Sunday, November 22, 2009

Governor Paterson TV AD 2010


Anonymous said...

Three Blind Mice...Three Blind Mice..

His political career is over.

Who cares?

Mario the Pious

Anonymous said...

This Governer is like half rat, half human.

Three Blind Rats..Three Blind Rats...See how they tax...See how they tax...

Upstate really needs to succeed from NYC. ITS TIME FOR A LITTLE INSURRECTION!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cuomo Jr. over Paterson, but Paterson over any of the GOP fools, like Lazio, Faso, or how about your boy Greg Ball. Blabber? This piece of work drops his bid against Orleans Hall to run instead for the State Senate. I'm sure by February he'll be tired of running for the Senate and try for Governer! HA HA HA

Rudy-G appears more likely to run against Gillibrand, and I think he has a decent shot to win because he will be able to secure some rather large downstate voting blocs that traditionally vote for the Dems. Gillibrand lost my support when she was only 1 of 6 Senators to support continued funding for your favorite organization, blabber,.. that being ACORN. Acornibrand, as I'll "brand" her has trashed her blue-dog status since the Unelected One appointed her to the post, going soft on GUNS, Property rights, taxes, as well as being a solid vote for the whack-job Senatorial leadership of Reid and Durbin in supporting Communist Medicine.

How Sad.

(c.) Poastmaster General

BTW, Blabber.. Your Dallas Cowboys suck real bad. You came within 6 minutes of getting shut out by the hiddeous Redskins. Baahaaaahaaaaahaa
Oakland to at least cover on Thursday. You might escape again.

Anonymous said...

To 7:39 PM: May your eyes always serve YOU well. Would you be so "pious" if you had no eyesight? Might you be a little more caring - or at least empathetic - then?

One thing neither you or anyone else can fault Governor Paterson on is the courage and determination that he must have in order to accomplish what he has and do what he is doing!


Anonymous said...

coke snorting, aide banging, idiot

Anonymous said...

NS...NO. There is no empathy on this blog... it's MUDPIT 24/7 Gutterpolitics at its best.

Ummmm, in real life, sure..yeah... I'm sure the gubbner is a swell guy, and of course no one would ever wish ill will...but for the sake of this forum, the ill will is already begotten so lets make some crude comments about it for cheap political gain. I hope you understand my point 20/20 now.

Mario the Spachiem

Anonymous said...

Paterson is an idiot. Spitzer was an idiot for choosing him (also for paying 80 grand for a hooker). Paterson is less of an idiot than Sheldon Silver. At least Paterson wants to cut spending a little.

Paterson's real blindness is not in his eyes. It's in his mind. He doesn't see because he doesn't understand the way real politics works.

Cuomo is an opportunistic cannibal. His own ambition is more important to him than his party or his state. His whole career is built on his dad's name.

The democrats keep picking idiots and egotists. What a stupid way to run a party.

Anonymous said...

I've read that tea-bagging is good for the eyes. Perhaps the gov' should be tea-bagged?

Now, Now, I'm serious ;)

Well, not quite what I had in mind for our trusty leader, though.

-Hugh Carey

Anonymous said...

OK, NS you win. I got an eyelash stuck in my eye and I really couldn't see for a few hours the other day. God punished me for the blind jokes on the gubbner. I'll be good from now on.

I guess we should just stick ot the fact that he sucks and is the worst gubbner that NY has ever "seen".

Mario the Humble Pious