Thursday, April 16, 2009

Murphy Looking Good...Up 89 All Districts In!

So it looks like Jim Tedisco's transition to Congress may be short lived, with all districts reporting, democrat Scott Murphy leads republican Jim Tedisco by 89 votes!!!

There are about 1500 objectional ballots but most came from the Tedisco those ballots are likely Democratic ballots, Senator Gillibrand's amoung them.

Obviously after working on Scott's campaign I am happy that he will probably pull this out. But I take a personal satisfaction out of this because of the extreme arrogance of tedisco! First he claims he is giving up his minority post to prepare for his transition to Congress, meanwhile he was trailing Murphy and no absentee ballots had been in all reality he was forced to give up that post but still.... Than, today we find out that he is objecting and trying to deny the right of US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to vote in the 20th election! Really Jim? What's next repealing a woman's right to vote all together?

I think maybe you should enjoy yourself back in the assembly,starting from square one. Can you imagine what it's going to be like giving up that minority office for a little cubicle somewhere? And, what will your constituents think when you know longer have the pull to bring home the bacon to your district?

Remember that video Tedisco made a few months back search my blog to view it.... I wonder Mr. Tedisco is it still a wonderful life?


Anonymous said...

At least Jim Tedisco is a New Yorker who acually cares about the 20th. Jim Tedisco has been a public servant for a log time, and you shouldn't be degrading him Jeremy, even if you dont agree with him. I believe the true test of a man is how he treats his opposition.

Anonymous said...

Marc Molinaro should have ran in the 20th Congressional race. He'd win...hands down.

Anonymous said...

Tedisco is no more a New Yorker than Murphy. Let him suffer for his arrogance. He represents the bad side of our state and he should be treated like his brethren was at UNC.

Anonymous said...

Tedisco is a capo in the Bonnano Crime Family.

Take your Mafia crap back to Staten Island, Bitch-Ass

Frank Serpico

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeremy,

I often check BlaberNews for the latest on the NY political scene in your neck of the woods. I was offended not to be able to read about what an ass the governer made this past weekend where he mocked a sick person in a wheelchair who was protrayed in a TV commercial against his policies by the local 1199 SEIU union.

If you are going to report on the news, you need to cover all the news, Mr. Blaber! Not just what makes your political friends look good. Such a callow approach is sure to let the majority of your readership believe that your efforts are disingenuous at best.

All in all, you have a nice website, but please remember that it's not what you cover, it what you leave out that really stakes you to your bias. It was a pleasure to meet you a few weeks ago. Best of luck to you.


Fred Dicker