Thursday, September 28, 2006

More bad news for Pirro: Federal Investigation over secret recording of her husband

Jeanne Pirro the republican candidate for Attorney General announced Wednesday that she was under FEDERAL INVESTIGATION over hiring NYC Police commissioner Bernard Kerik ( who pled guilty to two ethics violations which were unclassified misdemeanors in early 06) and his private firm to investigate her husband by secretly recording him to see if he was having an affair. " This is unreal said Blaber I am beyond speechless, she is running for Attorney General?? Maybe she should run for State Dog Catcher she might have a better chance. Pirro is challenging Democratic nominee and former HUD secretary Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General.

"I was a very angry woman, and I said a lot of things," Pirro said. "What matters is what I did and didn't do, and I didn't do anything here other than vent."

Pirro, who faces former federal Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo in the attorney general's race, said she learned about the investigation when she was approached by a pair of
FBI agents outside her home. She repeatedly said this was a personal matter involving her husband and charged she was the target of "an unethical, overzealous prosecutor with a partisan agenda."

U.S. Attorney Michael J. Garcia confirmed in a statement his office was investigating but declined to offer details. But, Garcia said, "we do not take politics into account in deciding either the subject matter or timing of our investigations."

A telephone call to Albert Pirro's White Plains office was not immediately returned Wednesday.

A Cuomo spokeswoman, Wendy Katz, declined comment.

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Letz B Serious said...

Can you blame him if he did have an affair? And one need only listen to her speak for five seconds and you can guarantee she is TERRIBLE under the sheets. Rumor has it that her husband was asked if he would rather stay married to her or spend the rest of his life with a steak knife stuck in his head. After a brief pause he replied,"I am gonna have to give that one some serious thought"