Wednesday, September 06, 2006

King drops out of AG race and backs Cuomo

Charlie King today dropped out of the Attorney General race and backed Andrew Cuomo saying " I know this is a race I can't win and think we need to now get behind the most qualified candidate, Andrew Cuomo is a great candidate and will be the nominee in a week and I think it is best that I get behind him now so we can start a " united justice campaign."

I applaud Mr.King for getting behind Andrew and I encourage Mr. Malloney and Mr.Green to follow his example, Andrew's outstanding record of accomplishments as HUD Secretary and at the state and local levels position him to be the most effective Attorney General who will clean up New York's failing Medicaid system, fight corporate polluters, to level the playing field and make government work for all New Yorkers.

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Yankee_James said...

Keep up the good work Jeremy!

Don't forget to boycott the Miller Brewing Company!