Friday, September 08, 2006

Blaber News person of the week Mayor Jim Sottile

Mayor Jim Sottile is Blaber News's person of the week for his dedicated work to the City of Kingston and to the community in general. '' Sottile is a dedicated man who works wonders for the community, he is not a 9-5 mayor, he works 10 to 12 hours at city hall then goes to different meeting and events after that. He truly is Mayor 24/7 and is a workaholic.'' During Sottile's tenure as mayor there have been many accomplishments that he has made.....

- Housing has become accessible for all Kingstonians

- Noah Ground breaking

- New tenants in business park creating 500 NEW JOBS

- Our failing sewers are being replaced and updated

- significant Clean up of our environment, due to Kingston's industrial past

- Bond rating has improved tremendously keeping city taxes down and increasing fiscal responsibility.

- Kirkland ground breaking

- Crime Down on a consistent basis

- Opening of an additional police precinct to address crime concerns on Broadway

- aggressively perusing private industry to Kingston by offering incentives and tax-breaks

These are just a few of Sottile's many accomplishments as Mayor of this great city, we should all be proud to have someone like Jim Sottile as our mayor. His leadership and guidance have made this city something to be proud of.

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