Sunday, June 24, 2007

Working Families Party makes endorsements for Kingston Council Races

"The WFP endorsement is like a seal of approval that says, 'this candidate has pledged to fight for the issues that matter most to low-income, working and middle-class New Yorkers – good jobs, good schools and good government,'" said Timothy Mathews, chairman of the Mid-Hudson WFP Chapter.

The Working Families Party has made it's endorsements for Kingston Mayor and Council races:

Ulster County D.A.- Jonathan R. Sennett

Mayor : James M. Sottile

Alderman Ward 2- Jenifer Ringwood

Alderman Ward 3- Charles Landi

Alderman Ward 4- Matt Ryan

Alderman Ward 5- Anne Marie DiBella

Alderman Ward 6- Robert Gillon

Alderman Ward 7- Bill Reynolds

Alderman Ward 8- Robert Senor

For a full list of all of the WFP's Ulster County endorsements, including the legislature click the link ---> Full endorsements

1 comment:

JoeyB said...

Working Families Party? It's like, boy, how can I be against working families. It's on par with being against cute and cuddly kittens. WHAT A FARSE OF A PARTY Jeremy. If you read their "Fair Tax Policy", it would make you roll over in laughter. If I were Sotile, I wouldn't want the endorsement of a party which believes he is among the rich and should be taxed at 60+%.