Friday, June 29, 2007

Democratic Executive Board decide Bradley's fate Sunday

The Executive Board will decide Vincent Bradley's fate on Sunday, when they make a decision on whether or not the Independent candidate can run in a Democratic primary, after being defeated by Jonathan Sennett at last months convention. Most people involved in the party are fairly confident Mr. Bradley does not have the votes to participate in the primary. However, Chairman Parete has the ability to add committee members ( up to 20 more) to the board before Sunday's vote. Now, I hope this does not happen, if it does it is very clear that Mr. Parete would be stacking the deck to ensure that Bradley can run. If this is the case, which many think it is, myself NOT included, Mr. Parete can almost guarantee that he will lose his Chairmanship next time around. I myself have confidence in John Parete, and faith that he will have the current board which consists of about 26 members decide whether or not Bradley can run. This is only fair to both Sennett, Bradley, and Parete.

The Case Against Bradley :

Now, I am firmly against letting Vincent Bradley Jr. run in a Democratic primary. Not because of my support for Jon Sennett or my personal feelings for Vincent Bradley (I actually like Vince a lot, and thinks he is a great guy) but because of the precedent that it sets. I don't think it's a very good precedent to allow a non democrat to run when we have a Democratic Candidate. On June 4th, the Ulster County Democratic Committee got together and voted for 31/2 hours on a candidate and we choose Jonathan Sennett, a well qualified candidate to run for the office of District Attorney. Now, the role of the Ulster County Democratic Committee and it's executive board is to elect Democrats. A primary will force our candidate to use his financial resources now, and diminish the amount of money he will have to use against his GOP challenger. Now, some will say well Julian Schriebman is going to primary so what's the difference? The difference is we are not condoning it. By allowing Vince Bradley to primary we are saying that a primary is o.k. and I think that is the wrong message to send. It's also a slap in the face to every committee person who gave up their time to come to the convention.

The Party of Inclusion :

Chairman John Parete has stated that Bradley should be allowed to run because " The Democrats are the party of inclusion" and he is absolutely right. Because we are the party of inclusion we allowed Mr. Bradley to participate in our political process, by inviting him to come to our local town committees and meet with rank and file committee people. Because we are the party of inclusion we allowed Mr. Bradley to participate in our Democratic convention. The harsh reality that some of the leaders in the Democratic party simply do not want to face is Vince Bradley lost. The Democratic party is the party of inclusion, but let's not also be the party of hypocrites, when Sennett was the underdog he was discouraged by leaders in the party to force a primary. If it was bad to primary then, it's bad to primary now. Let's unite behind our Democratic candidate for D.A., Jonathan R. Sennett.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy you present a well thought out position. However, I think that Parete has a point with the signatures of the registered Dems. I am not 100% convinced, but I think it has some merit. Unless Sennett and Schriebman are full of spit, there is going to be a primary anyway. After all, that has been the basis used in the "there was no deal" defense. I think it went like this, "How can there be a deal when Schriebman is going to go to a primary?" I think Sennett will win a primary anyway, so why not? Why not let all of the rank and file Democrats show that Sennett has the support and it is not just the committee people who support him?

Parete will get challenged no matter what, There is an element in the party that deeply resents the fact that his son Richie (I wont say sons because everyone likes Rob Parete,he is a decent guy), is allowed to get away with what he does. His constant ridicule of fellow Democrats has gotten out of hand and has become the most destructive element of the County Party. His father sits idly by and lets it happen. If this was someone criticizing him or one of his sons, he would be all over it with letters, radio, newspaper articles. But it seems to be OK for his son to bad mouth his own party. I know I am tired of listening to him on the radio ripping into to Democrats more then he does Republicans. That is what will hurt him next time around, Bradley or no Bradley.

JoeyB said...

Make a CASE against Bradley, make a case on his RECORD, not what is good or not for the 'party' (in my best commissar voice). In America, it should be issues that come first, not party or personal allegiances. I would love to see the day, party affiliations are stripped from the voting booth, leaving ONLY the candidate's NAME, in no particular order. This would require a little RESEARCH on the part of a voter, an actual INFORMED voter.

Anonymous said...

Schreibman's letter to the executive committee includes a startling allegation from the Senior assistant district attorney. Schreibman says in the letter that Bradley threatend his job and tried to make a deal so that Sennett would not win at the convention. This sounds like dirty pool for a prosecutor who has called into question the ethics of others. If true, it certainly is behavior unbecoming of an officer of the court. The accuser is a sitting senior assistant district attorney. Anyone paying attention at the board of elections?

Anonymous said...

This is not about Vince, John or Julian. It is about consistency and process.

In years gone by, candidates were encouraged to respect the decision of the covention. Candidates were specifically urged not to primary. Candidates were told about the good of the party and respect for the process.

Now, we have a candidate who represents that part of the community hierarchy that has their names on street signs, and that candidate lost at the convention fair and square. As a practical matter, there was no time at the convention for any deal to be struck. Even if John and Julian worked something out between them, there would have been no time or opportunity to reach their delegates and tell them how to vote. Quite simply, it just didn't happen. John Sennett won within the rules of the convention. All of a sudden, the rules have to be changed.

Now, primaries are no longer discouraged and there is no talk of respect for the decision that comes out of the convention. Lets just have it one way or the other.

If the party allows Vince to primary, just abandon the process as it stands and call the convention a dinner gathering becuase the decision that is reached on the floor means nothing.

As to the case against Bradley, he lost at the convention because of his own conduct and his own inability to work the room and relate to people. There was plenty of time to circulate around the delegates, introduce himself and sway people of the merit of his candidacy. He stood in the back of the room, surrounded by his own people, unwilling to step outside his area of comfort to try to persuade.

Mr. Bradley expected to be annointed at the convention and he did not believe there was any need to work to gain support. His approach on the evening of the convention raises serious questions about his ability to campaign and compete against Carnright in September.

Anonymous said...

yes, great work from a guy who is supposed to rally troops...not divide them. he deserves a refund from his tuition at the Morganthau School of Charm and Beauty.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Joey B- It's not about qualifications at this point. I can list Sennett's qualifications and tell you how much more qualified he is then the others running all day long.

This is about a non- Democrat being allowed to run in a Democratic Primary after he lost at our convention and the precedent that it sets.

Anonymous said...

The Parete boys are running unopposed. I'd say that means the they are doing a pretty good job. Maybe some committee people are upset but it's clear the taxpayer of Ulster County are behind them 100%. Democrats went from 8 legislators to 21, won the Surrogate court, Family Court, Sheriff, and many town supervisor and town boards with the Jon Parete as Chairman. It doesn't matter who is next chair, they can't do half as good as John.

Anonymous said...

If John Sennett is a great as Jeremy and a few others think then he will win on primary day. If he loses the primary then he doesn't belong on the ballot in November. Jullian has no chance, he's a total waste of space. Let all registered Democrats decide our candidate, not a few dozen at a useless convention. I have the utmost confidence in our executive board. My three cents worth.

Anonymous said...

Parete is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I am a not very politically involved democrat and have not really chosen a D.A. candidate, don't know any of them, but I will choose a Democrat. I just do not understand the fear that is clearly apparent with Bradley in the primary. Since, Schreibman is running one, then why not give democrats a choice from all three? The convention got to choose from all three. Now it seems you want us to pick between the last place and first place finisher, rather than getting to pick between the three. Are the convention delegates entitled to more choices than the rank and file. It would appear to be limiting democracy not expanding it. What are you afraid of. If a candidate cannot win the primary, they are not winning the general election, we know that. We have had primaries before. I believe Judge Work lost a convention and won a primary....If the guy is not a democrat then what is he? He enrolled just like everyone else. he says he is..let the people decide between the three.

Anonymous said...

Oh don't worry, Rich Cahill will be an asshole long after Sunday. We will have plenty of time for him later on.

Anonymous said...

The guy is a non-enrolled. That means he conspicuously decided not to register as a Democrat till THIS YEAR! If he wanted to be a Democrat, vote in Democratic Primaries, be associated with the Party, run for DA (like he claims) as a Democrat----one would think he would have actually REGISTERED as a Democrat. But maybe that's just too much sense. Or maybe---he's just not really a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

he is not a democrat. the people behind him trying to steam roll his way through are not democrats either. They are opportunists waiting in line for favors. the whole thing is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Let's see
June 4 Convention
Ballot 1
Bradley 41%
NOT Bradley 59%

Ballot 2
Bradley 43%
NOT Bradley 57%

What good is all that name recognition? All you need to know.

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