Monday, April 06, 2009


So it looks as if Ulster County Chairman David Donaldson is seriously considering throwing in his hat for county clerk and I couldn't be happier. We as Democrats need to strongly support David Donaldson and get behind him 100%. There can be no divide amongst the liberals and moderates, or the old guard v. the new guard. We as Democrats need to be united as one party and support David Donaldson in his quest to become the first Democratic Clerk in living memory.

As I wrote last week, as the former chief executive of Ulster County, Donaldson has more than enough experience to do the job and Dave is a Progressive Democrat and an honest public servant. Under County Clerk Donaldson, there will be no shady deals or favor for friends...the pay to play politics that has tarnished the image of Ulster County will be erased.

In addition to probably receiving the Democratic, Independence, and Working Families Party lines, Donaldson will get a number of Republicans to support him as well. There is already a blog that has surfaced, ...there are more than a few Republicans that are not so happy that Nina did not support the party's nominee for County Executive.

We as a party made that mistake just a few years ago and can't afford to have it repeat itself. I encourage Democrats, town chairs, the County Exec, the County Comptroller and other leaders of our party to encourage and support Donaldson's bid for County Clerk.

Rank and file Democrats can also call and support Dave and ask him to run, call him, e-mail him, and tell him how you feel. His number is in the book and located on the county's website.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy, the County Executive will not get behind any candidate that you guys put up.

The Democrats have been had. Hein is not a Democrat. But I think that you guys are beginning to figure that out. He doesn't care about your party or anything that you stand for. All he cares about is himself.

You should start thinking NOW about who should primary him in 2 years.

Anonymous said...

It's clear to me that we need AL SPADA back in the Clerk's Office.

Democrats for SPADA!!!

Anonymous said...

Dave Donaldson is a great guy. I would be proud to campaign for him as the Democratic candidate for Ulster County Clerk. I hope he runs.

Anonymous said...

Donaldson will give Nina fits.

He will carry New Paltz, Woodstock big, and probably Saugerties. He will do no worse than even in Kingston, but will more than likely win there too.

Nina will be in a nail biter if Dave runs.

Hein BETTER $upport Dem candidates in a HUGE way or he will be in very, very, deep $hit when his next election rolls around.

Anonymous said...

Run Dave run. Kudos to you Jeremy for a call for unity. We need to put past infighting behind us and unify behind Dave and all of our Democratic candidates. We need to win the county clerk, county judge and ultimately the DA race.

We have a wealth of talent and the only thing that can stop us is our own stuckness.

Anonymous said...

10:30 - you have got to be kidding me. Nina and Hein are like SHIT and STINK - they are inseparable.

Why do you think Nina wouldn't support Bernardo? Because she supported Hein. Hein supports Nina in return. It's one big happy family. Make no mistake about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:30, why aren't you calling for Hein to support a Democrat right now? Shouldn't he already be in deep shit?

In politics, staying "neutral", is as good as campaigning against someone. By Hein staying neutral right now, he is making a statement that he supports Nina and doesn't support Democratic any Democratic candidate.

If Hein were a REAL Democrat, as the highest ranking elected Democrat in the County, he would be working hard HIMSELF to find a Clerk Candidate. He would be writing press releases saying how hard he is working to find a candidate. He would be reaching out to every Committee in the County beating the bushes for a candidate. But he's not. He's a piece of shit.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I think now is a good time to put up a disclaimer: the comments expressed on this blog are not necessarily the views or opinions of the blogmaster. I am confident that we will be a united party this November.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Nina put the Hein stickers on the county envelopes

Anonymous said...

Some support. The site is down.

Anonymous said...

He does not have the guts to run. It would mean he would have to abandon his legislative position and leave him out in the cold if he loses the county clerk race, which he has a good chance of doing. He will run for this just like he did County Executive....btw she didn't support Bernardo because as we all know the guy was not worth supporting from the get go. Since when is she supposed to suppport the Republican nominee when the nominee is not even a Repub. She had no obligation. Let me ask you, did you support her when she got cross endorsed or did you yell about the cross endorsement? Your party said you should have supported her, they picked her even though she does not believe any of the core values of the dem party.

Anonymous said...

Let's be real. She got cross endorsed in 2005 because Big Mo said to, not because of anything else. The same thing will happen this year. Just watch.

Anonymous said...

Anybody seen Clint Brown around town?

Jerome Peebles

Anonymous said...

Does Donny wear a pis-bag too?

Paulie K

Anonymous said...

"I'm completely in favor of separation of church and state. My idea is that each of these screw us up enough separately so that together they are certain death."
---George Carlin

Anonymous said...

Is Al Spada dead yet?