Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cosme turns KPA into QVC

Phil Cosme, the Republican candidate for Alderman, and general Kingston nuisance, has turned KPA into the QVC shopping central! Cosme who begs for money on t.v. on a weekly basis (against KPA rules) is now taking his sleaziness to a whole new level, hawking his unwanted yard sale items on KPA. (Also, against KPA rules) But, of course, nothing is being done, the spineless commission continues to cherry pick their enforcement of the rules. The whole thing would be laughable, if peoples rights were not being trampled on, while other degenerates reign free.. Anyway, if anyone is interested in buying Phil's hand-held Weed Whacker you can go to his weekly yard sale on Satuday morning. Coming tomorrow, I will post pictures of Phil's disgraceful property that looks like the setting of another tv show, flip this house.


Anonymous said...

between this moron and crap-for-brains lisa alt, the kpa will be shut down

Anonymous said...

Where is Clint Brown when we need him?

Anonymous said...

Phil will continue to scream and bully the KPA because they allow it. One day, someone will put this degenerate in his place. Loser Phil, go back to your cage and leave the good citizens of Kingston alone!