Friday, September 15, 2006

Supervisor Woerner's fundraiser a success, supporters gather at sold out ride

Town of Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner greeted a sold out crowd for a fundraiser put on by the Friends of Nick Woerner. '' 300 tickets were sold, the boat sold out. It shows that Nick has strong support, the people feel he is a great supervisor and his actions thus far are proof that the people are right."

Some notable appearances tonight: Ulster County legislators Mike Berrardi, Brian Cahill, Jeanette Provanzano and Sue Zimet who is currently running for State Senate in the 42nd district, also in attendance former Mayor John Hietzman, 4th ward Alderman Clint Brown, former Alderman Charlie Landi and Ulster County sheriff candidate Paul Van Blarcum. Nick said the Friends of Nick Woerner raised approx. 5000 after expenses. Not Bad.

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Yankee_James said...

I met Nick just the other day. He seems like one helluva nice guy!