Sunday, September 10, 2006

A time to remember and reflect; 5 years later

Dear Friend,

Five years ago today this county faced the worst terrorist attack in it's history, thousands of innocent men, woman, and children died for no good reason when two planes were hijacked and struck the World Trade Center buildings. I never will forget that day I was at school and very confused and saddened by what happened, How could somebody do this? Why would someone want to harm us?

That day was a reminder to us all about the evil in this world, we were attacked by a group of people who wanted to hurt us because of our freedom and they wanted to pull this great country apart but instead we were able to united together as one.

Through out the year we fight and bicker about such little things that really in the scheme of things do not matter, let us take today reflect on on what happened that tragic day and honor the men and woman who died, and our service men and woman who continue to die to protect us in Iraq.

Remember we are all Kingstonians, New Yorkers, and most of all we are all Americans.

Very truly yours,

Jeremy Blaber


Yankee_James said...

Great writing Jeremy! Keep up the good work!

Mike Sweeney said...

Well said!