to Ulster County are too numerous to list here, & he has served us all well.

there are too many biased, anti-catholic, anti-italian posts on these blogs, & i am neith Italian or catholic. just fair & balanced.

Anonymous said...

Gerentine? Are you kidding me? This guy is the one who brought us down the road to finacial ruin and you think that he would've been a good candidate for chair. Do you ever think. Just because someone has been in the job before does not mean that they are "qualified" as you put it. Judge people on their results and the results under Gerentine were horrible. He has to be held accountable for what occurred under his tenure. For that reason alone he is unacceptable as chairman. I am fine with term means he will not have to promise anything to anyone and will at least do what he thinks is right. That in and of itself gives me a little faith in him being the chairman. I do not know if I that would be the case with any of these other multi-term legislators.

Anonymous said...

9:47 you are such a pontificator.
It's Hanslut, right? Go to hell you fucking dirtbag.


Anonymous said...

9:43,, Great Poast! Another legacy are all the fast food joints that have come to Ulster under his administration. Mmmm Eat up, Fat Boy!!!!!! By killing us with all those calories and fats, the undertaker business will be booming. He's not as dumb as we think he i$.

Bob's Big Boy

Anonymous said...

9:43 You are right on! Brian, an individual who has had his "differences" " with Nick & Co. over the years, lost because those who did not know any better, associated Brian with Nick and voted against them both. It is a shame.

Anonymous said...

9:43, you hit the nail on the head. Freddie in his wildest dreams never expected what he has in front of him. Cahill got a raw deal because Woerner did a lousy job for 4 years. I hope Cahill comes back, he worked hard for us and did a good job. It is a shame.

Anonymous said...

If what I heard was true, Woerner and Brian did not get along at all. I used to see Cahill at town board meetings when I went. Once Woerner got in, he disappeared. Brian is no dummy, If he smelled something rotten in Denmark, he would stay away. Looks like it didn't matter. When something like this happens, I wonder if the voters actually pay attention at all. Brian was nothing like that idiot Woerner. He is opposite of Woerner.

I think it is very unfair that Brian lost. It is ridiculous that the voters are that disconnected that they can't see the difference between good people like Brian who was doing his job well and leaches like Woerner who are involved for their own or others, best interests and couldn't care less about the community.

Let's hope people like Woerner move into different fields of work and people like Brian stick around and give it another shot.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...






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Anonymous said...

We heard that Supervisor Quigley is going to propose a 25% property tax reduction for all Town of Ulster residents who regularly attend a Catholic Church or send their children to Coleman High. Is this True, Jeremy?

Father Nelson

Anonymous said...

Have the legislators met to decide on a "what to do when Fred falls asleep strategy?"

Those who have worked with Fred, either at the school district or the town, know that there needs to be a formal protocol for those occasions when he nods out cold in the middle of an important meeting or telephone call.

And it will happen over and over again.

The most embarrassing thing is when no one notices him nodding out and he actually starts snoring or his head drops flat down to his chest. Not a pretty sight.

A word to the wise, the best strategy is for the person sitting next to him to drop their pen, and brush into Fred while they retrieve the pen. The rest of the room then has to pretend that Fred was never sleeping and move on with the meeting as if nothing happened.

The sleeping Fred as chair of the legislature, watching over the County Executive. What a wonderful thought.

Anonymous said...

5:47, I forgot all about that. You are 100% right. Dennis Doyle giving a presentation should do it.

Anonymous said...

5:47, Beautiful Poast.

Rip Van Wadnola.... Take your dirt nap...sleep well old man...


Anonymous said...

Fred Wadnola sleeping on the throne. Now that will be a sight to see. It is bound to happen when you put an overweight, chronically ill, narcoleptic septuagenarian in charge.

Anonymous said...

Are those Bidenesque Hair plugs on the top of Fred's head, or os that just the photo?

Bert the Barber

Anonymous said...

overweight, chronically ill, narcoleptic septuagenarian in charge.

LOL, that is some description.

Joe Toscano said...

Congrat's Fred, Your tact when regarding both sides of the aisle will be refreshing in the glass menagerie,
I get the impression that many of the posters before me didn't get the real message behind the overwhelming support the Reps, Conservatives & Independents rendered the winners , ie: Lets forget party loyalty and have some people loyalty for a change,
The residents of the county have spoken, no more of the same, lets get down to the business of the people and forget power brokers and game playing, this is driving the voter today, we are the forgotten majority, from sea tom shining sea, the national anger was expressed in local elections and with all the partisan crap spilling out of Washington these days it might be some time before calm is restored. Until then I hope the good old boys are intelligent enough to realize it's time to put the taxpayers ahead of friends and family and do the right thing for the county.
GOOD LUCK FRED, I know You've got what it takes
Joe T

Anonymous said...

Joe T.
Unless Wadnola is a born again centrist, you have no clue what you are talking about. Wadnola was/is one of the most partisan politicians of his generation. Anyone who has paid attention knows Wadnola is part of the old boys Republican club. Where were you, in a cave?

Anonymous said...

Are you high?
You talk about power brokers and game playing. If it were not for those two things, Wadnola would not be in office today. Wadnola and Bernardo are attached at the hip. In fact, his wife is now part of the Bernardo machine. The deals they made for cross endorsements are well known and the Wadnola's were front and center of all of them.

You spew so much crap it is sickening. I hope you don't believe everything you write. It is disillusion.

Anonymous said...

Nothing’s changed in Ulster -- this election demonstrates that entrenched politics are still alive in well in our county. Wadnola claims to have come out of retirement to save the county. What a joke! He’s been heavily involved right along; in the spring, he met with the other “power” players (Mario Catalano, Fred Wadnola, Len Bernardo) and negotiated for candidates. Democracy took a hit, as usual, in the deal they concocted. Bernardo secured a legislative seat for his wife, Terry, who’s aligned herself with Wadnola & co. Now, she’s contriving to get herself a plum spot on Ways and Means. The lady’s got stars in her eyes. She’s hyper-ambitious and only interested in self-promotion. We’ll have to wait and see what the former skating queen will do with a legislative position, but, this poster doesn’t expect anything but more Terry promotion.

Anonymous said...

Joe T. = Hyperbole.
His overstatement or exaggerated language distort facts by making them much bigger than they are if looked at objectively. He make stories seem more important or interesting than they really are, or what we called growing up in Brooklyn, a bullshitter.