Saturday, November 07, 2009

Here and There

Big thanks to Julian Schriebman on taking only 12 months to screw up the empire that Dems buildt under former Chairman John Parete.

Julian we don't want excuses or for you to apoligize, all we want is your resignation.

We the Democrats of Ulster County are giving you your two weeks notice!

An online will be started al Dems encouraged to sign.

Comptroller Auerbach, Assemblyman Cahill, and Sheriff Van Blarcum are all up next year and we can't afford to allow Julian to cost is those very important positions.

My hope is that County Executive Mike Hein, Congressman Hinchey, Assemblyman Cahill and Comptroller Auerbach sit down with John Parete and tell him it's time to step out of retirement. If John won't do it, I think Brian Cahill or Gilda Riccardi would all be fine choices but new leadership is needed fast.

The County Legislature:

We urge all Democrats to support Rich Parete for Minority Leader. Parete, a veteran lawmaker has the temperment and passion required of a leader of the Minority party and think Dems will be served well under his leadership.

For Republicans the choice is difficult for Chairman, I think Jim Maloney would be a good Chairman, he worked hard and partly responsible for Republicans being in the Majority.

For Majority Leader Ken Ronk has earned it and it would be good for the face of the Republican party to be someone under the age of 50.

No matter who ends up leading the legislature next year, expect the GOP to be holding Hein's feet to the fire every step of the way. We're confident in Hein's ability to govern no matter what party is running county government.


Anonymous said...

Fred the Man for the Job, Period

Anonymous said...

Maloney for Chairman. All he would need is to gain some weight, wear a white suit, and we could re-name Fred's place, the Boars' Nest.

Boss Maloney... Yes.. Let the Corruption begin.

Ummmmmmmmm No.

Anonymous said...

Just say "no" to Fred - he can't be trusted. Give it to a legislator who's been there and has worked under the new charter. Fred chose to leave before, why should he be rewarded like he's come to save the day? Ken Ronk would be a good chairman.

Anonymous said...

Maloney? The same guy you accused of cheating in the Independence primary? Nah, I'll pass, he is just a little to dirty for me.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the new chairman will be the old chairman?

Wonder what I mean? Go ask Phil Sinagra. He'll tell you a story about his good buddy Danny Alfonso. ;)

As for Democratic Party Chair..The should keep who they have. He's doing a great job helping to elect good republicans. Keep Julian...he's the GOP's best friend.

Cal the ultra-Conservative

Progressive Democrat said...

Don't waffle in politics. Don't speak of new political leadership in the Democratic Party when you, yourself publicly support/ endorse local GOP candidates on your blog. If you can't support the democratic candidate(s) for whatever reason; then it is best for you to keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, you will have no credibility on either side.

Don't blame last Tuesday's losses on Julian because you dislike him. Democratic losses occurred all throughout the region not just in Ulster County.

Lets face reality. There is going to be changes in the line-up next election cycle. Auerbach is going to have a stiff uphill battle for re-election and you're not helping Elliott by creating disunity within the party.

Anonymous said...

Some pretty low standards there Jeremy. One month the guy is stealing lines on the ballot and the next month he has enough integrity to be chairman? I will say this, you have balls.

Maloney has a very checkered past when it comes to politics. Besides the questionable Independence party activity this year, he has also been in court for submitting illegal nominationg petitions.

The Democrats finally bring some honesty to the Legislature and want to get rid of it with one of the most dishonest people on the Legislature.

PS. He will never get the support of the rest of the Republicans, they can't stand his arrogant ass.

Anonymous said...

Fred for Chair and Ronk for ML.

Anonymous said...

How did Maloney cheat in the Independence Party?

Anonymous said...

Brian Cahill will soon be a private citizen. Kevin should be, too. He's done absolutely nothing for Ulster County. He's in Sheldon Silver's pocket and couldn't give a crap about the people who elected him.

Defeat Kevin Cahill 2010.

Anonymous said...

Just because Maloney outsmarted BC, (not a very hard thing to do), It wasn't cheating, it was smart politicking!
Maloney would make a great Chairmen, He would use similar tactics to keep the Dems honest and Reps in line, I Believe Jim would put the business of the people FIrst! That's more than any prior CHairman has done from either side of the aisle

Anonymous said...

I think the Reps should put Maloney in as Chairman too. It will guarantee a democratic resurgence.

Anonymous said...

Maloney can sit on Catalanos lap to take his orders. Ronk can sit on Bernardos lap so the Rep have 2 losers running the goverment Throw Rascoe in since he already claimed what he thinks is a no show job and the Dems only need to wait 2 years to get it back. Then Quigley's dream of County Ex goes out the window

Anonymous said...

The only thing Maloney puts first is Maloney. If you think anyone believes that shit about putting anything else first, I've got a bridge to sell you.

Anonymous said...

Baloney is going to be bunkin' with Plaxico in Napanoch. He'll be reppin' District 1 from D-Block.


Anonymous said...

11:53, Cheating ain't outsmarting, it's cheating.

When you solicit absentee ballots from people and ask them to say they are going to be out of town, then ask them to bullet vote for you, that is cheating. Ask around if a certain legislator did that. He did, he knows it and if he says otherwise he is not being honest.

Anonymous said...

Jim Maloney is the hardest working legislator in ulster county. He works on building permits and real estate transactions everyday. He is always tracking down people who are building extensions on the house so he can get the assessment right. What other legislator is working that hard?

Anonymous said...

uhhhh... 11:45, isn't that Maloney's job?? Isn't that the very least that we should expect out of an assessor. Being a hard working assessor has nothing to do with being a good Legislator. That's like saying Rich Parete works really really really hard a Verizon and that makes him a good Legislator. OR that Dave Donaldson works really really really really hard at being a good school teacher. He even spends extra time with troubled children, and that makes him the best Legislator and the Best Chairman ever. How about Bob Aiello, I sure he works hard at doing something outside of his legislative life - and he is horrible Legislator.

Ulster is Your Town Too said...

Woerner Won't Go Quietly Into That Good Night!
Just a few minutes into Thursdays Town Board Meeting was all one needed to see this is going to be a rough transition for Supervisor Elect Jim Quigley. Nick Woerner is already attempting to 'have it his way', behind closed doors, like most of his tenure as Supervisor. Fortunately Mr. Quigley intends on living up to his campaign promise of 'Transparency' and quickly put Mr. Woerner in his place.
Woerner's decision to have Councilman Joel Brink assist in the transition can only make the process more complicated than instructions for a backyard 'Jungle Gym' as Joel knows little of what's what, where it is and what it's for! Apparently Nick is reinforcing the voter's decision to replace him by acting as pompous and detached from the needs of the town as he was while in office.
Furthermore, Mr. Woerne's inviting former Town Attorney Andy Zweben to assist Mr. Quigley's transition team on a pro bono basis makes about as much sense as his voting 'NO' for his own budget proposal! It begs to question does he really think people are that naive?
I'm sure issues will arise, and with Mr. Zweben not being under oath, one must wonder if there will be more questions after his responses than before!
In any event, Mr. Woerner should look at the outcome of the election, (almost 2:1 against), and reflect on his actions as supervisor, he can choose to remain arrogant and angry or accept and learn from his mistakes. The latter would make a successful return to local politics more possible than the attitude he has adopted and the behavior he is determined to display.
After congratulations are conveyed and accepted it is clear the real winners are the residents of the town of Ulster.
Good Luck, Mr. Quigley, Mr. Morrow, Ms Baldeli-Hendrick & Judge Kesick.
As for Mr. Woerner, a Mortician's License is in order, you've shown a real aptitude for burying things, a political career for starters and sadly the Town of Ulster and the people who entrusted it in your care.

Anonymous said...

Maloney will saddle up to Hein. He can't help it, he is a compulsive brown-nose.

Anonymous said...

Keep Hein's feet to the fire ? My prediction is that with most county offices safely back in Republican hands, Hein will join them by changing his registration again.

Anonymous said...

4:36; Most Democrats only dream of that, Hein is no Democrat, he never was, and never will be. Opportunist YES, Democrat NO! His support among Democrats is dwindling faster than his fund balance.

Anonymous said...

7:23am has got it right.

On the inside said...

Prediction from one who is on the inside.

Chairman - Harris
Vice Chair - Maloney
Majority Leader - Gerentine
Majority Whip - Ronk

Wadnola get's zippo even though he is calling around. We heard him say you were not running again. Nice try Fred.

Anonymous said...
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Jim Shaughnessy said...

You really shouldn't approve obscene rants such as 11:41 PM. You don't have to allow obscenity on your moderated blog. The first amendment constrains government action, and even that doesn't apply to obscenity. You don't have to and shouldn't tolerate it. It detracts from you, IMO.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that rant. Prolly cause I wrote it!!!!!!!!!!

Blaber, you are a wuss for removing my delicious poasts!

Poastmaster General