Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paris Hilton on Larry King 9pm CNN

Maybe, it's just me but I'm fascinated by this whole Paris Hilton thing. Apparently, she has found god, and is now going to be some sortof philanthropist. Gimme a break, Paris is worth millions and should be allowed to have fun....this will last two months tops. However, it should be interesting to find about her experience in jail and what her plans are. I hear there are going to be good political commercials on CNN during that time a well. Tune in.


Anonymous said...

This post explains a lot about your intellect and many other people in the country. Lie about WMD. Screw up one major thing after another. Fail to put a complete sentence together just once, no one cares, couldn't care less how many are dying in Iraq. But......put Paris in jail, (someone who if she dies tomorrow, it will have absolutely no impact on anyone but her and her family, and I'm not sure they care), and it's front page news. This country is slipping so far down the mountain, I am glad I am old. Thank God I will not be here when we hit rock bottom, but if I live 10 more years, I may be.

Anonymous said...

Did Alderman Brown once date Paris?