Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sexism, Good ol' Boy Politics and Possible Corruption Rocks Legislature

Chairman Fred Wadnola

If you challenge the King you better beat him or suffer the consequences. That is the way it goes in politics, whether you are running for School board president, county chair or speaker of the house. Honestly I don't have a problem with that, an elected official in a leadership post represents not just his constituents but his/her colleagues and needs to show strength not weakness, rules of survival.

That is not the case of what happened with the retaliation of replacing Brian Shapiro over Terry Bernardo as chair of the Government Operations and Efficiency committee. Yesterday, I got four calls from Republican legislators within two hrs of a post I did on this yesterday; I also called some people myself and it just amazes me how upset these lawmakers are and how deep this RRA nonsense runs.

First let's get some background:

1. Many members of the majority have been upset with Fred Wadnola and the leadership in the party, that is pretty clear when you have Mike Sweeney threatening to bolt the caucus and giving us accounts that people in leadership were flat out told him to shut up and sit down and than there is Laura Petit who actually said enough is enough and left the party.

2. The RRA is a mess I think what we have heard is just the tip of the iceberg on what we will find out in the coming weeks and months, including an $800 dinner the rra had a little restaurant in the town of Ulster called Fred's place, while Wadnola was on the board, among other frivolous expenses...there are major players involved and there are people in my opinion that wish this entire thing would just go away.

3. Kevin Roberts a former chairman of the RRA, is the head of the committee that oversees the RRA and has been one of it's biggest defenders. At some point last year Roberts decided that he didn't want to chair the committee anymore (which who could blame him) and Chairman Wadnola offered it to Legislator Terry Bernardo, who went to the last meeting and was introduced by Kevin Roberts at the meeting as the incoming chair.

From what I hear, members, employees, and people with close knowledge to the rra called Legislator Bernardo and confided some information to her, including audio tapes that Terry was ethically obligated to turn over to legislative attorneys. Shortly after that Chairman Wadnola (also a former rra member) and Robin Yess decided that Terry should stay were she is at as chair of the gov opper comm and Roberts would keep the rra..these people really have no shame at all!

4. Meanwhile, Fred was still upsetting certain members of his caucus and talks of replacing him were discussed, Terry Bernardo is asked and recruited to run, she never announces her candidacy or actively seeks the office. Terry instead meets with former Chairman and veteran lawmaker Rich Gerentine to try and find a way to bring everyone together. Gerintine has a talk with Wadnola and some issues get one challenges Fred for the chairmanship and he is reelected.

5. Little did Gerentine know, Fred Wadnola decided in late December with Majority Leader Paul Hansit that they would replace Terry as chair of the government efficiencies committee but decide for obvious reasons to them, not to tell her. "Fred Wadnola wanted a little pay back and bullied leadership in to keeping their mouths shut, he wanted Terry to find out in the press" a lawmaker told me asking his name not be used.

Really this is not just about getting back at Legislator Bernardo, Bernardo was not running for chair, she was raising a red flag like Bonacic did when he had reservations about Joe Bruno, and he was right. This is about a deeper cover up with the rra and a power struggle between the old guard of the legislature, that is used to a certian way of doing buisness and the new that refuses to accept the good ol' boy politics of the past.

Several times during conversations with Legislator Bernardo, Wadnola has tried to put her and other legislators in their place, at one instance Wadnola said to Bernardo "Listen here, young lady", Really? Are you kidding me????? I wish Wadnola would say that to someone like Shirley Whitlock, who would of knocked him out. But really, How dare Fred Wadnola address anyone like that, it's completely inappropriate, demeaning and just out of line to address a colleague like that. Especially one that the Chairman might be able to learn something from.

It's going to be an interesting year and if there is anything good that came out of all of this, it is the fact that Wadnola in appointing Shapiro (a progressive Democrat) to chair a committee that is designed to oversee and come up with ways to make government more efficient, he's admitting he thinks Democrats are the most qualified to find these answers. I hope when election time comes the general public will agree and return Democrats to the majority. Which shouldn't be too difficult because I think a lot of Republicans in key districts will be without the Independence line in 20111. Hey, that's politics and if your gunna challenge the Indy chair's wife....


Anonymous said...

Freddie is toast. He will be in front of Jon Sennett because as we well know, Holly the ghost will not do anything against his beloved Republicans.

Wadnola was there during all of the corruption leading up to the jail, he knows no other way to do business. Fred thinks any public money, whether the source is pensions, salary, or $800 RRA dinners, is his for the taking.

It is about time people put this stuff out there. Maybe, just maybe, the mainstream press will pick this up and run with it. Adam Bosch from the TH-Record are you listening?

Fred's Been a prick for a long time said...

When Republicans go to a well known Democrat to bitch about their leader, they are fucking pissed Fred!

Fred has been a prick for sometime, when he was supervisor of Ulster the first time he became very arrogant.

Tell Fred he better watch himself, last time I saw Fred was in New York City during his second term as supervisor, what was the name of that strip club we were at again?

Just cool it buddy.

Anonymous said...

Thank god that 5:24 said what I was thinking: Holly won't do anything about the RRA, and Wadnola and Roberts had better be scared shitless of Jon Sennett. Word on the street is that Elliott is finding some interesting stuff - I can't wait until that comes out. Among other things, what happened with the truck that was sold that was in very good condition? Who was it sold to? What was the book value and how much was it sold for? There are LOTS of questions...I'm sure Fat Fred has no answers. It is unbelievable that as chairman of the RRA he'd have an $800 dinner at his own restaurant. Conflict?

Open Government said...

Mr. Blaber you have done an amazing job of summing up the issues in a "once-again" corrupt Republican run legislature. Where is the justice? Freddie was onboard for the jail debacle, on the board of Rick Fritchler's Lower Esopus River Watch, on the board of the RRA, and now bullying capable, committed legislators, and bury the lawing evidence. He and Roberts were having meetings with the RRA Executive Director and after his termination, coordinated the lawsuit by demanding evidence of wrong doings then releasing it the the Record correspondent. What a way to keep legislators and RRA staff busy. Even with Roberts diversion ploy of introducing Bernardo to the RRA Board, then taking it away (he never intended to loose control)was to manipulate two strong female legislators into a headlock by taking away the COmmittee Chairmanship and giving a Deputy Position to another. Pathetic, criminal, outrageous, dispicable,nauseating....

Anonymous said...

How do the trucks get weighed? The scale is broken and has been for sometime. This is not something you can eyeball these trucks weigh a lot, on average they probably weigh 10 Wadnola's, you can't eyeball 10 Wadnola's nor would you want to. Really, where are they getting these figures??

Anonymous said...

I have a new respect for Terry Bernardo.

Anonymous said...

There is no explanation of that $800 dinner that Fred can give us that is not followed by, for these reasons I am stepping down from the legislature. It is so inapproprtiate.

Anonymous said...

In 1975, President John F. Kennedy was banging women like a screen door in a hurricane. Fred Wadnola was.. cough... a little younger than he is now, and it doesn't seem like he has checked his calendar lately.

Wadnola is stuck in a time when newspapers didn't write about "things like that", there was no internet, and if you said that someone "said" something, nobody asked questions.

In 1973, two years before JFK was gettin’ bizaaay with anyone that would play with his wanger, a little girl named Monica Lewinsky was born. Some 25 years later, in 1998, the world found out that little Monica had been giving the President of the United States blow jobs in the Oval Office.

Everybody knew about it, everybody talked about it, and most people agreed that married Presidents of the United States shouldn't be getting blow jobs from White House College Interns in the Oval Office. It was much different for Bill than JFK.

The "I did not have sex with that woman" line didn't work for Bill Clinton, just like "nobody told me" isn't working for Wadnola any more.

Wadnola - has anyone told you that Bemis was a problem yet?

What "used" to be acceptable, no longer is. Back room deals (hello Albany), retribution, sexism, political games, using public money for yourself... like, Joe Bruno, former NYS Commissioner of the DOH Antoinia Novello, Vinnie Liebell, Alan Hevisi, Pedro Espada, Charlie Rangel, the list goes on of people who thought they could get away with shit forever.

Let's get to Ulster County. In the '70's, 80's, 90's, there were no "open meetings laws". Hell, we just got open caucus in the Ulster County Legislature, and that was only after Democrats took over the Legislature after 40 years of Republican rule. If Wadnola had his way, no one would talk about anything, it would all be up to him.

The point? Back den... it was common place to speak to women like Fred Wadnola does. Ask anyone... strike that... ask any woman.. that worked at the school with Wadnola.

Wadnola believes that he can bully and lie his way through whatever he wants. Fred has been a prick for a long time. But, it's not like it used to be... you know like with Danny and Phil. Sorry Charlie, I mean Freddie - there are new rules now. People are lying about lying and other people are getting sick of lying for you. Better watch your back.

Anonymous said...

12:47, i agree 100% with you about Freddy boy, but Kennedy was killed in 1964 and was banging chix in the whitehouse from 61'-64' dude, (just a heads up to you dog!) But yeah, Wadnola is scum from the good ole boys for sure and needs to go away. If you look a little deeper, you will see his cousin Albert Spada's fingerprints on all the shenanigans of late with cuz Freddy. Albert needs to go to fucking jail before any of this shit will get truely straitened out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude.

JFK died in 1963.

Anonymous said...

JFk was banging chicks in 1975? I always knew he was special, but to bang chicks 11-12 years after your head was 1/2 blown off is nothing short of a fucking miracle! St. JFK!

We digress. That does not change the fact the Fred is a crooked, sneaky, dishonest, selfish, underhanded, lying, cheating, egomaniacal, lazy PRICK!

Anonymous said...

I have to believe Brian Cahill is sitting back, reading all of this stuff and is smiling. Fred's true colors had to come out eventually.

Anonymous said...

I just have one question...why oh why did they then re-elect him again....unanimously?

Lot's of interesting reading and full of fury, but nothing will change in this County.
Mike Hein's loving it.
He's chomping at the bit just wishing the election was tomorrow.

Same old sh-t, different day.

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:47.. are you nuts, in 1975 kennedy was already dead for over ten years !!! you make no sense.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Fred can blame Woerner for everything. Thats what Quigleys doing .

Anonymous said...

Next time Terry should say: Listen here you old shovenistic pig! Wadnola has no right addressing a woman like that. If he talks to his fellow legislators that way just imagine how he talks to the women in his life.

Anonymous said...

What about Hansit, Ronk and leadership keeping the WAD's secret and not telling their friend and collegue that she was about to be screwed by Wadnola such bs!

Anonymous said...

I want to hear more about this $800 dinner at Fred's place,it's a big deal and not ok.

Anonymous said...

Let's cut through the name calling, finger pointing and accusations and ask the one simple question that taxpayers in Ulster County have been asking.
What has the Wadnola controlled legislature done in 2010? What hard choices will they possibly make in 2011?
Whether you like Hein or Auerbach, the Charter has delivered what it was intended to do...provide leadership, change the culture and develop a county government by and for the people.

Anonymous said...

Fired trash director sues Ulster Resource Recovery Agency
By Michael Novinson
Times Herald-Record
Published: 2:00 AM - 01/12/11

Fred Wadnola Fan Club said...

6:21.. Cal Cummingham's ghost.. He was a good man and alot of the good charter ideas were his. We need his wisdom now more than ever.

I've known Fred W. since I was a child. I think he means well, but his arrogance has caused him to burn many bridges with people who should be his close compadres. Some of his neighbors won't even wave hi to him when he walks the dog or drives by because of petty things he's done over the years. Again, Fred is not the antichrist that some here have protrayed him as, but he will reap the seeds of his own destruction that he's sewen. It's a shame.

Fred W. Fan Club Member

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine worked at Fred's Place and Cynthia would tell them that Fred can't run Fred's Place, it's all Cynthia. So if Fred can't run Fred's Place, why are we letting him ruin, I mean run the Legislature?

Anonymous said...

If Fred was on the board than he was at the dinner, that explains the bill..he could eat 300 dollars in appitizers alone.

Anonymous said...

Fred is the definition of a RINO.

He took Peter Loughren to NYSAC with him. Does anyone know what they did up there? Hello McFly, how about a report back to the Legislature on how you spent the taxpayer dollar on your road trip. What did you learn?

Next up: Appointments to NYSAC Committees: Surprise Surprise Peter Loughren and Brian Shapiro

Next up: Committee Chairmanship Brian Shapiro

What gives with the Republicans hooking the Dems up?

What is next, no opponent for the Mighty Heiny?

Oh... and about that $800 bill at Fred's place for the joint Lower Esopus / RRA extravagznza.... was that all food and a cash bar, or was the RRA or Lower Esopus picking up the tab for the boooooze?

How do I get on the RRA? Dinner at Freds and Booze - I'm in.

Anonymous said...

You mean Pete Lourghan his real estate partner in Pumpkin Patch Realty?

Anonymous said...

1:49 - sadly, you and I and all the taxpayers of Ulster County picked up the tab for Fred's Place...along with the $7000 paid for the tickets and fines for Mike Spada's trucks used for hauling for the RRA that were uninsured.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy looks like you think they should run Terry for county ex hey that would work out great. NOTTTTTTT

Seagull Managers R Us said...

Wadnola's "Seagull Manager" mentality has taken the definition of a Seagull Manager to a whole new level, it exposes his lack of skills as a leader, and is another reason why he should be replaced.

Seagull Manager is used to describe a poor management style of interacting with employees, making hasty decisions about things, then leaving others to deal with the mess they leave behind.

The term became popular through a joke in Ken Blanchard's book Leadership and the One Minute Manager:

"Seagull managers fly in, make a lot of noise, dump on everyone, then fly out."

Wadnola's quote to the Times Herald Record is classic Seagull Manager style:

Wadnola responded to a call by saying he didn't wish to discuss legislative business while on vacation in the state of Florida.

Fred literally made a mess, and then flew down to Florida to be with the seagulls, and left everyone else to clean up his mess. You don't get much more classic Seagull Manger than that.

I don't begrudge a peaceful vacation to anyone, but clean up your mess before you go

It was all planned to happen exactly the way it did. He is a purposeful Seagull Manger - he is aware of his strategy. They way I heard it, he threatened everyone to keep quiet until he had touched down in Florida.

That's not a case of something happening "while you are on vacation". That's Seagull Manger, Wadnola style - shit all over Ulster County, and then fly to Florida.

Anonymous said...

Re: Seagull Management.

He has done this before. Fred did the same exact thing while Supervisor. He put in a zoning request to rezone a very large parcel of land along the Hudson River so his pals could use it for a landfill to be serviced with barges.
He put it on the town board meeting agenda then promptly left town for --- you guessed it, Florida.

Fortunately the other town board members did not take the bait and left it on the table to die the slow death it deserved. Fred never was publicly involved in the discussion.

Hissssssssssssss Hisssssssssssss

Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC said...

Hey Mike, Hey Rick, I’m here, where are you?

So you got a big afternoon planed? Have a seat over there and take your hands out of your pockets please.

Would you like some lemonade?

Can you tell me, what are you doing here?

You were just in the neighborhood, and you decided to walk in this house?

Now, you see why that's so hard to believe. I have the chat log right here. So do you want to try again?

You say here, that you want to talk to them both about the "donation" of perfectly good trucks from the RRK to the LRW. Is that accurate?

You don't know anything about that? You say right here that you have been a Board Member on both the RRK and the LWR - could give us some insight? What is going on in your mind, and between these two organizations?

Maybe it has something to do with the $800 RRK Board Booze and Food Fiesta at Ned's Place while you were on the Board of the LWR?

What do you have in that bag you brought with you?

What was your plan here and why is the RRK so important to you? It sounds like you were fishing to be on both the RRK Board and be Chairman of the I’m a Prick Society as well.

You must have been hoping for something pretty special in that relationship.

What about the $7,000 fine that the RRK paid for your niece because she didn’t have any insurance. You were on the RRK Board then, why hasn’t your niece repaid the RRK for that fine?

You don’t know anything about that either? That's not what it says here.

You talk about a friend of yours “waiting in the wings”, that sounds pretty pervy doesn’t it? What's up with that?

So because a friend of yours told you that it was OK, that it makes it okay?

Am I b-b-being taped? You are being taped. O Crap. Am I going to be arrested?

That’s not up to me.

I don’t want to be on the news. Well it’s a little late for that dog.

I’m not a cop, so you are free to leave at any time.

So no one told you anything, you know nothing?

I think it's time for you to go

If you are not going to answer any more questions, you're free to leave you can take the towel to the garage and get dressed.

By the way, you should know that I'm Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC and we are doing a story about people who do shit that they don't want anyone else to know about. Goodnight

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, Wadnola had "pals" that wanted a landfill in the Town of Ulster to be serviced by barges?

Maybe it would have been a good idea, but please do tell more.... who are his pals and what year was this? Was he on the RRA Board then?

What is with Wadnola and trash? I thought he was in the restaurant business? Isn't his wife a cook? W

Anonymous said...

When will someone do something about this guy? When will this stop, He has been able to manipulate Government for decades.

It is disgraceful that the DA's office has ignored and continues to ignore this activity.

I guess it is who you know after all.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be a great idea if Holly read your blog so he could get the information he needed for an indictment. Maybe Chris Hansen FROM Dateline could help him out. And let's not forget Bemis's buddy, Kevin Roberts. After all, he invited him and the family to those famous Robert's Fourth of July parties with the booze and illegal fireworks. What a shining example of all that is good and righteous.

Anonymous said...

11:57, Terry is NOTTTTT interested in running for County Executive

Jeremy Blaber said...

1157 what does this at all have to do with county executive. One, Terry is not running. Two, Iam supporting Mike Hein for county exec.

Anonymous said...

That is the cover story, the real story was he was courting large trash hauler and recycling company who wanted to bring barges of trash into the facility from the river frontage.

Anonymous said...

The Building owner (Benkert) where the illegal social club on O'Neil St in Kingston held the New Year's Eve shootout is appointed to the Re-districting Committee for the County - nice move!

Anonymous said...

I smell a Republican implosion

Anonymous said...

Paul Benkert, wow he should be fair.

Here is some of his Facebook information.

Political Views - Conservative

Groups he belongs to:
That One Person You Would Kill Slowly and Painfully If it Was Legal, Ulster County Republican Committee, Roberts Contracting Inc, What Deficit?, Peter Rooney for NY State Assembly

Anonymous said...

Surprised Hein doesn't own it under the bogus corp. and why just attack the wad. what about bernardos paying off the rep with endorsements to give his wife a free ride. She might be good if elected but she was appointed remember. The people in her district were not allowed to vote. So I guess corruption is rampant in Ulster

Anonymous said...

11:51 sounds like they have a case of sour grapes, better call the Waaaaaaaambulance!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Benkert is a fan of Ryan Insurance. Isn't that where Spada has his insurance though? and where Wadnola was seen waving his arms around the day after it was exposed that Spada, excuse me the RRA was fined $7,000 for Spada not having proper insurances?

What is the deal with Loughren and Wadnola... what business are they in together? Real estate?

one degree of separation said...

Six degrees of separation is the theory that any two people in the world can connect with each other through six intermediaries. In Ulster County Republican politics, and among the Republican leadership in the UC Legislature (for the last 30 years) and the RRA, the theory might be able to be reduced to one degree of separation.

A claim that Al Spada and Fred Wadnola are cousins.

Fred Wadnola chairman of UC Legislature, and at least vice-chairman of RRA, after previous term in UC Legislature. He recently was quoted as saying he didn't know is the county was responsible for RRA debt. Was he sleeping in his previous posts?

Robert Hansut chairman of RRA in 1990s.

Paul Hansut majority leader of UC Legislature.

Paul Hansut son-in-law of Danny Alfonso.

Danny Alfonso tried to make sure the RRA put a dump in Saugerties, back when Hinchey was in the state assembly and lived in Saugerties. That was one way to screw Hinchey.

I am sure there is a lot more that could be told.

Anonymous said...

Jeanette is in there too. Her sister was Betty Spada, who was married to Michael Spada, Sr. Josephine Primo is also her sister.

It is Mike Spada Jr., her newphew who got the trucking contract with the RRA. said...

Wanna talk about 6 degrees of separation?

Anyone wondering why the attacks on Laura Petit have been so viscious and why Robin Yess was the one to yank Bernardo as Chairman of the RRA oversight committee?

Click above on for the Daily Freeman story about the RRA, and read the comments, particularly the comments from Lots of insider information and an attack on Town of Esopus Legislator Petit! Anyone wonder why she has so much information? She writes for “About Town” - here is some of her work. She is not related to current RRA Board member Leon Smith. But who is she?

Who is the owner of About Town?

Owner/Publisher: Vivian Wadlin

PO Box 474
New Paltz, NY 12561
Phone: 691-2089
Fax: 691-3931

And who is Vivian Wadlin?

Vivian Wadlin is Robin Yess’ aunt and Vivian Wadlin’s is married to John Wadlin who is a former UCRRA Board Member!

Thanks for the inside information Jane.Ellen.Smith!

Anonymous said...

What boggles my mind is that as soon as the Republicans, (or should I say the old boys network which includes some women) get back in charge, there are issues with corruption, malfeasance, closed door meetings, shady dealings and absentee "leaders". Why is that? How come it is always under their watch or with their appointees?


Anonymous said...

Nice find 9:08,

Anyone that is related to anyone connected to the RRA, or that has been a past board member of the RRA, should immediately recuse themselves from anything to do with this matter.

There was another article the next day and tigerstinamarie1964 continues to call out Jane.Ellen.Smith for "making yourself look like you have personal interest, defending him the way you do"

Like the trash that the RRA processes, this matter STINKS.

Anonymous said...

interesing 10:38 i hear there is a meeting for the republican cacus that is closed next week

why not cacus in the public like the democrats?

one degree of separation said...

Laura Petit worked at the RRA as confidential secretary to Charlie Shaw for many years. Charlie was Executive Director of the RRA for approximately 15 years. She probably knows a lot about the shenanigans at the RRA.

Anonymous said...

what is the fascination in this town with the spada family?? they have proven to be nothing but a hard working family with long ties to kingston. let it go. none of you know anything about them.

Anonymous said...

How about Mike pays the taxpayers back the $7,000 that was paid for him in fines, and then we'll forget about how he got the contract? Seems like an even exchange.

Anonymous said...

6:48 -- We know a lot more than you think.

They were given entrée into public contracts and information that 99.9% of people never even knew about.

They have had rules bent for them. They expect officials to look the other way as they do things like park illegally all day - everyday, provide insufficient insurance on vehicles used for county contracts, and purchase property that infringes on county property. All the while,certain people in the Legislature and County Government bend over backwards to provide clear sailing for all of this to take place.

It is sickening and the taxpayers have had enough.

Anonymous said...

Agreed 10:29 - why should the taxpayers foot the bill for a private person who doesn't want to pay for his insurance? I don't want to pay for my car insurance, either, but I don't have the connections to make the "little guy" pay for me! I AM the little guy...

Anonymous said...

The idea in the paper today is good and the timing is perfect since both the current chairman and executive's terms are up at the end of this year, the change doesn't affect either of them unless they run for office again and win. The legislators shpuld pass this before anyone declares and names get attached to it. Checks and balances are good.

Anonymous said...

This is why you should leave the garbage disposal to the "family"...

Tony S.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mr. Matthews is in a world of trouble. It is a shame what money will drive people to do.

Anonymous said...

F10:40pm. Iagree. Im a hard working tax pa yer, too. But my understanding is Mr. Spada paid the fine, not us taxpayers...and not for nothing, he paid the parking tickets too! Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

I hope that Wadnola retires early. He is a waste of space. He does nothing, plays politics, protects his friends, and does not stand up to Hein whatsoever. He abandoned Ulster county for his 2nd home in Florida during one of the most difficult times there has been in years.

Why this guy was put back in the Chairman's office is a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...


Envy is an ugly emotion...
Most of the people on this blog just complain about everything and have no horse in the game. Its just easy to bash someone who they believe is better than themselves.

10:29 It was incorrect workers comp insurance and the fine was $706.00 not $7000.00. Mike paid it.

Step up and get in the game, invest your money and run your business and the county and city will work with you as well, if you are competent. Thats the way its always been, and why shouldnt the city or county work with a local family who invests back into the community, and hasnt been proven guilty of any crimes?
Isnt this how business should be conducted?

10:40 # 2
Keep being the little guy and get your facts from somewhere else besides Blabers blog and his pack of wishful blogging haters

You are correct Mike did pay the workers comp penalty and his parking tickets

Mike Spada III
Not anonymous as I dont have to hide from any of you!

Anonymous said...

6:48 AKA Mike Spada III -- Mighty conceited there to even think that is a reason. It explains how entitled you and your family really think they are. There is not a person on this earth who I believe is better than me, nor I do I believe I am better than any other person on this earth.

The fact of the matter is, that you and your family were given opportunities based on your name and relationship to an elected official, not on the basis of fairness or qualifications.

You can talk about paying fines, but the real issue is how does one get the contract to haul trash for the county in the first place.

You can talk about paying parking tickets, but the real issue is why did someone think it was OK to park illegally in the first place?

You can talk about investing back to the community, but I really don't see where? What we see is a family who always seems to be in the right place at the right time when it comes to making money and there is some sort of government involved. It is more than a coincidence.

Won't leave my name because there are so many people beholden to the Spada's who don't know the truth.

Anonymous said...

You're a funny guy Mr. Spada, like ha ha funny... the report said that the fine was $6,902

Anonymous said...

9:11 wadnola is still there for a lack of a better choice. Name one and you can skip anyone named Bernardo. They are just here like aliens to destroy Ulster County

Anonymous said...

The fine was $6,902 and Mr. Spada receives most of his tickets by parking in the handicapped zones uptown. Just like his aunt who pushed forward the resolution for three new Board members by saying I'll show you not to mess with my family. Nice family? No manipulative and arrogant. And, yes I'm sure many of the long term employees at the RRA no quite a bit, but since they are being accused of being disgruntled why talk about it.

Annyomous said...

My name is Diana Spada. I have read with the interest the comments made here with respect to my father Michael.
As Mr. Blaber does a wonderful job with his blog and attention to detail, I thought that he would appreciate the facts being said.

First, yes Jeanette Provenzano is my father's aunt was my grandmother's sister.

Second, the fine with the RRA was for 706.00 NOT 7,000.00.

Third, the fine was NOT for not having insurance. Our driver's were independant contractor's at the time we started to work for the County and as such we not required by LAW to carry worker's comp. However, when the RRA notified ME, that they needed this, I IMMEDIATELY had the insurance put in place within a 24 period. Further, our insurance agent is NOT Ryan Insurance.

Fourth, the fine WAS paid back to the RRA by Spada Trucking and NOT the county or the taxer payers.

Fifth, It is a good thing for the County to have county taxer payers doing work for them as opposed to outsourcing to other firms so they can spend our tax dollars in their county.
Thank you Mr. Blaber for this opportunity to clarify this issue.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Spadas and Wadnola. They are both good people and good friends to have.

Anonymous said...

2:27, I agree with the good friends to have part anyway. Who wouldn't want friends who take such good care of them?

Anonymous said...

Time is up for these longtime Legislators.
Democrats Loughran, Donaldson, Shapiro,Rodriguez and Provenzano.
Republicans, Gerentine, Felicello, Wadnola, Aiello, Maloney, Harris.
All part of the problem that has Ulster County in the place it is today. That may not be all, but it is a good start.

If anyone can give me a list or even a single item that any of those people have brought to the table to help all of the residents of Ulster County I will eat my hat.
There has to be 200+ years of seniority there with nothing to show for it.

Anonymous said...

I guess Fred really just wasn't impressed with Bernardo's work, and that's why he replaced her with Brian Shapiro. It's his choice, he is the Chairman. Here is what he told Ulster Publishing:

Asked about Bernardo, Wadnola basically said, well, if you can’t say something nice about someone…Wadnola said he was less than impressed with Bernardo’s work as chairman of her previous committee.

Anonymous said...

I think it's fantastic that the 2 spada's stick up for their family and correct the malicious slander that's posted here. Funny how they're the only ones with the chutzpah to put their names!! I'm not as bold, but i give them credit!

Anonymous said...

PS. I wrote the 6:48 and I don't know any of spadas personally, but they seem like people i would like because they're not afraid to set the record straight!

Anonymous said...

10:02.. you either know them or you don't.

You posted. what is the fascination in this town with the spada family?? they have proven to be nothing but a hard working family with long ties to kingston. let it go. none of you know anything about them.

If you don't know them how do you know they are a hard working family or if anyone else knows anything about them?

Anonymous said...

10:02 To answer your question, my family, too, are Italian immigratns here in kingston, and the Spada's were a family we looked up to. They were hard working, and nice, and my uncles and grand father knew the older ones. I never heard a bad word spoken about them. But that aside, isn't is nice that these old families still retain some respect and remind people in Kingston that hard work alone will get you ahead in life. I admire people like them and I tell my children that no matter what your lot in life, if you work hard and persevere, you will go far. I think it's great that Betty Spada's 70-something yr old sister is still going strong as a county legislator. We could all learn from them. Politics and personal feelings aside, you have to admit they are to be admired! That's all I have to say about this. There are certainly more pressing issues in this town than who we like, or dislike. God bless you, & them!

Anonymous said...

Admiring the Spada's in Ulster county is akin to admiring the Bush's in Texas or the Kennedy's in Massachusetts. One person won a political office and the rest of the family prospered.

Anonymous said...

jeremy why not let Len Bernardo just write the columns, this way he doesn't need to do 50 postings trying to convince people he is a nice guy. People know better

Anonymous said...

5:49 Are you aware that none of Al's kids, any of his brothers or sisters family work for the state or county?
Can you provide details of any conspiracy that shows how your assinine comment holds water?
Just because a politican is in a family, and some members of that family own a business, doesnt mean shit...
Some people just have to make noise so somewhere hears them.

Chris Hansen, Dateline NBC said...

When does Wadnola get back from Florida?

Chris Hansen, Dateline NBC

Anonymous said...

5:20, Close friends and relatives would never settle fora measly county job. How about lucrative contracts, sweetheart real estate deals and consulting fees to close friends for fast tracking applications for public services? The county jobs are reserved for cousins,nieces, nephews and friends.

Anonymous said...

not for nothing 10:22, but I haven't seen any posts about Len Bernardo? much less 50 posts?

Anonymous said...

5:59, When the heat is off the legislature. That is how Fred rolls up in here!

Annyomous said...

None of Al's nieces or nephews work for the County either at this time.

As for the Bush's and Kennedy's, I think more than one person in both families were elected to office.

Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

I love how thin skinned the Spada's are. They absolutely hate to be challenged. They act as if they are these innocent angels who have blessed Ulster County with their presence.

It is hysterical that they take the bait and keep coming back for more. As long as the blog posts are anonymous, they might as well be tilting at windmills.

Anonymous said...

Wadnola was wrong on the young lady part. there are a lot of miles on that

Anonymous said...

You stated that:
"They act as if they are these innocent angels who have blessed Ulster County with their presence"

Would this be the same as me stating,

"Everyone with your last name is a coward who has to hide behind the cloak of anonymity to bash people that they dont know?"

I can assure you that I have not always been innocent, certainly not an angel, and could care less if you or anyone you know feel blessed because I happen to live in Ulster county.

You and your windmill can kiss my ass

Michael Spada III

P.S. Ever hear the saying "One bad apple doesnt ruin the bunch"?
We have an large family, and I am certain that not each and everyone one of them has caused you pain.

Say what you have to say and put your name on it, you will feel like a man, and people might start to respect you..

Anonymous said...

Bravo, michael spada III! I work for the County @ can attest that no one in Al's immediate family work here. The haters will always hate. It's easier than trying to better themselves. It's too bad there arent more spadas in the county govt now. Things would get done if there were!!

CNN said...

CNN News here,

We'd like to get a quote from Chairman Wadnola on the cost of government pensions.

Click on the link above to see our story.


Anonymous said...

3:32 aka Chris Hansen #1,that is the funniest video I have ever seen. I love when the guy rams his head into the bar, and the ammmm iii gonnnaaa bbeeee aaaaa-aaa-rested? The naked guys at the end? WTF are they thinking?