Monday, November 09, 2009

How Bout Gerentine?

A lot of opposition to Fred Wadnola and Jim Maloney for chair of the about a proven leader like Richard Gerentine?

You know a Republican that will work with both sides and do what is best for the people of Ulster County.

Call your county legislator and ask them to support Richard Gerentine for Chair of the Ulster County Legislature!!

Key Legislators to call:

Brian Shapiro 845-679-6646

Robert T. Aiello
845-246 4028

Alan Lomita
: 845-658-8730

Laura Petit

Catherine Terrizzi

Susan E. Zimet 845-255-2117

David B. Donaldson 845-331-8985

Peter M. Loughran 845-338-5369

Mike Madsen (legislator elect) 845-399-9644

A little about Rich :

For close to twenty five years, Richard Gerentine has served his community through a variety of elected, leadership positions that have entailed a broad spectrum of fiscal and management responsibilities. His thorough knowledge of federal, state, and municipal regulatory and policy issues coupled with his commitment to problem-solving and communication have enabled him to successfully foster relationships and build coalitions with individuals from a diverse constituency. While a member of town government, he sought to lower taxes through innovative budget reductions. As the chairman of the Ulster County Ways and Means Committee, and later as Legislature Chairman overseeing a 300 million dollar budget, Richard brings focus and energy to all that he undertakes.

Richard has held positions in government since 1984 beginning as Town Councilman of Marlborough until 1987, where he created and was responsible for oversight of a 23 million dollar budget. In 1988, he was elected as one of the youngest town supervisors in the Hudson Valley for the Town of Marlborough. He was elected to a second term and served until 1991. He then began his service as an Ulster County Legislator representing District 9. He has been re-elected to eight consecutive terms. He was elected Chairman of the Legislature by his colleagues and served for two and half years. His other legislature committee positions include Majority Leader, member of the Union Negotiations Committee, Chairman of the General Services Committee, member of the Human Services Committee and Chairman of the Ulster County Records Advisory Board where he was responsible for overseeing the establishment of a record management program under the jurisdiction of the Ulster County Clerk.

In addition to his years of dedicated work in government, Richard’s commitment to the needs of the community extends to his professional accomplishments as well. As General Partner of Marlborough Associates, LP, Richard began the development of senior citizen housing complexes. His first project, a 44-unit complex became known as Jenny’s Garden I, followed by the addition of a second 22-unit complex, Jenny’s Garden II in Marlborough. He later developed a 51-unit complex, Golden View Housing for the town of Highland’s senior community. According to the Rural Ulster Preservation Company (RUPCO) that provides property management for the Jenny Garden complexes, Richard’s developments offer much needed affordable senior housing, both attractive and comfortable, designed for community members whose income is 60% or below the Area Median Income (AMI).

Richard finds time to participate in community activities as a member of the Knights of Columbus, UNICO, St. Rocco’s Society and as a past coach for Marlborough Youth Baseball and Basketball. Also a volunteer position, Richard has served as a Commissioner of the New York State Bridge Authority since 2006. He majored in Business Administration at SUNY Ulster beginning in 1972, and received a Bachelor of Science degree from Marist College in 1975.

A resident of Ulster County, Richard Gerentine continues to have a distinguished career in private business and community involvement. In his position as Ulster County Chairman, he presided over a solemn Legislative Session held on September 12, 2003 in remembrance of the attacks of September 11, 2001. His remarks during that meeting reveal aspects of Richard’s character and the level of his commitment to his community. “The passage of time will not erase the pain and devastation which were felt by the citizens of our beloved country. Today, we thank God for the unity in our country and for the courage and commitment of our leaders…..I assure Ulster County residents that its government is committed to their safety and protection, and all measures possible are being taken towards this goal".


Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever do a property survey on this mo-mo's house? He lives awfully close to the Orange County line. Eliot Aeurbach should investigate.

Keep Donaldson!!!!

Demmy Demmson

Anonymous said...

Looks like King Mario (town of Ulster resident), his brother in law John Guerin (town of Ulster resident) and newly elected Supervisor and county executive committee member Jim Quigley (town of Ulster resident) are pushing for Fred Wadnola (town of Ulster resident) and Jim Maloney (town of Ulster resident) to take over leadership of the Legislature. What is wrong with that picture?

What about everyone else?


one who knows said...

I dont care what he & you think Rich has done,, NO WAY he is our Chairman.
I am a long time GOP committeeman but we need a leader with NO TAINT ! Rich ain't that guy.
He is too closely tied to the mistakes of the past & has little or no credibility with the GOP base.
Just look @ his job appointments,, all relatives, friends or paisans, he passed over many deserving & dues paying people for good jobs & put his crew & clan in there.

Try again, Jeremy,,, pick a REAL LEADER !!! We need one who can govern, not posture !

Anonymous said...

hey blaber, wasnt this guy the Chairman when they stuck us with a 39% tax increase?? WTF are you drinking? Kool aid?? Also, if I remember correctly, didnt he escape an indictment in the Republican jail fiasco, because the statue of limitations ran out. Once again you prove you have no clue.

Anonymous said...

UC Mojo's take on Gerentine is exceedingly more right-on than yours, Jeremy, but it would be fun to watch Hein completely disassemble Rich in combat.

Anonymous said...

Surprised you feel Gerentine should be chairman again. Check of other blogs feel he is the last one to be put back in after all that happened under his watch. Voters elected for change and he represents the good ole boys of the past.

Anonymous said...

Donaldson for chair. 2 will flip.
And why not? In 2 years, the rules all change. It will be fun.

Herbert Hoover

Jeremy Blaber said...

747 it had nothing to do with Gerintine, read the report written by independent Tracy Bartels who lead the jail investigations sub committee.I think we all know who was behind the know the guys all the buisness leaders have breakfast with once a month.

Anonymous said...

Is Gerentine a convicted felon? Oh, wait, it was newly minted Judge Williams who let him and his buddy Ward Todd off the hook.

39%....Jail Corruption..Cigars..

That's all you need to know about Him.

Sadly, it only took the voters 4 years to forget, so he has a chance.

"Anyone who believes you can't change history has never tried to write his memoirs." David Ben Gurion....

Gerentine's memoir is one of corruption, lies, fawning syncopantry, and failure.

Demmy Demmson D-Ulster
Yes We Can. Yes We Will!!!

Ulster is Your Town Too said...

Let's not look back any longer, Gerentine is old news, he failed the county when he had the chance to really make a difference, he doesn't get a 2nd chance!
Look to representatives from the northern county to lead the Legislature and both rep's & dem's. Times will be difficult judging by the slow recovery in the jobs market. The chance that industry and development will return to the county will much depend upon what happens in Albany, they have created such bad tax policies that any business will need real incentives to break ground in the state let alone the county.
I believe that Jim Maloney deserves a chance at Chairman, he is hard working and gets along with many in both parties, (especially now that BC is no longer in the picture). He know property values and the tax code both assets when determining which policies, laws and practices should or shouldn't be adopted by the legislature. He has stood up to the likes of Nock Woerner and will have no problem getting in Hein's face when confrontation is called for, I'd like to see Paul Hansuit get the nod for Ways & Means, he has the least tainted reputation of all legislators and has been around long enough to know the what's what in the county.
Majority Leader is an important seat, I like Terry Bernardo but she is an unknown quantity and might have trouble with the boys club.
In any event, as long as Gerentine doesn't rear his ugly head the GOP might have a chance to keep it's majority as the restructuring from 33 to 23 seats takes place in the near future.
What is important is we keep control of the legislator's up north, the south is still living in the past and we know how our friends and neighbors felt about that!

Carl Chipman said...

It is time for new blood. Gerentine carries too much baggage from the past (whether or not it is any fault of his own). The legislators should put their collective heads together and elect someone who can reach across party lines as well as establish lines of communication with the County Executive's Office. Compromise and cooperation should supercede partisan postering for the benefit of all residents of Ulster County. Also leadership should serve the needs of residents throughout the county instead of just the environs of Kingston. Residents of towns like Rochester are tired of receiving leftover crumbs. I'm sure that Terry Bernardo's election to the UC Legislature will alleviate that situation. I hope that new faces such as Terry's will help us to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Anonymous said...

even the photo looks 20 years old.

Anonymous said...

No way to Rich Gerentine--he should be publicly caned for his highly unethical role in the jail fiasco.

Dave Donaldson is 1.5 inches away from being a complete moron. What the hell has he done?

Terry Bernardo could run circles around both these idiots. Time for a new and INTELLIGENT leadership in the legislature.

Anonymous said...

Gerentine is too easily painted with the 39% brush and the jail brush. It was under his watch that the GOP lost the Legislature in the first place. He needs to stay out of this race.

Terry Bernardo is a smart, nice person. But shes too new. You need inside experience to chair a group like the legislature. Couple more terms and she'll be ready but not now.

Wadnola has experience and was out of the legislature when crap hit the fan. Perfect guy to be chairman.

Ken Ronk is young, smart, enthusiastic, charismatic, experienced and talented. Perfect majority leader.

Anonymous said...

Note to Team Quigley/Maloney/Wadnola

How about taking those eyesore campaign signs down. The campaign was over 10 days ago. It is bad enough we have to endure them during the election season. Enough is enough, take them down already.


Anonymous said...

[1] Vote for Mary Sheeley

Anonymous said...

Is Jeanette Provenzano a possibility here? NS

Anonymous said...

Blaber will walk down the aisle and across the aisle with anyone.

Anonymous said...

So do a lot of other people. Look at Hein and Postupack. They do the same thing, just not out in the open.

Anonymous said...

The Dems are PRAYING that the Republican pick Gerentine. This will be an early Christmas gift for all of them.

I am hoping that the Republicans are not that effing stupid.

Anonymous said...

I love the poastmaster :)

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Wadnola is better? If you do, you do not know him.

Anonymous said...

Coming in January 2010, look for Eye on Ulster blog. It will focus on the new Republican Majority, making sure they hold true to the promises made.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Republican but looking in from the outside it seems that Wayne Harris is the only Republican who posseses the experience and temperment as well as the respect of both caucuses to lead the new legislature.

Ulster Watch Dog said...

Will be publishing soon. Please keep an eye out for the grand opening and ribbon cutting.

Anonymous said...

we want new blood. Dean Fabiano for chairman Ronk for majority leader.We also want new democrats .

one who knows said...

ahhhh, 9:12 am,, good idea,, i forgot about Dean Fabiano - a true man of the People,, i know him from the Saug Highway too & he is a hard worker

Dean & Ken could do a great job,, both soft spoken yet tough as nails. the anti-Gerentine - even better.

Anonymous said...

Ronk and Fabiano, at least you will have one brain.... between them that is. Has anyone noticed how stupid these people are? The whole lot of them. Nothing but a bunch of dumbasses.

Anonymous said...

Poastmaster, O Postmaster, wherefore art thou Postmaster?

We want to know what you think of Chairman Candidate Gerentine.

Please let us know what you think!

Anonymous said...

The POASTMASTER agrees with Demmy's beautiful poasts. The guy practically lives in Orange County, he should work for Ed Diana or something. If he were to regain his former poast as chairman, he should give back 39% of his Chairman's stipend as a sober reminder that under his watch, all of us suffered those high Republican taxes. This guy was Nicky Woerner before his time. Interesting correlation there, actually...big jail disaster...big contract for law nforcement...light bars on the ulster escalade hoop-dee...big tax increases...

Under Gerentine and his mentor, the Great Red Rover himself, pis-poor jail construction contracts produced cost overruns and delays. Over $2 million dollars in wasteful over-runs happened because contracts did not cap compensation or contain incentive or penalty clauses to ensure that the project would be finished on time and within budget.(1) Great Job. Does he deserve a second chance? Perhaps we can use this model to build a new Kingston High School?

More than 1,000 change orders totaling $10.7 million were approved from 2002 through 2005, driving costs 30 percent above the original cost estimate. One-third of the more than 1,000 change orders were to correct design and drawing discrepancies caused by the architect. Those change orders cost $3.1 million. It's amazing how we got stuck paying for Gerentine's Mess!
At least $895,000 in unnecessary payments were made because county officials approved change orders, which resulted in contractors receiving more money, even though county officials knew that this work should have been covered within the scope of the original contract.
Kickbacks? Naaaaaaaaah Ya Think?

And some of you are WINE-ING about HEIN. If we had Mike Hein back then, this ..may.. not have happened.

(c.) MMIX Poastmaster General. No portion of this poast may be reproduced without expressed written consent of those $39.95 Cigars that the Red Rover got. Imagine how $39.95 in cigars ended up costing us $100 Million Dollars?

outside credits to this poasty poast..
(1) Daily Freeman Article

Anonymous said...

Once again poastmater, you have not disappointed me.

Can you write some more stuff about Jeremy??

Anonymous said...

Jeremy is alot like Benedict Arnold. A great field general, but a person who's loyalty is question. You can't help but not like the kid. He has a passion for politics that most people can't match.
He just needs to remember who his friends are, and not lie in bed with the dogs...that's how you catch fleas!!!!!

We have to remember that most people Jeremy's age are mindless pablum puking drivvlers....He's done alot with his young life. The most successful people make the most mistakes. He throws caution to the wind, and that for the most part is a unique trait. With age, hopefully comes wisdom to refine that.

He does have some wisdom not to poast some of my more raunchy poasts that people have never had the pleasure to read ;)

c. MMIX Poastmaster General. President, Jeremy Blabber fan club.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I like the short alter ego ones too, the nyquil one was the best.

Anonymous said...

Richard Simmons ha ha ha ha ha h

Anonymous said...

Most of the alter egos are from yours truly. A few aren't. Anyone who takes politics seriously belongs heavily sedated or in the NYS Senate ;)

I got Blabber good once as NY Post and Ch. 6 politico Fred Dicker. That was ROFL.


Anonymous said...

chickenshit was funny

Anonymous said...

ps. the nyquil poast should be repoasted. too bad deleted messages in waiting are killed when they are not poasted.

poast everything.
poast often.
poast until you get carpel tunnel.
(c.) MMIX Poastmaster General
Treasurer, United Blog Trollers Association (UBTA) 2009-2010

Anonymous said...

The Savago thank you poast was funny.

How about a new blog?

Anonymous said...

My own Blog? Hmmmmmmmm But I am a famous person in real life ;) That's the beauty of ANONYMOUS. Besides, I'm retired. In my heydey, I was the poaster with the moaster. The Kook of all kooks.

To View the last vestige of the Ottoman Empire... ;)


Anonymous said...

Loved the poast with the list of jobs that Nicky was qualified to do.

I also think you had some about Marianne Degroodt?

I think Blabber got in trouble for those though.

Poastmaster General Fan Club
Ulster County

officially formed after paying a fee to Andrew Zweben for his services? Isn't that what everyone does?

Anonymous said...

I left out party chair for Nicky as a job he's qualified for, given the dismal performance of the current failure who holds the office. I really do not have a personal attachment to alot of the poastings done here, they merely illustrate the overall general absurdities from other fine poasters. Personally, I like Nicky. I voted for him. This does not mean that he the ridicule showered upon him recently was undeserved, though. The people spoke by a 2:1 margin. Pope Quigley XVI will give the old fogies what they want..and need.. that being tax relief. Nicky tried. The recession didn't help him. You can't argue against Grandma Codger, who is pushing 85, on a fixed income provided by ponzi-security, getting no COLA from President Hussein, and reduced STAR from Blind Lemon Jefferson, being upset at forking over a 20%+ tax hike. And its not like the 4% hike this year is any better, because last years' increase didn't go away.

ITEM 2... Person of the Year...

I think that if you win Person of the Year it entitles the public to know a little more about them. Such a question was nothing more bland than asking you if you had your hair cut recently. If the aformentioned person of the year is so prudish to get offended and then to take out her c++ntish PMDD wrath on poor blabber at the RUDY '10 love-in, then i'm sorry...she is DQ'd from being person of the year. Lighten up already!!!

Thank you for being part of the Poastmaster General Fan Club. Please make all donations payable to my homey "L", from the 4-Block.

Anonymous said...

There are rumors that Gerentine is recruiting democrat votes in order to get elected chairman. If he does this he should be booted from the republican party and receive no support from any republican ever again.

Toe the line, Rich. You have an obligation to accept the party's decision. Party comes first. Your personal ambitions don't count for squat.

Anonymous said...

Let us all not forget that Rich Gerentine and Frank Felicello were all right in the middle of Paul Hansut's father-in-law Danny Alfonso's pulling the Chair out from underneath of Phil Sinagra by recruiting Democrats.

Now I am no fan on Phil Sinagra, but what those yahoos did in Southern Ulster did more harm to the Republican party than anything.

They put their own agenda above the Republican party, and that was wrong. Let's not take a trip down memory lane.

Say not to Gerentine.

Anonymous said...

How is Fred Wadnola a better choice than Gerentine? He is 137 years old, was a mediocre Legislator at best and a worse majority Leader when he was there. He has zero ambition for the future and he is notorious for concocting backroom secret deals. If you want that as a "leader", you are nuts. I would take just about anyone else over Fred. He would set the Republicans back 10 years.

Leaders have to have some sort of goal. Fred's would be to survive the next inevitable health crisis.

Go ahead Mario, choose Fred, but don't say I didn't warn you. You will be the next to get voted out.

Anonymous said...

LOL.... how sad the repugs are with the choices they have backed themselves into. 39%, jailboy Gerentine and ancient,sneaky,out of touch Wadnola. Nice work boys!

Town of Ulster RULES!

Anonymous said...

Carl mind your own fucking business.

Anonymous said...

Marlboro should be donated to Orange County. Gerentine lives in Orange County anyway. This will solve that problem. Why should we be held to stupid boundaries created over 200 years ago. Counties suck. Let's get rid of them. Do we need County Gubbment? Do we really?

All things local can be handled by the town gubbment, with the State stepping up efforts, with areas like the jail. I mean, the Community College use to be called UCCC, now it's SUNY Ulster... We could do the same for the jails by incorporating them into the prison system.

This will never be done of course because too many people are making a living at the taxpayers expense. It's big business, and its going in the wrong direction. Now you have Library tax districts, sewer tax districts, fire tax districts to extract more money from people for things that gubbment should be providing but cut back because they are spending at unsustainable rates....what's next?????
-Paving Districts
Ahhhh yes, tired of pot holes? We'll create a taxing district for you.

Postmaster General----

Anonymous said...

pMg... your forgot, water districts, lighting districts, highway improvement districts.

Anonymous said...

I've known Fred since about 1974. He might not be the 150 watt bulb you want to brighten up the 6th floor. Sadly, most of the brighter bulbs are on the Liberal side of the aisle, (Bright Liberal?? that's an oxymoron if I've ever said one)... but that aside... Fred has one thing going for him that his GOP rivals do not...honesty..

Honesty goes along way for me in the political's a rare commodity.

Let's make the 6th floor... "FRED'S PLACE"

[1] Vote for Wadnola

(c.) MMIX Poastmaster General. Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmm Mmmmmm... POASTY..

Anonymous said...

You say Wadnola is honest? I do not know the same Wadnola as you. The Wadnola I know is a sneaky, back stabbing, two faced, untrustworthy whats in it for me, politician. Typical old boys club member.

Anonymous said...

There are two sides of the Republican Party at odds in the vote tomorrow night.

The Gerentine Solid South Side - also aligned with Albert two fingers Spada versus Everyone else in the Republican Party.

The anti-Gerentine crowd includes everyone else that is sick of Gerentine, Felicello, Spada, Noonan, and the past coups.... Alfonso

All of the above people are more concerned about themselves than the Republican Party. They all got big heads when Nina won and thought they were back in power with the Legislature.

They are the reason that the Republicans lost the majority party to begin with. No one. I repeat - No one thought that the Republicans would regain power this quickly. That is how sick and disgusted that the public was with the Republican Party that was run by the solid south.

The good people of the Republican Party can only hope that the Legislators vote to move forward instead of looking back to the people who brought us the 39% tax increase, solid voting districts for themselves and no one else, racist and bigoted comments such as fucking wetback and faggot, Spada Shakedowns, Noonan's Negativity, and siding with Democrats to gain power and split the party.

Do not reward what these people stand for.

Vote for a new beginning for the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...


Chipman cut taxes in his town 2 years in a row. Makes him one of the smartest politicians in the county. Listen to him. He's smarter than you.

Anonymous said...

- 6:21 I disagree on your assessment of Fred. I'm sorry you feel that way. Perhaps you can enlighten the cabal here with an example of Fred's dishonesty?

-7:47 I mostly agree with your outstanding sums up the state of the Republican Party in our County. I do, however disagree with your treatment of Al Spada. While you may dislike him, he's always been a friend to me personally, however, my role has always been king-maker...never a chess player.. Could you perhaps illustrate some of your statements on racist comments made by Republicans, I can get my homey "L" from the 4-Block to teach them some manners!!!

The Southern GOP have their own Bloc de Quebecois, and Mario is going to have to broker some sort of deal with them or I think they could very well make history repeat itself.

The most likely scenario would be having Harris as the Chair (Wayne is not like the rest of them and a choice I think everyone will agree on), Probabally Maloney as Majority Leader, and if Gerentine wants it, Ways and Means.

(c.) MMIX Poastmaster General. "We're all going in united, right" -Cigar Smoking Red Rover in 1998

Anonymous said...

poasty.... you are not even close.

No Harris, No Maloney, and Gerentine will be the Chairman.

look for some new faces in the other leadership positions.

You must be out of the loop as king-maker.

Anonymous said...

Poastmaster - Frank Felicello called Billiam VanRosenberg - his former Legislative opponent a faggot, and it was also Frank Felicello that referred to a waiter at the Holiday Inn as a fucking wetback.

Anonymous said...

Poasty is dead on about Red Rover though....

We're all united! Yea right

Anonymous said...

9:28. Just my postulations. I make kings (and queens too) for your opposition, but I do enjoy being an armchair QB Chairman for your Grand Ol' Party. Let's see what you do. ;)
Chairman Gerentine would be a nice early Hanukkah gift to help us retake the majority in 2011.
2:46. I use some pretty heavy language here myself, and I am against political correctness at any level, BUT, those examples from Frankie the Fatso (see what I mean)
do seem to me to be inappropriate. Especially for the private citizen at the Holiday Inn.....because public officials or candidates, by CHOOSING to be in that realm open themselves up for scrutiny. Trial by Fire! But for my example here, calling Frank a fatso, obesity is a condition that is generally scorned by our society and medical community and something that the individual can eliminate with diet and exercise (We already lost one heavyweight this year, and regardless if Frank is a racist, nobody wants him keeling over).......however.. sexual orientation or ethnicity is different because it's not a choice..its who you are..., and while I like a good ethnic joke like anyone else, extreme caution should always be taken not to overtly offend anyone...
No doubt, by your interpretation, Frankies actions crossed the line and are inexcusable. Does it make him a racist? Probabally not. I'm not defending him, just not using the broad stroke you may be right.. Regardless, he should refrain from doing that again, state it so, and apologize. Maybe he already has? Isn't he an educator by trade? He should know better..
And that is what mad me angry about that whole nasty affair. They wait until the coronation ceremony...his wife..his family there to congratulate Phil...and then they pull their crap.
Phil did a good job running things when "Danny The Printer" was in hospital with his innards rotting..Then he comes back to reclaim his Don-ship. The whole thing looked like something from The Godfather. Phil deserved more respect. It also showed that Red Rover was a bungling fool who was well prepared to get duped on the jail fiasco. I always liked Bill Skilling better anyway..He would have made a better Chairman. ;)

Another Poast from the Poastmaster.

Anonymous said...

why do you call Todd Red Rover?

Anonymous said...

The news-SUV from WKNY.

Ward ain't no Lenny either..

Malter Waxwell

Anonymous said...

It actually may have been his assigned vehicle. I always used to see him driving it up and down Rt 28 back in the day.....

Congressman P. Poastenstein
D-AZ (15th District) ;)
....somebody has to be the congressman in Obama's AZ let it be me.

Anonymous said...

Poasty's Quote of the Day...

"The last thing property owners need in this economy is an increase in taxes" -Rochester Town Super...Carl Chipman
Ok, you guys gotta vote this guy out. A politician that actually makes sense?? Doing the right thing??? WE can't have this, can we? Perhaps soon-to-be-unemployed Judge Schneer can run next time?

Just kidding, of course.
Kudos to Mr. Chipman for lowering taxes for the 2nd straight year out there in dem dere hills of Rochester.

Poastmaster General