Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bloomberg leaves GOP, may run for prez

Mike Bloomberg, a lifelong Democrat, and Republican since 2000 has abandoned his GOP ties and become a NOP. It's widely speculated that Mr. Bloomberg will become a 3rd party presidential candidate. I've always liked Mayor Bloomberg, he's smart, articulate and besides the Vince Bradley Jr. move he pulled to run for public office, he is generally very honest. If the NYC Mayor enters the race he would make things very interesting, the multi-billionaire can easily fund his own campaign. Who knows, if Hillary is not the Democratic candidate in 08, I can see myself supporting him.


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe you quit writing blogs, though Bloomberg was never a Republican. He was a democrat that used the Republican party to get elected.

But that said, if he wants to run for President, let him do so as a democrat. Show some guts and challenge Hillary. He's much more qualified than she is, and the idea of a NY Mayor showdown for all the marbles would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

So who is next to jump off the sinking Republican ship? Al Spada?
Once a Democrat always a Democrat. They both changed parties to get elected!