Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here and There

Scott Murphy wins the Congressional race in the 20th over Republican Jim Tedisco. It was a close race and the right man won but I also congratulate Assemblyman Tedisco on a race well run. I have been part of a losing campaign before and the time, sweat and investment in the candidate you support becomes part of you and you can't help but get emotionaly involved. The Tedisco supporters should be proud of their candidate who rolled the dice and put his entire career on the line...not many people have the stomach or guts to do that. Mr.Tedisco also did the right thing for the people of the 20th by stepping aside and allowing Congressman Murphy to transition into Congress without a continued fight in court that could of went on for months.

Alderman Mike Madsen had a successful fundraiser for his reelection bid, I hear about 50+ were in attendence, the event was hosted by Independence chairman Len Bernardo and Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach.

Speaking of Scott Murphy Democrats in Ulster County should take a good hard look at that race and see how a guy with zero name recognition beat the guy that was considered to be unbeatable in the solidly GOP district. Nina should also take notice.... A Democrat with the Indy and WFP line will defeat her this November...period, end of story. It is disappointing that Chairman Donaldson has not yet stepped up to the plate. Its time for someone to run and they need to step up to the plate fast.


Anonymous said...

I agree with some of these statements, but lets be fair. Murphy won with a lot of Democrat money infused in a Democratic District that just went to Obama by a good amount.

And he beat a well known Assemblyman with a lot of Republican money infused, but he was an assemblyman none the less from a state legislature which is probably one of the most loathed state legislatures in all the union. Frankly he is not well liked by the little people anyway. Frankly Murphy should have won by a lot more and the results should have been announced the first day.

Political Scientist said...

Come on, that is a Republican district. It was drawn for John Sweeney in 2001. This is an out and out Republican failure.
Here are the enrollment numbers from April of this year.
Dems 121,838
Reps 187,124

65,000+ voter enrollment advantage. There is no way Tedisco should have lost. No way in Hell!

Anonymous said...

4:57, How is that different than a Dem vs. Nina in Ulster County??

Ulster County is a Democratic District, there is definitely a Democratic enrollment advantage. Nina is a "well-known" clerk (at least in her mind and in Kingston/Saugerties). There are a lot of people who like in Tedisco's situation, don't like Nina - and I am talking about her fellow Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Tedisco lost then race more than murphy won it. But, Murphy is the winner of the race and I wish him luck.

Anonymous said...

11:04, your rant doesn't matter. Personality doesn't matter--demographics matters. Case closed.
As for the Congressional Race, one might be tempted to say as to who won "I'm from Missouri."
However, it appears the winner is a money man from Missouri. This has hardly ever happened in the history of Missouri(no wonder he left Missouri). To borrow a joke from the old Harry Truman line:"Give 'em hell, Scott." Scott:"I never gave anyone hell--I just gave 'em money and they tried to make more with it!"

Anonymous said...

Your demographics will be put to a very strong test in the County Judge Race. We are going to have a very well funded, well known, highly experienced candidate on the Republican side against a poorly funded, less experienced and less known Dem. I think in this race that is going to matter and demographics will not.

Anonymous said...

A well funded high profile Republican is a perfect anchor to sink the flailing GOP to the bottom. There's no worse thing than an "R" to have by your name.

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