Saturday, September 09, 2006

Vote Andrew Cuomo for AG Tuesday the 12th

Andrew Cuomo's record in HUD speaks wonders to what kind of AG he will be, former persident Bill Clinton called Cuomo's work with HUD as one of the most successful reforms of a federal agency in modern US history. On Tuesday the 12th please join me in making Andrew Cuomo the democratic nominee for attorney general he is the only candidate strong enough to beat the republicans and follow in Elliot Sptizer's footsteps. Also on Tuesday please support our other democratic candidates Elliot Spitzer, for Governor and Hillary Clinton, for U.S. Senate

Andrew Cuomo is a passionate believer in doing what's right and he is a determined leader who gets it done. His test is never soft sentiments, but hard results.
- President Bill Clinton

You have breathed new life into a once-threatened department...As a result, HUD is more ready than ever to lead American communities into the new millennium.
- Representative Richard Gephardt

I commend you and all of the hard working people at HUD as you continue down this road of reform and strive to create a Department that will be a model of reinvention in this new century.
- Vice PresidentAl Gore

[Andrew] led one of the most dramatic and successful reforms of a federal agency in modern U.S. history, with HUD going from the brink of elimination to the forefront of the struggle for justice in America .
- President Bill Clinton,January 12, 2001

When I served as director of the FBI, HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo asked me to collaborate with him to clean up HUD. At the time HUD was notoriousfor being a $30 billion department rife with waste and fraud. Secretary Cuomo announced a Get Tough program with zero tolerance for waste, fraud and abuse. They designed and implemented a state of the art electronic financial audit and fraud detection system for HUD's 30,000 vendors. This was coupled with a new Enforcement Center headed by an FBI detailee that investigated and prosecuted any fraud. The combination of competent program administration and a new ethic of integrity made a vast difference at HUD. Andrew's experience and achievement in fighting fraud in large government programs makes him an ideal candidate to clean up mismanagement in programs like New York State 's Medicaid Program.
- Louis Freeh, Former Director of the FBI

Ulster County Democratic Chair John Parete
"Andrew Cuomo is the best candidate to be New York's next Attorney General. Andrew's leadership at HUD showed the country and New Yorkers that he is a true champion of reform. When it comes to taking on special interests, cleaning up government, and fighting for middle class and working families Andrew Cuomo will be our strongest voice."

Kingston Mayor James Sottile
"I am proud to support Andrew Cuomo for New York State Attorney General. Andrew's outstanding record of accomplishments as HUD Secretary and at the state and local levels position him to be the most effective Attorney General who will clean up New York's failing Medicaid system, fight corporate polluters, to level the playing field and make government work for all New Yorkers."

Andrew is the proud father of three daughters twins Cara & Mariah, 11, and Michaela, 8.

Please support Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General his leadership abillity makes him the most quilifed candidate to follow in the footsteps of Elliot Spizer. The primary is Tuesday the 12th. Thank You.
-Jeremy Blaber


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