Friday, June 29, 2007


UPDATED:The folloing is how each new appointee voted on the resolution to let the full Democratic Committee decide Bradley's fate. Mind you these are the same group of people that claim to want everyone involved in the process.

Here is the full list of appointments that Parete has made to stack the deck to allow Vincent Bradley Jr., to run in a primary. Of Course, he denies this, but take a look at the list. Every person on there that I know, is a Bradley supporter.

Standing Committees and Chairs:

Legal: Joe O’Connor, Abstained

Finance: Eli Basch, No

Candidates: Bonnie Landi, No

Issues: Vince Fisher, No

Voter Registration: Kathy Mihm, No

Program: Charles Landi, No

UCD Women’s Club: Julie McQuain, Yes

Special Committees and Chairs:

Business Outreach & Development Issues: Abel Garraghan, No

Labor Outreach & Issues (trades; other labor): Keith Baxter, No

Labor Outreach and Issues Committee (civil service): Jeannette Provenanzo, No

African American Outreach & Issues: Kevin Bryant, No

GLBT Outreach & Issues: Otia Lee, No

UC Young Democrats: Jay Mahler, No

District Representatives:

District 1: Elliott Auerbach, No

District 3: Nancy Schuckman, No

District 6: James Sottile, No

District 9: Chris Mercier, No

District 11: Sandy Avampato, No

District 12: Brian Seche, No

17 No's , with two people Abstaining...tell me again, Mr. Parete did not try to stack the deck. Only one person voted in favor. Only one! Also, keep in mind the final vote was 26-20. Which means 17 out of the 20 that voted against the resolution came from new appointments.

The other two that voted against the full committee vote were Dep. Elections Commissioner Stuart Fraiser, a close Parete confidant, and Robert Golnick, the chair of Bradley's hometown committee.

In an earlier post I wrote that Mrs. McQuian had abstained from voting on sending the vote to the full committee. This was a mistake Mrs. McQuian voted Yes, my sincere apologies.


Anonymous said...

The good ole boys keep on trying to run the show and fail again and again. Ulster County has grown up folks....get used to it.

Julie McQuain said...

Curiously, my name appeared on the Chairman's list of last-minute appointments made in a naked, and unsuccessful, attempt to affect the Wilson Pakula vote yesterday.

It's important to clarify that the officers of the Ulster County Democratic Women's Club, known in the modern era as Ulster County Democratic Women, UCDW or simply DEM Women, are duly elected by the members at our annual meeting per our bylaws, not appointed by anyone.

The UCDW president is a member of the Ulster County Democratic Committee's Executive Committee, separate and apart from the standing committees OR the special committees, by authority of the county Democratic bylaws. (see below)

As UCDW president I have participated as a voting member of the UCDC EC since August of 2005. It's odd that John suddeny thought I needed appointing.

Yesterday I argued, AND VOTED in favor of sending this matter to the full committee.
Warm regards,
Julie McQuain, Presedent
Ulster County Democratic Women
(visit us at

Section 1. Composition. (a) There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the officers of the County Committee, as provided for in Article II hereof (who shall be the respective officers of the Executive Committee); the State Committeeman and Committeewoman duly elected in each Assembly District of the County; the Chairman of each City and Town Committee or their designee; the Legislative District Representatives; the Chairperson of each Standing and Special Committee; and the President of the Ulster County Democratic Women’s Club.

Anonymous said...

A correction for you Jeremy... Keith Baxter voted yes...another stand up guy who did not allow himself to be manipulated by Mr. Parete.

By the way...anyone notice how Parete hung all his new appointees out to dry by voting yes? Now he gets to say what a fair guy he is by allowing the whole committee to vote, even though he did everything in his power to prevent it. What a disingenouous horse's rear end...

Anonymous said...

I was there...You should have seen the look of disgust grow on Mr. Baxter's face as he watched events unfold and he realized what Parete put him in the middle of.

The rest of Parete's instant appointments had no such qualms, including the Mayor, who disappointed me, and Legislator Provenzano, who proved to be about the nastiest person in the room that day.

Another interesting event that day, when it was pointed out to Parete that one of his newly annointed couldn't vote because he had to be designated by the Town Chair, he simply appointed him on the spot to a different position as a "Legislative District Representative" with, supposedly, full voting rights.

When the two Town Chairs from District 7 asked for a person in attendance to be appointed as a Legislative District Representative for their district, Parete angrily replied that he was not appointing any more reps.

That pretty much told the whole story right there. Parete's transparent attempts at manipulating the vote were perfectly clear (yet he still failed in the end).

Joe Avampato said...

Correction: District 11 Represetitive Sandy Avampato voted Yes.