Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jeanine Pirro flip flops on choice... What else has she flip flopped on?

NARAL PRO-CHOICE New York proudly endorsed Andrew Cuomo for attorney General today, NARAL passed on endorsing Jeanine Pirro after she betrayed NARAL's endorsement last year by putting her party above her own personal beliefs on choice. What else will she flip-flop on? She simply can't be trusted, I have lost all respect for her said Blaber who pointed out how Andrew Cuomo like him or hate him you know were he stands he is a straight shooter and that is what I want to see in the job of attorney general. " I would not want to be in a fox hole with Pirro he added.

Pirro's Flip Flop timeline:

August 29, 2001 Jeanine Pirro returns a 100% pro-choice signed questionnaire to NARAL Pro- Choice New York including opposition to abortion bans that fail to protect a woman's health.

September 21, 2001 NARAL Pro-Choice New York endorses Pirro's re-election as Westchester District Attorney.

Fall 2001- NARAL Pro-Choice New York conducts Get Out the Vote efforts for Pirro.

January 22, 2002 Pirro serves as keynote speaker at NARAL Pro-Choice New York luncheon, Gaining Pro-Choice Power in the Republican Party

May 2005 Pirro announces she will run for a statewide office but refuses to indicate whether it will be Attorney General or U.S. Senate.

August 8th 2005 Press reports that Pirro is set to announce that she will seek the office of United States Senate.

August 9th, 2005 Mike Long, Conservative Party Chairman is quoted in the New York Times saying, ''Partial-birth abortion and gay marriage are deal breakers for us, and without us, I don't think she can win for the Senate. No Republican has won statewide without our endorsement since 1974.''

August 9th, 2005 Pirro abandons the pro- choice movement by flipping on her former position announcing on CNN that she is now not in favor of protecting a woman's health.

August 10, 2005 Pirro states, It's the life exception that I was in favor of. New York Times

September 2006 Despite repeated contacts and request, Pirro does not provide NARAL Pro-Choice New York with an updated and completed questionnaire for her run for Attorney General.

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Letz B Serious said...

A republican hypocrite? NO! Ya think? Lets see if we can list some of the republicans favorite sports,shall we? First and foremost DRUNK DRIVING,followed by the nonstop persuit of boys under 15,followed by being a total self-serving scumbag 6 days a week and then go to church on sunday and recite the same old worn out fairy tales OVER AND OVER AND OVER.........Yeah it doesnt look like much of a shock that Pirro is a phoney,afterall if your whole life is a lie and a constant flow of hypocrisy why would you want to change now?