Sunday, April 05, 2009

Really Tedisco?

In a race that is literally a dead heat, Jim tedisco the asembly minority leader is giving up his post and preparing for his transition for congress...are you serious? Do you expect the general public to believe that you are so confident, as you claim that you are just giving up your leadership post?

In a district that has 70k more republicans than dems, the race is tied with 6,000 absentee ballots to be open...the race is wide open... Tedisco knows this, he can spin it anyway he wants he was told to give up that leadership post.

If Jimmy Tedisco is so confident that he will be the next congressman, than I think it behooves him to resign his seat in the NYS Assembly...this way he can fully prepare for his transition. I'm willing to bet that won't happen.

I encourage people to go to the NYS DEMS website and make a contribution to help pay the long legal battle to protect every vote in the 20th.



Anonymous said...

Would you feel the same way if Marc Molarino was running in the 20th?

Jeremy Blaber said...

Marc would of ran a much better campaign than Jim tedisco and he would of won.

Anonymous said...

Former Rep. Sweeney got popped for Felony DWI early on Sunday.

Another Felony charge for a Republican. No surprises there!

He will be joining his GOP buddies like Vito Fossela, Duke Cunningham, Tom Delay, Scooter Libby, and Ollie North in jail!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good campaign or not...the numbers are against your boy in a pretty big way. He made a good showing but it would be hard to fathom him winning on absentees given the percentages

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

What you fail to mention, Mr. Blaber, is that even though enrollment in the District favors Republicans by over 70,000, Kirsten Gillibrand won by almost 2-to-1 last fall. With her campaigning for Murphy and with Obama endorsing him, enrollment or not, the race was his to lose.

Now, with only the absentees remaining (and a good portion of those coming from the military), the statistical likelihood of a Murphy win is remote, to say the least.

Remember, absentees tend to vote more along Party lines than those who go to the booth on Election Day. For one thing, they often aren't around to hear and see the mud candidates love to fling at each other in our modern democracy.

What is interesting, however, is the fact that this is happening during Obama's honeymoon period. coupled with his rapidly declining popularity in the polls, this race shows that Obama is in serious trouble. People don't like his policies and are starting to see how little aptitude he has for the job.

There is no question that the people of this country did not vote for Obama in November, they voted against the Republicans, particularly Pres. Bush. Obama's failure to turn the electorate to explicitly support him instead of just opposing the other side spells real trouble for the Democrats.

The last time they had this kind of Presidency was post-Watergate under Jimmy Carter. They screwed up so badly that Reagan stormed into Washington and the Republicans dominated our political stage until 2006.

This time, our tenure will be much longer.

Anonymous said...

I find it pretty pitiful that in this time of supposed democratic power and love of Obama lol, that Murphy could not easily beat a Republican Hack that most Republicans do not like and really did not care to vote for. In a district that was previously democrat and that went to Obama pretty handily if I remember right.

I figured that the Republicans lost this one from the start by putting up a good ol boy instead of looking around for some new faces. I guess I was wrong. Murphy was even a tax cheat which to my knowledge is a prereq. for any politican on the National Level of late.

Anonymous said...

Tedisco is a mafia front man.

Can you say RICO act?

This goomba wannabe is going to be doing some hard time in the Federal Slammer with his buddy Joe Bruno.

Better Hope Scott pulls it out.