Friday, January 07, 2011

Cahill Legislation Would Provide Property Tax Reform

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill (D–Kingston) introduced two pieces of legislation Thursday aimed at improving public education and lowering real property taxes for the residents of New York. His bills focus on modernizing the education system while easing, and subsequently eliminating, the burden of rising, regressive property taxes as a means of funding.

“We must take transformative actions if we are ever truly going to get a handle on the property tax crisis that is crippling our state,” said Cahill. “A property tax cap by itself will not solve the problem. We need to give our schools the tools they need to actually start cutting costs without sacrificing the quality of our children’s education.”

The 21st Century Schools Act is designed to curb school spending through shared services and consolidation by maximizing the utilization of BOCES and increase cooperative participation, using expanded regional approaches to pay for bigger ticket items like transportation, special education and health care. The measure also calls for a complete reexamination of school district lines in order to more efficiently deliver services to school districts. The legislation would create an implementation board modeled after the successful Commission on Health Care Facilities, better known as the Berger Commission. The panel would assure the goals of modernization, educational excellence, efficiency and cost reduction.

The Equity in Education Act would shift away from, and ultimately eliminate, the use of locally raised revenue, including real property taxes for the purposes of funding education. Cahill said this bill is based on the commitment that it is the state's responsibility to ensure that every child, everywhere in New York, has an equal right to a quality education regardless of where they live or the level of their family's income. The bill would phase out school property taxes and replace them with a progressive education income tax surcharge.


Anonymous said...

Didn't take long for the Assembly Democrats to begin undermining Coumo. Divide and conquer, it works every time. Now we will start fighting all over again on how to better fix the system and therefore not accomplish anything.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo would do well to look at a plan like this and back off a little from that artificial 2% cap.

Without an accompanying reduction in mandates, it is a blind, ill conceived cut that does not address the core problem of funding schools through property tax.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, Cahill had this plan out there last year during his campaign. I don't see this as undermining anyone or anything. It is fulfilling a campaign promise to introduce legislation that will fix the problem once and for all. Not put a band aid on it like this 2 % cap does. It sounds good, but solves nothing.

Anonymous said...

Good move on Cahill's part go right after the very popular new governor during the first week...could even wait fo him to drop a little in approval ratings could you. Smart move Cahill. You are even further up Silver's behind than i ever thought you were. And what the hell is a progressive education income tax surcharge. Oh right, that is another new tax that you and your buddies can increase every year depending on how many raises the teachers union tells you guys they need. Knowing the assembly, we will get this long winded new tax and they will keep the property tax too...screw us twice for the teachers. Great idea.

Cappy said...

20 years later and Cahill comes up with this plan?

Wake up people. Smell the Smoke...look in the Mirrors..

You are getting the representation you deserve! Enjoy it. I left NY years ago and am far better off for it. It's just a shame that everytime i come back to KGN to visit relatives, the area is worse and worse....and you guys still elect bozos like Kevin Cahill who do nothing but take 100K of your money to work as Shelly Silver's NYC lapdog. All the'll need it.


Anonymous said...

If Cahill didn't propose anything people would bitch, when he does people bitch. Last time I checked, Cahill was elected to present ideas,alternatives and solutions to problems.
Why is Cuomo's idea automatically better anyway?
I appreciate that Kevin is putting a progressive plan out there that is far better than the ridiculous 2% cap. All the property tax advocates agree the cap is a bad "solution" becuase it is not a solution at all. For those who complain about not fixing the problem they should be directing that criticism to Cuomo and not Cahill.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of Cahill finally putting this out last year he is undermining the governor. Coumo's plan also called for eliminating state mandates as well. If you read his plan before voting for him. By Silv.... I mean Cahill introducing this legislation he will create two camps maybe even a third if the Republicans come out against the 2% plan. Splitting this up will trash both plans and nothing will be accomplished. Silver, Cahill and Company then can say they tried, meanwhile looking out for the best interests of the Teacher's union. Those that think I am off base would do well to read the Art of War by Sun Tzu, this is elementary school tactics by Cahill. Eliminate the threat by your enemy while looking like you are on his side. Good Job. Mark my words, this is the start of killing any kind of real tax reform.

Anonymous said...

A "progressive education income tax surcharge."

In other words: We'll figure out some way for rich Wall Streeters in NYC to foot the bill, as always.

Sounds great .... but.

Wall Street firms are leaving NYC as fast as they can -- for Stamford, Jersey City, Hoboken, Charlotte, etc. because 1) they can and 2) they're all about the dollar and keeping it intact, in their wallet.

Sorry, Kevin. The "soak the rich" thing plays big politically but, sadly, it doesn't work economically, since the rich are the very ones who have the means to pick up and abandon New York State -- and are.

Anonymous said...

I get it, as long as Cahill is a good boy and sis down and shuts up everything is ok! Got it!

Anonymous said...

Progressive as in escalation of tax as income rises? Yeah I can live with that.

Anonymous said...

Cahill has been a voice for school finance and educational reform. Now it's a hot topic for everyone in Albany.

Good for Cahill for introducing this sound plan.

Anonymous said...

After reading the article in the paper today, I am convinced Cuomo's tax cap is political pandering.

The argument that Cahill is undermining Cuomo is bunk. It is apples an oranges argument.

Cuomo is not talking about school finance per se, he is talking about taxes and the ability of local governments to continue to raise them unfettered. If you think about it, the tax cap is forcing the local Governments to cut non mandated services, not a restructuring of how schools are financed or structured which is what Cahill's plan is all about.

Now Albany has to relieve some of those mandates so the Cuomo plan is effective. Then they put Cahill's plan or a plan like it in place and then you see the change that we need. Otherwise it is just more of the same.