Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Jonathan Sennett wins Democratic Nod

'' The Democratic Party and committee members took a look at the issues and merit of my experience and candidacy and got behind me in the end."

- Jon Sennett, Democratic Nominee for U.C. District Attorney

Jonathan R. Sennett, is now the official candidate for the Ulster County Democratic Committee's nomination for District Attorney. Sennett easily beat out Vincent Bradley Jr. in the second round by a weighted vote of 13,164 t0 10,875.5. "This is a big win for the Democratic Party, Jon will do a great job as our next District Attorney" said Blaber.

Just a small note : Jon won the convention by 56 % of the vote. If you scroll down and look at the informal poll that we conducted days earlier, it has Jon winning at you guessed it 56%!

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Hector said...

Jeremy you did a great deal to make this happen....good work man!

Anonymous said...

It's still early. In a primary you may see a different outcome. John won't have the extra support he received from one of the candidates. Either way, all the men handled themselves well.

Brittany said...

keep up the great work! it was nice talking with you last night!

Anonymous said...

Why drag the party through a primary when the focus should be on beating the Republican.

The truth is that Bradley is a weak public speaker and does not connect well with people on an individual basis.

No primary will fix that.

Knightlydi said...

Jon has shown himself to be dedicated, committed and straight forward. I wish him well during the election season and feel secure that he will work hard for the people in Ulser county. He has fairly big shoes to fill in the shadow of Don Williams but I feel he is up to the challenge.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Sennett got the nod was because he cut a deal! He couldn't win a majority on his own. The smart money is still on Bradley. If this blog stopped people from telling falshoods about Bradley, maybe he would have won the majority. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. At least Bradley still has his dignity, which will be important when he is DA.

Anonymous said...

Bradley is not an enrolled Democrat, so he can only primary if the County Chair agrees. How can the county chair give permission when the party has selected an enrolled Democrat? As a Dem myself, I don't like the idea of letting a non-democrat primary.

Anonymous said...

Yeah what were Julian and Sennett doing in that Bridal suite?...painting each others toenails. The truth is that they took any integrity out of this endorsement process with their back room deal. The only vote that was genuine was the first one. A primary is definately now needed because that vote was exposed correctly as bogus.

Anonymous said...


Jeremy Blaber said...

I'm really sick of this b.s. there was no deal made! I don't know if you heard but Julian plans on forcing a primary so that whole theory is out the window!

The reason why Vince Bradley lost was very simple, 1.) Sennett is a better speaker and a better candidate and 2.) The powers at hand did everything to completely show Jon and Julian absolutely no respect. Vince was the anointed candidate and everyone else could shit in there hat. For the first time in my life I was ashamed to be a Democrat, we are a party on Merit and grassroots campaigning. Not having our party chair shove a candidate down our throat.

If the Bradley campaign would have shown one ounce of respect for the other candidates Bradley may have taken more of Schriebman's votes. It was arrogance that cost Bradley the convention not a back room deal.

Anonymous said...

What about Hugh Reynolds? He is usually pretty good. You always say good things about the freeman, is this different?

Jeremy Blaber said...

What about Hugh Reynolds? I like and respect the guy, but bottom line Mr. Reynolds is an opinion columnist. He is paid to express his opinions. His opinion on the Convention was inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

Hugh Reynolds has a great future as a fiction writer. There is not an ounce of truth to his bridal suite scenario. His editors should demand that his sources and facts be checked and verified.

Anonymous said...

The bridal suit thing...was that before or after Bradley threatened Julian?

The fact of the matter is Bradley did not even congratulate Sennettt, he left right away to pout and cry in the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

to Jeremy: it is a sign of maturity to question and make informed decisions rather than accept whatever is offered (or pressured. You have figured out that those people with all the power don't always have pure motives and clean hands. Keep listening and learning.Z

Anonymous said...

Jeremy...You lose any credibility when you deny a deal being made. Bradley is not arrogant, and if you took a moment to get to know the man, you would figure that out. Are you so naive to think Julian didn't cut a deal? The primary was coming regardless of the outcome. Now Sennett will lose the hard way!

Anonymous said...

You're pathetic Jeremy. You pick and choose which posts go on your page to try and muipulate real honest to goodness debate that shows a difference of opinion. I have posted some pretty good arguments to things you have posted here and you do not put them up. Your credibility is zilch with me. I am about to go public on other boards with duplicate posts and let everyone who reads these blogs know exactly what you do. If you ever want people to take you seriously, be a man,not a fucking puppet.

Anonymous said...

It does appear deal a deal was cut
in order to get past Bradley. if
there was no deal would Mr. Sennett
agree NOT to hire Julian? Nothing against Julian but it would put a lot of minds at rest

Jeremy Blaber said...

I don't think Vince Bradley is arrogant at all... I like Vince a lot. I said the people involved in the campaign were arrogant.I have nothing against Vince, I wish he would of been more gracious to Jon after the convention but I have no issue with Bradley. Bottom line Jon Sennett won because he worked harder, and is the better more qualified candidate.

On another note : I do publish all comments... I deleted 2 inadvertently please send them again.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There was no deal. Bradley would have cut a deal in a heartbeat. His puppeteers have already pulled many strings.

Anonymous said...

RE: Bridal Suite Deals between Sennett and Schriebman...

Here is a direct quote from Jonathan Sennett in today's Pioneer Press.

"We certainly talked together and I asked for his people's support and he essentially said his people were going to do what they wanted to do. We have not discussed nor cut a deal, we did not make any kind of deal whatsoever last night and after the vote was done we decided not to have any kind of discussion."

Anonymous said...

In my view his 'Nomination' is tainted.

Anonymous said...

There was absolutely, categorically NO DEAL between rivals Jon and Julian. That would be improper and neither candidate would ever disrespect their supporters in this way. The idea of a "deal" is a paranoid rumour spun by the Bradley camp to call into question the outcome of Monday night's convention.

Here's how it worked -- It is widely known that Hugh Reynolds is lock step with John Parete (Hugh is, after all, John's principal vehicle for publicising his political agenda). So it should not surprise any of us that Hugh published whatever the Bradley/Parete camp told him on Monday night. Fact is, the Parete's were stunned when their unimpressive, uninformed, inarticulate, and most importantly, non-democrat candidate lost the nomination. So they put false rumours out there suggesting there was some kind of improper deal between Jon and Julian.

If you want to talk about impropriety and underhandedness, let's talk about how Bradley got on the ballot in the first place. It was improper for the Bradley's and the Parete's to strike a deal long before the convention to outsource the DA race to NYC. They foolishly didn't even consider the qualified, talented candidates already in Ulster County. The Improper Deal occurred when they promised Bradley the nomination, got insiders on the committees to influence members, coerced several committees into prematurely "endorsing" Bradley and told Hugh Reynolds to write a story the Day Before the convention about how Bradley was a shoe-in candidate.

Well, luckily, the people saw through it and the deal backfired. It's good to see that there is still a majority in our party who realize how they were being played in this DA's race and did something about it. Let's unite once again to support the Executive Committee in its decision to rebuff Bradley's request so that this non-democrat is not allowed to waste the precious resources of fellow democrats in a primary this summer.

Anonymous said...

If by striking a "deal" the Bradley supporters mean that Jonathan and his people worked the room trying to sway Julian delegates (the common practice in any political convention by the way), while the Bradley camp sat back in self-satisfied smugness - then yes, there was a "deal."

Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Not only did Mr. Bradley fail to congratulate the winner (Julian did), but the party "chair" and his elite team also snubbed Jonathan.

More sour grapes.

Now Jonathan needs to work on an Opportunity To Ballot for the Independence Party line in the September Primary, which he should have received in the first place.

It's not surprising he didn't though. The local Independence Party "leader" stands for nothing. I have never, ever seen him endorse anyone except who he thinks the winner will be, personal friends, or out of spite. It is never based on issues or merit. Sometimes they get the right candidate, but it's purely for the wrong reasons.

It's a good thing the Independence Party rank and file members have a lot more integrity than their "leader."

By the way, the most accurate story on the convention was written by Jim Gordon for the New Paltz Times. He put some heat on the "chair" by asking him why he supported Bradley and disrespected Jonathan...all of which the "chair" denied.


Anonymous said...

to 11:34 AM:

Lot's of accusations about the Paretes. Quite slanderous even. I didn't see a Parete quote on the convention EXCEPT for John Saying that Sennett is the candidate and he supports him 100%

Where are you getting this from?
The self righteous, self anointed "progressives"?

Its funny,

For some people, it always goes back to the Parete's.

Vince Bradley grew up in Kingston, went to Kingston Schools and has very deep roots and a very large family in the community. If you want to talk about outsourcing,
how long has Sennett lived in New Paltz again?

Anonymous said...

This is exactly right. Bradley was promised the nomination by the powers that be and the Democratic Committee rebelled on them. Now Parate has to deny Bradley the nod or the Democratic Committee will rebel against him. He's in a lose-lose situation.

Anonymous said...

One thing Sennett is the best looking of the three. Julian is a complete nerd, and Bradley looks like a complete dope.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Cahill needs to remember that he is elected by the people. He is not a deity. Perhaps we would all be better off if more people heckled him.

Pushing a candidate who is not affiliated with the party will have a lasting memory in this county. Is it really worth it?

He has more to lose in his own political world by trying to power broker a candidate who does not have the savvy or charisma to handle the office of District Attorney.

Anonymous said...

OK OK This is how the Democratic Primary will work out....Everyone
Just take note....

Bradley Wins: City of Kingston Town
of Ulster By 2-1..Put in Towns of
Shawangunk...All 10 Dems!! Add
Shandaken, Olive, Saugerties, Town of Kingston, Warwarsing.

Jon Wins: New Paltz,Rosendale,Lloyd

Julian Wins Woodstock, Stone Ridge.

Take it from the Dr [PHd Love] Political Science.. There is no way
Jon or Julian can win. Bradley will
have Huge numbers from the City of Kingston Town of Ulster, Hurley and Ellenville. Throw in the fact that Vince has not spent much of the big pile of the cash he is sitting on.. Yes.. The kids at SUNY
New Paltz will help Jon out and the
Progressives will be there for Julian. But in the end the middle of the road Democrats will come of for Vince.

Dr. Clinton B. Love [Phd]
Chair. Tom Hoffay School of
Political Studies
Washington D.C. 20004
[202] 920-8812

DR. K said...

Listen, let me tell you something I also have a doctorate from the Hoffay school of Political Studies...thank God I got my degree just before Parete become the head professor. I hear they're graduating some real losers now!

I predict that Julian in the end will drop out and support Mr.Sennett. Julian is a bright guy he knows now is the time to cut a deal. If he stays in and Bradley wins he's fired. If he stays in and Sennett wins he may have a job but it will not be 1st assistant... Right now is the time to make a deal. Let's face it Julian is not going to make it. He is just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Bradley will win Kingston, but Sennett's support throughout the county will be enough to knock out the 1100 votes that Kingston will bring in for him.

Anonymous said...

Dr K,

You make an interesting point. Yet,
You must look at the big picture.
Why should Julian drop out he ran a very close race and did not spend
half the money that Jon spent. It appears Julian has a base of support.
Woodstock went with him...Which as I as sure you know Dr is the largest
Democratic Population in the County. Julian will roll the dice.

Dr. Clinton B. Love [PHd]
Chair Tom Hoffay School
of Political Studies
Washington D.C. 20004
[202] 920-8812

DR. K said...

True Dr., however, the television ads where not for the Dem committee. That was just to give him an early edge with regular voters. As you know unlike Bradley, Sennett has a job and can't be out campaigning as much as Bradley can. The t.v. ads was designed to make an even playing field. Make no mistake about it, the tv ads where not for 300 people at a convention. At least I hope not. Julian is best to step out and join the Sennett campaign. That's my expert advice.

- DR. K

P.S. I'm also writing out a prescription for Mr. Bradley, 10M a day of Welbutrin to brighten up his mood. Since he lost the convention he has been very nasty, bitter, and unprofessional. He may be suffering from Cosme Syndrome. We really need to nip this in the bud.

Anonymous said...

Word is that Bradley has been introducing some Manhattan District Attorney's office cronies as his new team for the Ulster County courthouse.

Not so fast, counselor. Ulster County is not Manhattan North.