Wednesday, June 06, 2007

GOP recognizes Majority Leader's Leadership and leaves seat open

The Kingston GOP almost put up a full slate of candidates at yesterdays Republican convention but left Ward 7 blank. Why? Because Alderman Reynolds is simply the best qualified to serve the residents of the Seventh Ward, and I feel that the Republican party after 14 years have finally realized that.

Alderman Reynolds was first elected to the Common Council in 93 after defeating Bob Porter. Porter was appointed to replace Alderman Anthony Crespino, my Uncle, who had been appointed to the Ulster County Legislator after serving 18 years on the Kingston Common Council. In addition to serving on the Common Council, Reynolds is in his 11th year as Kingston's Majority Leader.

Alderman Reynolds' full Biography


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Get a life. Too long in one lousy job where only about 500 people vote.

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actually about 1800 do, but who's counting?