Monday, September 25, 2006

Blaber News Person of the Week Alderman Clint Brown

This weeks person of the week is Alderman Clint Brown, Alderman Brown is just a great public servant who is dedicated to the people of the fourth ward. (which he represents on the council) Alderman Brown when not answering calls from constituents or walking the ward tackling some of the issues facing the residents of midtown, he can be found running several Neighborhood watch programs in his ward were residents can come together and express the issues of the ward with each other in hopes of improving the quality of life. '' He cares about the people it's that simple if the council was made up of 9 Clint Browns we would be in good shape said Blaber.

Alderman Brown is in his second term as Alderman of the fourth ward and is a member of the Laws and Rules Committee as well as the Community Development Committee and the general government/Public Safety Committee both of which he chairs.

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