Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kavanagh Jr. Fightin' Hard To Save Campaign For County Court

Well it looks like former Ulster DA Don Williams has the lock on the GOP nod for County Court but don't underestimate Mike Kavanagh Jr. Who certianly has the name recognition and the drive to win.

This week Kavanagh took that drive to the streets, visiting every GOP committeeman in the city of Kingston, at their home to personally introduce himself....pretty impressive and a tactic that may work.

The city committee will be meeting on Tuesday to make their endorsement and it would be a big blow to Williams' candidacy if Kavanagh walked away with the backing of the former DA's home committee.


Anonymous said...

The Kingston City committee is in turmoil, & Don's best chance is if Tony Sinagra acts like the leader he can be & holds the line on "defectors".

Don Williams "should" get their nod, easily, Mike Jr is just that, JUNIOR. He ain't his Father, sadly, & has too much of a " no experience" label & has NOT PAID HIS GOP DUES !!!

Go Don !!!

Tony Sinaga,, take him home to the endorsement. Lead, Lead, Lead !!!

Anonymous said...

Who says the City committee is in turmoil?

Anonymous said...

City committee still in turmoil did not make a deicision on Tuesday night. Sinagra is some leader can't make a decision.

Anonymous said...

Sinagra was home sick. So how could he have made a decision if he wasn't there?

Anonymous said...

Vote for Kavanaugh, Ricken is a Chicken.... Oh, it's 2009, not 1979.

Former RICKEN-Backer from way back in the 70s

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