Friday, April 10, 2009


After the first day of the recount Murphy has regained a 34 vote lead over republican Jim Tedisco. It's still any man's race but I wonder how confident the FORMER Minority Leader is now?!?!

More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

The special congressional election in the 20th would have been over if Marc Molinaro ran. Marc would have won it easily on election night without the necessity of counting outstanding absentee ballots.

Anonymous said...

The minority leader is confident that the votes from Saratoga County have not been counted yet. Saratoga County is not going to be good for Murphy. And I would bet you a chocolate Easter Bunny on that.

Joe Bubel said...

Twitter just told me otherwise. Tedisco up by 60? Uh Oh!

Anonymous said...

Momma said that Scott Murphy won.

Bobby Boucher

Anonymous said...

This back and forth is silly. The ballots from the armed forces will ultimately tell the tale. Go Scott.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

The specific numbers are immaterial at this point. These two gentleman are in a statistical tie. This election will be decided by the absentees comning in from out of the country, which will not begin to be counted until the 13th. The difference will likely be broad enough that a Murphy lead of 30 or 40 or a Tedisco lead of 60 or 70 will probably be irrelevant.

Again, I need to point out that this is a district which the Dems won by almost 2-to-1 less than six months ago. The simple fact that this is such a squeaker during Obama's supposed honeymoon period shows that the people of this country are already fed up with the President's utter lack of competence.

You think Bush was bad? Both G.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter look like paragons of talent and statesmanship next to this guy. Say what you want about Bush, but he never flew in pizza chefs from St. Louis to make 160 slices for 140 people. Think about it: he had a luncheon at the White House and gave everyone an average of less than one and a quarter slices! With math like that, no wonder he can't fix the economy. Not to mention the waste of money when there are plenty of good pizza joints in D.C.

Obama is a one-term joke and he's going to drag the Democrat Party down with him.

Anonymous said...

Murphy will win unless the Supreme Court gets involved. You remember the last time they got involved?

-David Bois